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Untill now i have no complents


The biggest and most expensive company in the world, what else do you need? You may not like its products but they are everywhere and at least half of your friends has iPhone. They provide excellent services and their sites main page is always very informative and you are basically two clicks...

eBay can be a great place to shop for many things, including toys. I've recently started shopping for toys at, so from what I'd like to share what I've learned as an amateur batty bidder to help you get started. When starting out on, you'll want to link your...
Great place to find unique items and good deals! There is always a certain risk factor when meeting a stranger, so take the necessary safety precautions when a sale takes place. Meet in a public area for the exchange, make sure you are never home alone, only bring enough cash to pay for said...
Again... Why would you even look at reviews. Just go to the goddamn store for christ's sake! Haha
Nothing bad to say. This site is good!


I am a seller and buyer on Etsy. I have never encountered any problems with sellers, and my customers are amazing. I think to succeed you must invest time in your pictures for your previews, tags and titles for your items. I can't emphasize that your preview pictures must be amazing. Please...
Here are some of the differences between and, Prices : You will find the very same product having the very same price in both eBay and amazon. Shipping : Shipping cost is cheaper at amazon and if your bill above Rs500 it will be free Shipping Time : Amazon ships...
i really love going there always . nice people nice service .


Great store. I love how clean it feel and the red shirts are always friendly.
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