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Apple is easy to use, and great quality. I can never go back to a non-Apple device since it's made my life too easy.
love this store close to my house too!


The Dell Concierge tech service is pricy but you get a year of follow-up for your problems. They solved the tech issues with virus hiding in another program and then spppeded up computer...Good job...RDK


I have been a regular of for over 10 years. They have great product selection, fast, reasonable, and offer great specials! Quality Products and top of the line web site purchasing.!!


Folks, I own two 17" Screen ASUS Laptops - one is my backup computer I leave at home, and the other is a piece of computer hardware I have carried in a backpack to Prudhoe Bay Alaska and back to Anchorage for the last 7 years - every other three weeks - which is my work shift rotation to the job...


I own the Lenovo phone and a notebook. Both are great for work and some leisure time like watching tv series or browsing the net. The pricing is also good as for me. Surely will pick Lenovo as my next laptop too!
I have been ordering from them since the 90's and never had a problem.


wish we had one here in Central Florida. Miss our California and Las Vegas locations something fierce
Very good software on my hp laptop
Like this service and the way they treat their customers. They offer savings up to $150. That's so weird for the quality that is good enough.
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