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Great quality brands for excellent prices and fantastic clearance sales- a busy mom of five's paradise. I can get anything from pots, panties or paper towels!


Just because they have great prices on some items don't believe that they are all better then you can find elsewhere. Be a smart comparison shopper and you'll be rewarded and get the best prices you want!
Walgreens is definitely the only place I will get my prescribed medicines! I have shopped at several Pharmacies in the past 45 years. One Pharmacy neglected to pay attention to the Contraindication Alerts, gave me two medications that are NEVER allowed to be prescribed together, and I...


good value
Very convenient way to shop when you don't have a car. They have everything for personal needs and more. I ordered and received my items within a few days. Very fast.


I came here to leave a good review for goodrx. Not bc my coupon worked. But because of how friendly and helpful their customer service was to me when i called for their help in trying to. And Honestly I am a bit confused by some of the bad reviews here??....I mean people do realize their services...
A few months ago, I became a Comfortis customer. I started getting my dog's Comfortis from Costco, until I found that the Dr. Foster website offers similar prices on the same product. I think the price was a little higher with shipping, but still very worthwhile for the convenience of having...
We buy all of our office supply / food from and it is much easier than other online delivery services. Our office buys everything from paper towels to cases of diet coke and they deliver it right to our office. They also will give you free products via email if you order online. The...


I have had a few experiences with them while traveling. I had good customer service and will shop them again when I am in their area.


I have been going to Riteaid pharmacy for several years now and I am very pleased with the service and support that you get. They are very friendly and helpful.
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