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Ordered a laptop because they extended the manufacturers warranty. Didn't get the protection package they offered from another company because the company had horrible reviews. Price was the best I found came with in the days.


Just ordered a laptop online. Got here fast and works great. Thanks
I have had terrific experiences buying online from They seem to have everything I need, at excellent prices, It's easy to shop with them, and the service is fast and accurate. I haven't had any problems with the items I ordered, and they are very much up to date on the...
Prescription s read on time.


I recently could not find a product in my local CVS store and the personnel didn't seem interested in assisting me. I tried to purchase it online and found it quickly and was given a discount, additionally shipping was waived. Great experience.


Love Good Rx...but the problem is that the prices on different drugs vary wildly for different drugs at different pharmacies. So if you are on several drugs one of them might be much cheaper at Target but more expensive for other meds on your list. You find yourself price shopping with...
A few months ago, I became a Comfortis customer. I started getting my dog's Comfortis from Costco, until I found that the Dr. Foster website offers similar prices on the same product. I think the price was a little higher with shipping, but still very worthwhile for the convenience of having...
I had to change to a different pharmacy due to moving. I have been going out of my way to be back with them. Store prices are great as well even when not on sale.
Safeway has always been good. On youtube, these kids were tossing milk up on purpose in safeway stores. They thought it was funny, now they got charged. Safeway though what I read handled it right, didn't make a scene and were very professional.
LegitScript is a fantastic site dedicated to helping people make sure that an online pharmacy is real and legitimate before ordering from them. There are so many sites out there designed to scam people, glad someone is looking out for us.
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