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WenHaircare reviews

85 reviews
3340 Ocean Park Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Tel: +1.7607739022
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85 Reviews From Our Community

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Their customer service is aware of this practice because they had answers for everything I brought up. (in 30 reviews)


I have used this product for a little over a year and will continue to use it on my entire families hair. (in 69 reviews)


Do what you think is best but I personally don't want any more of this Chaz Dean's hair care product. (in 7 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Careful when ordering original offer......
Read fine print, you are expecting a kit for 39.95 are billed another 3 installments for a second kit that you are not aware of that you ordered.
THEN......after that it will continue to arrive with more money billed to your account.
Customer rep was aware that people are getting ripped off !!! Used the word this happens ALLOT.

Tip for consumers: Read fine print !!!

Ask Chad about WenHaircare
New Reviewer

I have been buying WEN from Ebay now for about 6 months, and I love it! My hair used to fall out but not anymore! This will be my 1st time using the auto-ship, customer service or order online. I have to say that I'm a little nervous with all the bad reviews. But I'm just dying to try the extra products that the $39.945 package comes with. As for the product itself its great and I have medium length hair, I'm 40 years old and I love my hair its healthy looking. Less split ends, Maybe it just using too much product I know if I put in 30-40 pumps of product (as suggested) my hair would be oily (I think because I don't use that much) Anyway that's my two cents.

Tip for consumers: If you color or have thin hair that falls out this is a dream come true I love it!

Ask Dana about WenHaircare
New Reviewer

This is the worst item i have ever purchased online. I ordered my stuff on 9/01/14. I was bill on 9/3/14. So i am waiting and tracking my order. 7 days later i get an email from UPS that my order was shipped back to sender becasue it was undeliverable. So I call customer service and they cant find my order but they have already charged me. So i have to call my bank and get tge trasaction # from the charge. I call Wen back give them the infomation and they finally found me. The girl said my address i was giving was not correct to where tbey shipped order. So she supposedly corrwcted address and said she was rushing it. 1 week later i still have not recived tge item so i call today again. Again today they could nit find my account. This time they found my name but not address. I tell them to cancel the order they say they cant. That i have to return the item first. So i tell them how do you want me to return it something that i never got because its obviously you still have my wrong address since you can not find my address. So they said i have to fill out a paper stating i never got the item and guess what address rhey were about to send that paper..yup tge wrong one again. After 2 calls about the address problem and they were still going to send the paper to the wrong one. So pathetic business. Lets see if i get this so called paper and ever see my money or if they cont to charge the mnthy subscriptions after i said to cancel it. So mad. I am reportibg thjs wirh BBB also. Its a scam!!!!

Tip for consumers: DO NOT BUY THIS!!!

Ask jessica about WenHaircare
New Reviewer

SCAM, SCAM!!! Definitely stay away from ordering Wen by phone or the web. They will charge your credit card a ridiculous amount of money and for items you didn't even order. I try to cancel, but mysteriously they cannot find your account and won't try to help you. Now I have to file a dispute with my bank and change my account info.

Tip for consumers: Stay away, nothing but a scam!!!

Ask Sami about WenHaircare
New Reviewer

Today I went to cancel my membership because I had a lot of product that was just received in June and because I wasn't too sure how the product was working it actually seemed that my hair was breaking OFF.when I call customer svs today they inform me that my grand total which would have to be paid before cancelling was $98 this company is a rip off buyer beware and I also believe the product taking my hair out stay away if you know what's good for you!!

New Reviewer

A few weeks after I started using WEN, I ended up with about a dozen very large pimple-like bumps on my head. At first I thought that it was pimples because WEN was not cleansing my scalp well enough. So I made sure to pay more attention to my scalp when using the product. Very soon after, my hair started falling out in clumps of five to ten hairs. The hairs were actually breaking off, not necessarily falling out. I had to gather the clumps of hair in the shower and set it aside so it didn't clog my drain, which would have happened in just 1 shower. My hair also started turning grey or white in the exact spot where the bumps were located. Then, some of the bumps turned to long raised ridges with severe itching and pain. I went through numerous doctor visits and medical tests trying to figure out what was wrong. My doctor even prescribed Rogaine. After going through the time line I figured out it was Chaz Dean's product. I stopped using it. I have had to go through enormous lengths with completely natural products to give my scalp a chance to heal. It is still extremely itchy if I don't treat my scalp at least twice a day. The bumps and ridges are about 80 percent gone and the hair is very slowly stopping falling out. I have no more gray or white hairs, I am 41 by the way. I had to stop coloring my hair for obvious reasons. Recently I got my hair cut many inches shorter because my hair was so thin it looked awful. The hairstylist had a difficult time cutting my hair because it kept falling out in his hands.this is an awful product. The fact that there are so many other complaints out there beyond they continue to sell so much is astounding. Additionally, I have not met one person, and they did not know my experience, that liked it or liked it enough to pay the extraordinary amount of money they charge for it. if you want to waste your money, spend countless money hours and frustration at the doctor thinking you're dying from something or look like a cancer patient that has lice then be my guest. Just don't say you weren't warned.

