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How awards are chosen
Award winners are chosen using a ranking algorithm that assesses each business on the number, quality and recency of customer reviews, and takes into account the business's overall star ratings, page visits, customer response rates and timeliness, and number of comments and questions submitted by the Sitejabber community in the past year.

The annual Sitejabber Customer Choice Awards were created to honor outstanding businesses that provide exceptional products or services to their customers. Each year, over 70,000 businesses with reviews from over 100 million consumers are considered, and Customer Choice Awards are earned by less than 1% of them.

“Does it and no ads”

Netflix puts fresh excitement into watching. Being able to see foreign series and films, brand new comedy and the latest actors is a wow.The spectrum is broad and the price puts all the...

“I just love youtube, it has so many channels and videos...”

I just love Youtube, it has so many channels and videos that you could stay all day on it. They should make a TV channel to run the newest and coolest videos, I'd stay 24/7 on it :))

“Kids coloring cartoon is the wonderful application...”

Kids Coloring Cartoon is the wonderful application I have ever used in my life. I did not have more interest in colors and drawings but as I downloaded this application I have started...


“Where would we be without imdb”

You can never always rely on the word of a friend when it comes to recommending movies to watch. Plus, I don't like trailers because they kind of spoil some parts of the movie. IMDb...

“Great listening for free”

I have been with Pandora for a few years and while they were forced to make changes to be compliant with the gods of the listening world, they bring all kinds of genre music to your ears....

“Cannot be better!”

This is truly the bomb! My life has changed , and I'm listening to it as I type this. I feel guilty that I listen to songs for free and only hope they pay the artists. Spotify has a...

“I have limited experience with soundcloud but so far...”

I have limited experience with SoundCloud but so far I love it. Someone sent me a link to a playlist of work music. I've listened to it at least 20 times now. Usually there are no...


“Defiantly trust worthy site the reviews is very creditable.....”

Defiantly trust worthy site the reviews is very creditable I cannot recommend IGN enough compared to the competition. It is my opinion that they're honest, unbiased and certainly appear...


“New hulu sucks”

The least before I could scroll through and see all the movies now I got to go to Papa didn't go through and you can barely make out the movies unless you have it selected on that movie...



TED is simply awesome. I go to the website when I'm looking for inspiration. When I need answers to some of my own questions. When I'm lloking for new ideas. When I want to learn...