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Love the different options they me a boost throughout the week when opening a new snack pack. Great service, keep it up!
just wanted to give a quick shout out to BLUE APRON for its commitment to QUALITY and CUSTOMER SERVICE. a friend of mine sent me a 'trial meal'...and to make a long story short...i wasn't able to receive it until just before thanksgiving...and didn't quite understand the logistics of...
It took 3 months for my daughter to talk me around to the advertising she had seen. Sounded too good to be true. However, I rec'd a $50 discount voucher and thought I had nothing to lose. 3 months later, we are utterly sold. I love the variety, the fresh ingredients, the home delivery AND the...
One of the surprising aspects I have discovered about my Freshly meals is the fact that they leave me totally satisfied--not wanting more. It isn't just the volume, but the flavor combinations that I feel lead to this result. I have occasionally tried other meals (if out of town or skipped a...


I kept seeing those plated ads all over facebook and finally sucumbed to trying it out. For 2 people this is a great deal. The cost of me buying spices, vegetables, meat for a decent meal can cost $30-40. Which is why I never cook. On plated I can get a meal for 2 for $25....and I don't have to...
I have lost about 10 lbs on their paleo diet food. The portion sizes are just about right to feel full and lose weight.
The Harry&David foods are very tasty and healthier one. The food are makes in clean water. That company is based on the customer satisfaction. It cannot consider the customer money. I have most like this company foods. It is so healthy for the all the kinds of people. The company have to provide...
Marley Spoon has amazing recipes, and fresh,organic ingredients. I originally looked at the more well-known competitors but I liked that I was allowed to have a 2 meal per week option instead of 3. The recipes come on large recipe cards with very clear instructions and photos. I have been a...
Ordered some food for a friend on a deployment, it got to him in a really good amount of time. They give a great deal for APO/FPO shipping. It was nice to still be able to send something when we were low on money.
Very delicious dinners and I can't believe they are so healthy for me too. There isn't a food I don't like from them.
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