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Zazzle reviews

351 reviews
Categories: Clothing Sites, Gift, Printing
1800 Seaport Blvd
Redwood City, CA 94063
Tel: 1-888-8ZAZZLE

351 Reviews for Zazzle

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I order 2 St. Patricks day shirts almost 2 weeks ago.

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New Reviewer

I am glad that I did not read the other reviews. Everybody is so upset and frustrated with not getting their orders. Mine came in 3 days- I guess because it was a poster and not a personalized item. Regardless, I love the poster. It actually looks better in reality than on the website. I will order from them again.

Ask Anna about Zazzle
New Reviewer

I just got off the phone with Ben, a Zazzle rep. He was extremely helpful with a package that we are desperate to arrive by this Friday for a wedding (THIS SATURDAY! ). Of course, there is no promise that it will arrive on time but the peace of mind he provided through trying his best to get it here was awesome. We have our fingers crossed! Thank you Ben...sincerely!!!!!

New Reviewer

This company sent precisely what I ordered and did so in a timely manner and at a great price. What more could I ask for?

New Reviewer

I customized a pacifier for my friends new baby and it arrived exactly when it said it would and we both loved the quality. It was exactly what I ordered. I plan on revisiting this site to purchase more gifts for my friends and family.

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Zazzle is the most awesome one-print shop online! I have ordered many mugs, buttons and tshirts. All excellent quality and gorgeous printing! The bad reviews are from people who don't know how to use the site tools properly. If you don't center your art, or pay attention to the art not fitting in the space allowed, that is how they will print it. It is the Buyers fault for not checking if the art or lettering is correct and fits. The other reviews are clearly from competition. I became a seller because I was so impressed with their products and customer service. They have never missed a payment to me.

New Reviewer

it was awesome-I was pleased with the cake topper that I ordered for my daughters gender reveal party.

New Reviewer

I recently used the Zazzle online application to create customized wedding invitations and was disappointed in the items I received. As a result, I emailed the Zazzle support team and asked for a full refund. I expected them to give me a hard time and to make me pay for the shipping of my product back to them. However, to my surprise, Zazzle took care of me and gave me a full refund. I will be using this company for future items and I love the unique things I can find on there. The wedding invitations are a good idea as well, but I suggest ordering a sample before making a full purchase. GO Zazzle!!!

New Reviewer

I use this site for almost all my greeting cards/postcards. They are reliable, have easy returns and economical. I stock up when they have sales. I also like that cards can be customized.

New Reviewer

Was unsure about it at first, but it has shown to be very good!
Great deals, great printing, overall good experience.

New Reviewer

Zazzle is wonderful. We live in a "customize it" world, and Zazzle is at the forefront of that! The website it beautiful, streamlined, and sophisticated looking (no flashing glitter!), with an endless array of products. Whether you are looking to buy a product designed by someone else (they call sellers), or are feeling creative enough to design your own product, Zazzle has all you need.

New Reviewer

I love using Zazzle. It's very quick and easy. I have Zazzle Black so I don't have to worry about shipping prices, which is great because I've save over $200 a year not having to pay shipping. I use Zazzle for custom products, mostly cards, post cards, poster prints, and gift items. If I ever have a problem, like once I didn't get enough envelopes with the cards, I contacted customer service via email, and I got the envelopes sent a day later. Besides this, I've found that because of my loyalty to the company, I get more coupons and gift certificates than I can even use! I get about 2 times a month $10 gift cards from Zazzle, which I can use in conjunction with sale prices, and when something's half off and I have a coupon, I can basically purchase an item for a few cents. I just take it out of my Zazzle balance. And, then if I forgot I needed something else, like another Thank You card or more business cards, I just go back and order and I don't have to worry about paying shipping again and again. It's free throughout the year after I pay for Zazzle black. To me, it's totally worth it. If you don't need to use Zazzle a lot, then it might not be worth it. But if you are constantly buying things as gifts or for your business, I find it important to have Zazzle Black and to utilize the coupons to the full. I've sold a lot of Zazzle art prints, of which all my customers have been happy with the color, quality, prices, and shipping time. Also, the framing is done very well. I have a large 50x60 frame in my bedroom with a print from Zazzle. Mostly, however, I order cards because I do a lot of writing. And, I also like their stamps for special occasions. If you get them when they are sold for face value, it's a good deal. You get custom stamps without having to pay for the customization. I suggest loading up during that time. I do wish they had forever stamps, but we'll see if they add that in the future. Most products I've gotten are completely awesome, but again, I use coupons to the full and I get the products for well under their market price, so I'm always happy. Try Zazzle out. If you don't have the same experience with them, I am truly sorry. I've used Zazzle for years now and been completely satisfied with the shopping experience!

