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I am an ebay junkie, if I want it and can't find it on the internet shopping sites, I always head over to ebay, type in one or two words, hit FREE SHIPPING, and let the internet do its magic. I have been ebaying for 5 years just about, have my own jewelry line and do Digital Art and can find...
It keeps me me up to date as to what is happening with my order. From the time I order it, through to the time I receive it.
I needed more information is all.


I have been lucky to win in Madbid some awesome items, beats headphones, backpack, etc. You do need to invest in large amount of credits, but at the worst you end up paying full retail Price for items. Its a game of chance and patience, try your luck!!!
I have attended several different live auctions and bid frequently on items in on-line auctions. I resell most items but have also acquired some incredible antique and modern items for my house. At first I was quite cautious about bidding online but after a few MaxSold on-line auction sales I...
Hello, I just started using Pristine Auction and I got 2 great deals on a Julius Randle photo and a Jordan Clarkson one. And they got here pretty fast and on the same day even tho I won them a few days apart one wasn't supposed to come till next week but this was awesome. Can't wait to win more.
I will plan on using this site again! They updated me when they received my package and also same day payment very fast and effective!
The costumes are great! Lots of excitement and fun with fantastic items on the auction block. I am very anxious for this site to go live!!
The people of have just released their latest Real-Time auction site - Land Of Odz!. Step back in time and create your own Avatar. Bid on items as they come up and watch other people bid. Now is the perfect time to join, while the bidding competition is low. Once it gets going you'll...
I want to say thank you for helping me and coaching me on the in's and outs of this game or however you want to call it. After getting hit with a limitation for receiving a one-time payment of $700 from my client, I thought I would never see that money after the endless phone calls and headaches....
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