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Best Photography Sites

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B & H Photo - This, to me is the gold standard by which all other online camera retailers are measured.


I enjoy photography so much a d when i downloaded the flickr app for my iphone I just loved it, there is so much to share and see.
I like photography. It's my hobby. This website is very helpful to get all kind of knowledge of photography. Really a Great hangout place for photographers. I love this website.


It is a fabulous website. There are so many genies there, the pictures are so wonderful. I think the one who can create such beautiful pictures must be a great one. There's only one problem, pictures there could not free download. I want use some of them as my desktop, but it could not. :(


photoshop cc is the best image editing software I know. And since they got the monthly subsctiption at a reasonable price for photographers, it's easy to get. Everyone is a little bit photographer these days, but not everyone needs such tools. If you do, then photoshop is great.
Just received another order from Adorama Camera. Placed order yesterday - received less than 24 hours later. If that's not excellent service, I don't know what is! Packaging was perfect and the item is exactly what I needed. I'd give 10 stars if I could


With todays growing technology the idea of sharing ideas and thoughts through images has developed in some pretty creative ways. Photos can now be enhanced, unenhanced, edited, cropped, distorted the list goes on. An individual doesnt even need to know the rhyme or reason to making a photo sepia...
Popular Photography is my second favorite magazine, if he can become more free subscription, then I would first like to introduce some free or activities, but still very optimistic about his future because his photo quality is very high
This has to be one of the best sites for anyone to learn digital photography, photoshop, video editing and even web design. There is a heavy focus on adobe products, but they also do have some information on other software programs. The site is aimed towards professionals in the field but I think...
I buy all of my cameras from Samy's. Not always the cheapest but their service is always excellent. I'd rather pay a little more and know I'm dealing with a good knowledgable seller who takes care of it's customers.
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