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I often go to WebMD if I have an ailment I'm unsure what it is. The symptom checker is quite handy and I love how detailed and clear the information is. Clear enough that I even can understand it.
I have been extremely ill with CFS/M.E.Fibromyalgia which is so Idisabling and painful I am now waiting for a Total Knee Replacement I also suffer with Osteoporosis Spondilitis Occipital Neuralgia and so much more so I like to study Professionals like Dr OZ as NHS in UK is really bad when it...
Mayo clinic site is the example of why internet is simple great. the amount of real information for any health problem you can get from this site is simple amazing. Should be a must to read before paying a visit to the Doc.
In this game you can imagine being a doctor. You play as the role of a new doctor in town named Abby. In the game you get to do things that real doctors do such as: giving checkups, getting the height and weight of patients, taking temperatures, taking blood pressure and pulse, doing eye...
Since the OTC industry have almost no regulation, I consider extremely important this kind of sites that test so many products. From Maca to fish oil, always great information.
After 5 years of disappointment not becoming a parent, this company gave us hope. We were referred by one of my friend who also had business with PlacidWay, we ask for a quote and they immediately entertain us with our inquiry. Our target is to have it done in Europe and PlacidWay looked for a...
Great site! Great product information, etc. No ads, popups, etc. I use Unicity products and they are great!
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