New Reviewer

Zazzle makes it fun and easy to customize a wide range of products with very reasonable prices and fast delivery.

New Reviewer

I found the item I needed at a better price than Amazon and I've shopped at Zazzle before and I'm a happy customer! Great price, great quality and hard to find products!! :)

New Reviewer

I got very charming photo holiday cards made, and they arrived very quickly. The site was easy to use, and the price was very reasonable with discount.

New Reviewer

This website has so much to offer, daily discounts on products, or shipping, or both. I found exactly what I wanted from the search very quickly. The delivery was right on time that was stated when I ordered. I did everything online and I was very satisfied with the tracactions between pages and the checkout was very smooth too. I will be using this website more especially for customized products.

New Reviewer

Zazzle is the perfect solution when you need something that expresses your views or those of somebody you want to give a gift. They have a HUGE variety of mugs, T-shirts and other items ranging from serious to hilarious, and they even let you choose the color on shirts. Ideal for gifts, political rallies, whatever.

New Reviewer

I don't understand why there are bad reviews about the customer service. They handled my problem extremely professionally and corrected the mistake in a timely manner. Yes, it was frustrating that the mistake occurred but the way they handled it was above and beyond normal customer service. And I should point out it was ME who made the mistake! I didn't take out the customized text before I ordered my item. They gave me a full refund so I could order again for free, even though I made the mistake.

New Reviewer

I love Zazzle, your vast range of product offerings, your creativity, your affordability, your promotions, your quick shipping through Zazzle Black, your easy-to-navigate website, and even your catchy-name. I plan to be a life-long customer and supporter of your Company through purchases of my own and recommendations to all my friends. Thank you for producing such creative and creatable products, the best of both worlds. I wish your company and customers continued excellence in both your awesome product offerings and customer-friendly service.

New Reviewer

great customer service.the products i received were perfect quality.i would definitely buy from zazzle again

New Reviewer

Wonderful customer service. I struggled with my computer skills. After my 2nd attempt to do what I wanted, I got a phone call asking if I wanted her to help me get it the way I wanted it. In a just a short while, she emailed me a link to look at it. It's beautiful. Just what I was envisioning.

New Reviewer

The quality of the several items I purchased was very good. My shipment of one item was delayed because my address got placed on someone else's package, but customer service re-ordered my item and it shipped promptly.

New Reviewer

Was extremely happy with the quality of each product I ordered. This is a great way for us to promote our business!

New Reviewer

Zazzle provided me an inexpensive and easy way to provide all my customized stationary needs for my wedding! The products are better than what I could have produced on my own at home and at reasonable prices. I love zazzle and will be using them again!

New Reviewer

I found this website in a Google search, the entire process of ordering was so easy. The product I ordered was of high quality, it looked great. I highly recomend this site to everyone!

New Reviewer

It was perfect. The items are printed out just how it looks on screen and the arrive either on time or ahead of schedule.

New Reviewer

I ordered 3 things, 2 shirts and 1 hat. All arrived in a good time and they all fit great. The printing was just what I wanted. Overall a great experience and will be back again.

New Reviewer

I ordered 5 different tee shirts. When they arrived one was completely wrong, I may have punched in the wrong number-I don't know, The sizes where all over the board because of the different styles. I called customer service, We re-did the whole order, I made a change on one shirt, changed the size on 2 and was to get credited for the other two. Then she told me to donate the shirts that they sent. Being they were all bringing attention to the problem with Domestic Violence I was very very happy to take them to a local shelter. They have been awesome whenever I have had a problem. No Questions asked, just want to fix the issue and get the correct product out to you. I highly recommend them

New Reviewer

If you need it, Zazzle has it. I've used Zazzle for several years now, for invites, Christmas cards, labels, stickers, etc. Everything I have ordered has been top notch and so unique! It is the first place I shop when I have an upcoming event. Nothing compares to Zazzle! Very, very satisfied!!

New Reviewer

There is no other website like Zazzle. com. The styles and what you can are amazing. Totally recommend this site for invites and labels for any occasion. Orders are shipped ina reasoning amount of time - 7-10 days. All my orders look better in person than they did online.

