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half of the apps Apple makes you have on your cellular device shouldn't be there. you should be able to purchase them if you want them because it takes up a lot of space on you phone


I buy stuff from them, cheaper than other places including amazon. There return mechanism is better than a store.


I know Dell has been struggling as a company and brand, but I think they still have the best service+computer quality in the industry, dollar for dollar. I ordered a new laptop on their site and got the in-person service package (where you don't need to send it in if you have a problem, they come...
Sell great products, rebates actually work, good deals and extremely fast shipping. Se
Awesome site...would recommend!


I debated writing about this Lenovo H50 desktop computer only because my level of expertise in this area is minimal at best. My wife and I prefer a desktop for writing email, preparing invoices for home-based business and watching videos pertaining to our areas of interest. When our old 80-gig...


Simply put, I just love everything about them


HP used to be old school PCs that had no style but now with all of their new hp envy computers they really have done well in impressing me with both video and sound. Gaming is pure bliss on these machines. I have bought from the site rather than going to costco which did have it cheaper as I was...
I have purchased 2 desktops from this site and my Dad has also purchased 2 desktops. What can I say when you find someone that does a good job and backs up their work you keep going back. The only problem was my dad received a dead pc because one of the video cards screws came loose and bounced...
I just bought a maingear computer from the microsoft store and they are incredible machines. The only thing is now I wished I had seen their website first. I would rather have customized the laptop from their website than buying at a retail store. The other thing is that the graphics card I got...
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