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Wonderful and flavorful and healthy choices. I like that thier is so many to choice from and so good for you. The packages are portable and easly put into a bag to go
I used to dread cooking for our sunday dinners for family night. Hours of shopping, recipe preparation and then cooking was draining. Buying from blue apron and all for under 50 dollars is a wonderful deal.
Fresh produce. Easy to follow recipes. Well portioned for the diet conscious. Each meal packaged seperately in its own box. Recipes can be easily varied to suit a a couple or a larger family but most of all it's delicious, affordable and convenient especially for those who leads a busy lifestyle...
I realized that I ate large portion and this Freshly taught me how to eat reasonable portion that I supposed to eat. I enjoyed eat their healthy food and lose 15 pounds over 8 weeks. Thank you so much!


The main reason I have started to use plated over going grocery shopping is that it is actually cheaper than going to whole foods. I am actually saving money buy using this service.
I have subscribed to Blue Apron (had to quit because I could not get 3 meals a week to fit my gluten intolerance) Hello Fresh (very good and able to fit into gluten intolerant lifestyle) and now this one (the other two I tried were so bad, they are not worth mentioning Pete's Paleo and Freshly)....
The service is convenient and cost efficient. The food is fresh, delicious and actually easy to make. It has both simplified and enriched my day to day life. Thanks Marley Spoon!
I always enjoyed receiving hickory farms at christmas. I typically do most of my entire shopping from this site and I am done in 30 min. No malls for me.
I heard about artisan bistro from my doctor and have been ordering from them for the past year on and off. Better than grocery store frozen meals.