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I think if you keep something like $10-$20k in your bank account Bank of America still offers free checking. They're not the most exciting bank but I've been with them for a long time and don't really have any complaints. All the online banking and check depositing app stuff works and is easy.


Very easy to navigate. Does all the banking essentials from computers, tablets, phones. If you have a Chase account take advantage and use the site! it's awesome!
love this bank, however one branch sucks, but thats just that branch.... i choose to drive to the further away branch because they are so awesome.
I know companies complain about the high fees, but for consumers Amex cards are by far the best in terms of rewards and other perks like fraud protection and rental car insurance coverage. A number of American Express cards are now free and their travel services are also really useful. Consumer...
Bloomberg TV was the first to split the screen into several sections so that during commercials you could focus on the stock market or newsperson. Brilliant idea. Reliable world news sources are BBC and Bloomberg. Mark Halperin is a reliable political reporter for Time and Bloomberg. His...
You are well taken care of with these people.
I was initially put off by some of the critical reviews here, but ended up trying the Kindle edition out when I had problems with my home delivery. I'm glad I did. The Kindle edition is well worth it.


Heart it. From the beginning, and with every new rev. Disclaimer: I do its PR, BUT, even if I didn't, it would be a saving grace.
I had a horrible experience and was ripped off by Capital One's Credit Card division. You won't find a company with worst customer service. They flat out lied. As a result, I canceled my account. I had also banked with Capital One 360 since they bought out ING and liked them, but since its the...
Great tools when you open an account. This site is easy to use, prices to purchase stocks is inexpensive. Why use a broker when you can pay $8 a trade.
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