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Extremely satisfied every time I walk out of Whole Foods. My boyfriend jokes and calls it "whole wallet", which I have to agree, it is a bit spendy. However, I believe you pay for quality and their foods are definitely high quality. I mainly buy essential oils and beauty products, along with deli...
You cannot go wrong shopping at Trader Joe's. They offer many and varied food, and non food products with very low prices but good quality. I love Trader Joe's!
Wise Choice has a great selection of hard to find high quality health foods like gelatin (good for people with joint pain)! They use only the highest quality supplies which is really nice. I wish there were more local stores like Wise Choice.
A poorly designed website with a lot of good gluten and celiac information - is a bad looking site. It's hard to find things, it doesn't look pretty, and there are too many ads. BUT, it does have a lot of really good information for people with Celiac Disease and they have a lot of...
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