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Customer choice award

Best Online Printer Ink Stores

How awards are chosen
Award winners are chosen using a ranking algorithm that assesses each business on the number, quality and recency of customer reviews, and takes into account the business's overall star ratings, page visits, customer response rates and timeliness, and number of comments and questions submitted by the Sitejabber community in the past year.

The annual Sitejabber Customer Choice Awards were created to honor outstanding businesses that provide exceptional products or services to their customers. Each year, over 70,000 businesses with reviews from over 100 million consumers are considered, and Customer Choice Awards are earned by less than 1% of them.



“I believe dell computers is a good company due to the...”

I believe Dell Computers is a good company due to the following: 1. You can first of all (build your own computer) and you can also by a computer for less then 500$ from them. 2. There...


“I was a newegg virgin up until a week ago when i placed...”

I was a Newegg virgin up until a week ago when I placed an order for four cameras for my school. Of course I'd heard that Newegg was unbeatable in terms of its selection of new and...

“Excellent in-store customer service”

"John" was helping us July 3, day before the 4th. For about 30 minutes, he was trying to get a print out for my daughter while at the same time juggling calls from other store customers....


I don't really go to office depot unless staples doesn't have what i need, but only because staples is closer to my house. But i do often find what i need!

“Great experience!”

I ordered a 50 inch screen TV from TigerDirect and had no issues whatsoever. They had the best price and shipping was free. The TV was delivered in a very timely manner. Also a good site...


“I was wary of buying from fry's because of all the...”

I was wary of buying from Fry's because of all the bad reviews, but I couldn't pass up the price on this new Lenove G50. So far... so AWESOME. I received my laptop earlier than...

“Always happy with them!”

I'm long term buyer and not leaving my experience would be non fair for them. Never had any problem, evertthing is very good quality! Thanks, no issues, and recommended!

“Saving time and money”

In the past my printer did not accept after market refills. Wanda took the time to encourage me to see if I could work around the blocks. It worked. An additional problem was that one...

“Great folks”

We have always been treated well in all their stores by staff. We have also shopped online and were given emails to track and when they shipped. Great Customer Service!

“Know what you're getting into”

Know what you're getting into. If you know, then you'll have a good time. Some of this stuff is poorly packaged from China. It is likely a knockoff product in that case, and will...