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Netflix is my favorite thing to use to watch TV series and movies.
Ok I have been an avid youtube user for quite a while now. I like youtube because if you want to watch a video on how to do somthing then search for it if it isn't there well make it for the world to see. I know that most people go to it just to see viral videos and some people go to learn how to...
Has a Lot of Classic Tunes going on, Great Stuff!!!!


great site for movie buffs like me. great database with a lot of info. ratings are useful
Pretty good music streaming service.
I love Spotify. The app super convenient. It's absolutely the best way to enjoy music. One of the best sites.
As a musician I am grateful to SoundCloud for what they do for us and for me personally. This is great project. I think that all musicians community should support SoundCLoud with their reviews!


this is one of the best gaming sites my kids and have ever been on. you find it very easy, also game details are very easy to follow. i really like the site and tell all my kids friends about it


I Pay for Hulu plus for $7.99 a month and let me tell you, I no long watch my cable channels I am thinking shutting my cable off all the way and just keep my internet for hulu plus way cheaper
My favourite website to check up on the news. I go to it at least three times a day to catch up on what's going on with the world.
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