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They get better and better. You need to be able to buy larger quantities, but i.e., I just freeze wild salmon that I can't use right away. I can pay $36 per pound at the harbor, or $10 per pound at Costco. A great shopping experience for the health conscious shopper.


newegg is truly the best for all techies. (i despise the word nerd... like techies can't be pretty? What is that?) anyway, I puchase a new core i7 intel, 2.2 ghz, super fast for my PC, i need it to run some new creative software I am learning. Absolutely the best service, shipped next day...
I can shop all night for gifts and not get dressed
Did you know that its only ten cents a copy for a regular black and white page copy here~truth
Love this place, well worth visiting a couple of times a month.
We bought a refurbished computer and a one year extended warranty. One week before the warranty was to expire the comp. completely died. We had to pay for the shipping return, but we got our complete money back that we paid for it. It was like we'd rented the computer for $15 a month. Really...


I go there here and there it's a fun store to go too and they have everything you need as in electronics and a little of other things
...and Staples almost always, delivers our needs, whether personal or business. It's always been a rewarding feeling knowing we get what we need.
Best customer service. They guarantee their products' performance for one year from date of purchase. If you change printers and still have inkjet cartridges for the previous printer, if within one year of cartridge purchase, they will credit your account for the returned cartridges. Recently...
I have shopped here for some cleaning supplies and they do have some good prices and more unique products than office depot store.
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