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I subscribed to the email newsletter from this site and have read it almost every single time. I feel after reading for a few months I have a much better understanding of how to live a healthier life and would recommend this newsletter to anyone who is interested in longevity. Do not judge what...
Good site for overall knowledge about anti-aging medicine and they do carry a wide range of supplements. I personally haven't used their supplements before but I have heard good things about this company from other anti-aging doctors. Their magazine is also worthwhile reading if you decide to get...
I've shared TNS Essential Serum on my snapchat and with all of my girlfriends. My facialist introduced me to it saying I would be kissing her face after I used it because my skin would be so beautiful. Yup, she was right. 6 months later I use it every night and morning especially when my face is...
I was introduced to this line via my dermatologist and I am obsessed with it! I wish a could afford all of the product line but since I am on a budget I had to choose my favorite product - the Lumiere eye cream. It is heaven! My under eye wrinkles have practically vanished! You only need a tiny...
This is the website for the cosmetic and beauty magazine-Newbeauty. I actually won a skin cream worth $50 off of the site by visiting it every day and clicking on the Win Beauty Products button. I would not bother signing up for their test tube program though, that is a complete waste of money. I...
I saw one of the doctors on Dr. Oz/oprah and was very impressed by their overall philosophy on medicine and health care. I hope this chain of docs takes off. They do not have one near me but they do have in most major cities. I am thinking about traveling to one for my own hormone replacements.


This is a specialty compounding pharmacy that is also board certified by PCAB. They have bioidentical hormones and provide their services to anti-aging doctors and their patients.
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