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The Savvy Online Consumer

SiteJabber & LegitScript Launch Partnership to Improve Transparency Around Online Pharmacies

By SiteJabber • 0 comments

When buying prescription drugs online, consumers are frequently faced with the nearly impossible task of determining the legality and trustworthiness of online pharmacies. Today, SiteJabber and LegitScript are announcing a partnership which should make it easier for consumers to find, research, and review legitimate online pharmacies.

LegitScript has vetted 50000+ online pharmacies and had identified nearly 350 legitimate pharmacies. SiteJabber visitors, when researching an online pharmacy, will not only be able to see consumer reviews, but they will now also be able to see whether LegitScipt has determined the site to be “legitimate” or “rogue.” LegitScript is the only service of its kind which uses Internet pharmacy verification standards recognized by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. Also, importantly, to prevent conflicts of interest, LegitScript is wholly employee-owned and has no ownership or financial relationship with any of the pharmacies it vets (SiteJabber also does not receive any money from any of its partners or any of the websites reviewed on it to prevent conflicts of interest).

It is our hope and belief that the SiteJabber/LegitScript partnership will be an important step towards improving transparency around the the quality of online pharmacy websites and making the lives of consumers a little bit easier.

Link to official press release

Updated 4/10: Legitscript has also announced that it will be helping Google decide which online pharmacies are legit.

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