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Customer choice award

The Best Businesses of 2018 The top businesses chosen by customers


Auto Parts

“Awesome rotors at an awesome price”

They arrived quick, well packaged and appear as high quality as they did on the website. getting them installed on my 2014 camaro ss2 next monday, can't wait!
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“My store”

I have found out lately that kohl's has the right fitting close for me. there are some stores that cater to teenagers, or children. this is a store that actually likes my style too! i just purchased some everyday tops they are perfect...
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“All my fav makeup goodies in one place”

I love sephora. it is such a lovely shop that always has what i need. i love their online store even more because the availability of brands is oh so much greater and they have something for every type of makeup lover. i personally am...
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“ is the home of the great television shows...” is the home of the great television shows such as mr. rogers' neighborhood, barney and friends, the electric company, and of course the sesame street. the website is so beautifully designed with accessibility options...
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“Assemble your own”

Strix components - fun and graphic work, they make the experience a lot better. i`m using asus motherboards and graph cards at my every pc - and they are just the top performance.
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Wall Street Journal

Personal Finance

“They turned a bed experience to a good one”

I subscribed their service while they have the $12 for 12 weeks deal, but i never received the physical newspaper and the online account only worked for 1 week. then when they try to renew and charge my for a whole year, i raised this...
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“A couple of days age, my friend recommended this site...”

A couple of days age, my friend recommended this site to me and i visited it. i love the articles this site provides about the fitness. i think i have found the most helpful site for my health and i have been following it. feeling my...
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“It's been awesome”

Thank god for whattoexpect the website. i was gifted the book when i became pregnant, but i really didn't want to sit there and read that huge, long book. that just sounded miserable. with the website i was able to look up things that...
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Victoria's Secret


“Great ! check for weekly/daily deals:)”

I love vs and customer service is awesome, btw. when you order the packaging is really cool and the do listen to what you'd like to see on site. the shipping is fast (albeit- occasionally expensive without code or deals so check always)...
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Childrens Health

“I visit this site often, i have been gathering information.....”

I visit this site often, i have been gathering information from the site for a while now. i have found so many interesting medical things on this site that i never knew. i use sugar substitutes like nutra-sweet and equal. awhile back...
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