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I've been sending a box of snacks to my son who's in college every two weeks and he's loving it. He's getting the 8 snack boxes and he usually grabs one of the snacks every day as he heads out to class to snack on when he gets hungry throughout the day. He's loved most of the choices and the...
I love Pizza Hut. I love the pizza and other items. You can join and become a member so that you can get great deals (e.g. 1 large 3-topping pizza for $8.99) and discounts. It is something you cannot resist.
I've been receiving Blue Apron for a few weeks now and I love it!! Normally I would cancel my subscription around this time because I'm a bit of a penny pincher, but Blue Apron is SUCH a great deal! It's convenient, fresh, and incredibly tasty. I've also had to contact customer service for a...
I am shocked to see so many bad reviews. My husband and I are amazed at the quality of food! Just a bit of our history, I have been responsible for meals for 42 years, and after our kids flew the nest I have struggled to cook for two with no waste. I finally threw up the white flag as I was...
One of the surprising aspects I have discovered about my Freshly meals is the fact that they leave me totally satisfied--not wanting more. It isn't just the volume, but the flavor combinations that I feel lead to this result. I have occasionally tried other meals (if out of town or skipped a...


I love chickens from Kentucky Fried Chicken, have no idea what else can I say? I know this company form childhood times :-)


Going to the store to buy groceries sucks up 2-3 hours per week and if costco is involved it is even worse. Combining plated with amazon local, and I never have to leave the house again for errands!
My wife and I have been enjoying Sun Basket dinners for several weeks now, and we really like the menu selection, food quality and service. The food is fresh and tasty, all measured out and well-packed and labeled, with no waste on this end. We also enjoy chopping the vegetables and preparing...
So glad to have Marleys Spoon. The meat, seafood and produce are great quality and the portions are really generous when compared to other popular meal services I've used. The prep time is reasonable and I like that they minimize the cookware I have to use with their one sheet pan meals. The...
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