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Medscape is a resource for healthcare professionals but is also often used by consumers as well. It was sold to WebMD in Dec 2001. Medscape was founded to help physicians sort through the vast amount of healthcare information to improve patient care. They do a great job of sorting through the...
I am so glad I took this test! It was easy, painless, and I got my results quick! Everything was done on my phone and all I had to do was mail the blood samples in and my results popped up on my phone a week later. I had recently done an allergy test with an alternative doctor, and the results...
I bought a winix WAC5500 Washable True HEPA Air Cleaner and it died after about 3 months. The auto filter part stopped working. Even before that I was saddened to find out that the "washable" filter is just the pre filter and I still have to buy carbon filters. I wish I had known that before I...
Alen Corp carries the premier 'Breath Smart' air purifiers. We have cats and some of our friends are allergic so it is essential that we have a powerful air purifier when they come over to visit. They have a life time warranty, free shipping and a 60 day garauntee so my choice to buy was easy!
Perhaps not the cheapest, but these people are great at helping you find what you need and stand by their products. I buy my heaters and air purifiers and such from them as do my friends and family. I had something arrive without legs and even though I took a couple of months to open the package...
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