New Reviewer

I ordered business cards using Zazzle, only to receive my order and realize I had made a mistake in my own design...but they were really nice and helpful and offered to credit back most of the original cost so I could reorder! Very cool Customer Service! Highly recommend!

New Reviewer

I purchased a case for my samsung galaxy phone. I absolutely love the fact that you can personalize anything that you buy from them. I also purchased personalized recipe binders for my sister which she loved. some items may be pricey but the quality is worth it. they also often offer discounts online. I would definitely recommend it.

New Reviewer

This site has always given me the best service and even when one of my products did not work out due to a seller issue, not site issues, they gave me a full refund almost immediately. I shop at zazzle constantly, and they have excellent discounts and even better quality products.

New Reviewer

I absolutely love buying from Zazzle. I love the quality of their products and the speed of delivery. I also feel good knowing that I'm helping artists and designers sell their own designs.

New Reviewer

I ordered a custom photo iPhone cover for a friend and was able to see just exactly what the product would look like. The ordering was fast and easy and results were absolutely amazing. The processing of the order was quick and all we had to wait on was the shipping (which was longer because of Christmas holiday). Amazing results...could not be happier. Will be ordering one for myself now!!!

New Reviewer

For some some lovely and fun crafty items useful for gifts (many handmade), you should check out this site. Further, their speed of delivery at last-minute holiday time was fantastic. This site was much better than expected, and I am happy to recommend it.

Alva Griffith

New Reviewer

Zazzle is where i buy all of my 'odd' stuff. Christmas Cards, T Shirts, Gifts and all kinds of things! They are a one in a million web site that has all kinds of stuff and i HIGHLY recommend using it! Check it out!

New Reviewer

Zazzle is great! You can design ornaments exactly how you want them. The quality is great & the shipping is speedy! Will definitely order from them again. :)

New Reviewer

What I love about Zazzle is the excellent quality of the products and the ease to customize the products. Anytime I have needed help they are prompt and very helpful. I have bought from Zazzle over and over and I am happy with each order. I am disabled and it makes gift shopping so easy for me plus I can have my gifts mailed directly to whoever I bought it for - even internationally.

New Reviewer

This site is easy to browse through and I've purchased several products now and they've always arrived right on time and the items so far have been high quality. I'm recommending to all my friends and anyone else who are looking for quirky or interesting gifts to give out this Christmas. I'm a customer for life!

New Reviewer

I had fun designing these for my grandchildren...changing colors and designs...It "REALLY" adds a personal touch...and I can't wait till Christmas for them too see them !!

New Reviewer

I found this business on line while looking for a personalized coffee mug for a Christmas gift. They offered great looking products and I found their website easy to navigate. Using one of my digital photos, I designed the picture (my two year old great grandson) and the logo ("I Love You Papaw"). I received it less than a week after ordering, well packaged. The finished product was beautiful and I'm sure will be a cherished gift! I will be using this business again.

New Reviewer

A great website! Easy to use, an abundance of fun and practical projects for gifts and "just because"!

New Reviewer

Ordered our wedding invitations, RSVP cards and Dance invititations and we LOVED them, as did our guests. We have gotten so many compliments about how beautiful the invitations are!!! They are good quality, great price, and they came within a few days!!!!!

New Reviewer
10/13/12 provided me with affordable yet high quality custom made by me unique and amazing invitations and postcards for my special event. Zazzle's website is so easy to use and the prices are just right. The selection is enormous. Zazzle even had stiletto stamps for me to use for my 40th shoe party. How amazing is that!?! If you can think it, at Zazzle, you can find it! From invitations to custom items for my business, has it all and the price, delivery, customer service is RIGHT ON! I will never go anywhere else :D

New Reviewer

I was looking for Bridal Shower gifts, and had the perfect recipe binder and apron that I could personalize for the bride. The colors were true, the personalization was perfect, the timing was great. I would definitely recommend them and order again!

New Reviewer

I have ordered about 10 things from Zazzle and have been extremely happy with every single one of them... They are high quality, and the pictures and texts reproduced onto the shirt or mug well. The shipping is timely, never received anything damaged, never had to return anything. I have had exceptional luck with Zazzle and my recipients of my gifts have been very pleased.

New Reviewer

the quality of the invitation was excellent and the I received them within a few days. They are adorable and I enjoyed being able to customize them with my own wording.

New Reviewer

The items arrived right on time and I was pleased with the quality of the post cards. They had a good selection. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

New Reviewer

I was very happy with the level of service I got from this company! They answered all my questions and were timely. I loved my invitations and everything was exactly as I ordered.

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