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I have a $5,000 credit limit credit card with Bank of America, and I make all of my monthly purchases with this card, and I pay off my balances in full each month. I've been doing this for many, many years and I never incur a penalty. Thats why Bank of America has my loyalty.


The bank truly takes care of their clients' needs, cautioning them as necessary. And their bankers are extremely helpful.
They talk, I listen, I ask questions, They give recommendations,I choose to accept or decline. Still friends.
I have an American Express card for many years and always they managed to solve all my problems. Even the problems that were very uncommon were addressed fast and to their best effort. Great and very friendly customer service.
I've invested with Vanguard for over a decade. Their Website is well designed.
I read WSJ every day.


they send an email snapshot of your finances each week
Best card EVER, period! Awesome customer service and even more awesome cardholder rewards. I use it as my primary card because it's like leaving money on the table otherwise, given their cashback rewards and other great perks.
I have been very pleased with the Fidelity service on my IRA. They have consistently helped me to implement the plans that I have without applying any undue pressure for their own benefits.