New Reviewer

Okay here's the deal. I love WEN hair system but the company is a rip off. I have used this product for a little over a year and will continue to use it on my entire families hair. That includes my 2 girls and my husband but I won't be purchasing it directly from WEN.

Here is why:

First the system has to be used properly. Don't use it in the recommended way because your hair will fall out or begin to thin.

Second only use the cleansing conditioner and sixteen conditioner together once a week or your hair will become over conditioned.

Third don't use the cleansing conditioner daily it will break your hair and make it thin or fall out from over conditioning.

Fourth if you use the cleansing conditioner, only use one of the other products like the texture balm or anti frizz DON'T USE BOTH! If you do using more than one product your hair may become hard or frizzy or break or fall out and thin.

Fifth don't mix and match WEN with other products, the end result will be disastrous.

Sixth do not use the amount of recommended product use half.

Now that I have gone through the don'ts. Lets talk about WEN's pricing and business practices. Like I said this is a awesome product when used correctly. However I believe that WEN knowing recommends you use this product in a way that is dangerous and will damage your hair so that they make more money. If you are using the product the way that the company recommends you will run out of product within 3 months if not sooner. Which then WEN will mail you a new shipment automatically. I know your thinking well thats great and the way that it should be. Well your wrong.
Take this into consideration:

1st WEN tells you that you will pay 29.99 for the first kit with a membership and then you receive a travel kit plus 2 bottles of cleansing conditioner, 1 bottle of the sixteen sampler. Awesome for the price. They tell you when you receive your second shipment you will receive 3 bottle of cleansing conditioner 1 bottle of sixteen conditioner 1 container of anti frizz (or whatever product you choose) all for the low membership price of 39.99. Wrong that is not true. Yes you will receive those products but no they will not be for the low price of 39.99.
This is how WEN gets you. First you will get a shipment with the items you choose and a charge of 39.99 which they tell you includes the shipping charge. However when you look at the website or the pamphlet they send you it specifically says any purchase over $100 is free, right, wrong. See you think you just paid 39.99 and that is why you had to pay for shipping but that isn't true. 28 days after you get charged 39.99 for the shipment WEN will charge you another 29.99 and then 28 days from that charge you will receive another charge for 29.99 and by then it will have been 3 months so it will be time for another shipment so within a couple of weeks you will see another charge for 39.99 and the process will begin again. So you say to yourself where is the membership deal. There isn't one. Your paying 99.97 every 3 months for WEN products that you don't need. In addition to the fact that in at least one month you will pay twice. If you use the products the way they recommend your hair will be damaged and will thin and break and fallout. If you try to use the products with other products your hair gets worse. Which I think WEN intentionally did to make sure you stick with their line. Not to mention that even if you cancel your order you will still get charged unless you cancel the order before the item is shipped. If not then you are responsible for shipping charges and they will continue to charge you every month unless you call and cancel and make sure they refund the money before its charged. Sounds confusing right but in their system it already has it set up to autocharge so they must go in and refund those auto charges in their system and if you don't receive a email confirming the cancellation then your membership is not cancelled and you have no proof that you cancelled it and again you will be responsible for upcoming charges.

So in short yes WEN is a great hair product if used wisely and not the way the company recommends. However, unless you are willing to deal with the 99.97 charge over a 3 month period and being charged onto of the charge 39.99 because the scheduled membership mail out overlaps the monthly charge and the possibility that your hair will be damage if you don't find a good regimen and it may take up to an additional 3 months to actually cancel your membership then I wouldn't recommend purchasing this product from WEN. Now if the product offer is as a one time fee charge through another company or website then I say go for it. You will just have to play around with the product to figure out whats best for your hair.

New Reviewer

I absolutely love the wen hair care system but it's expensive. You get what you pay for. I wouldn't recommend ordering through the website. They bill you for orders you did not place, which I see as a total rip off and it's really pissing me off!! I'm going to cancel my membership and start ordering from another site. And to the people who say wen doesn't work and makes your hair greasy maybe you aren't using the product correctly. Make sure that you put a lot on your hair and then WET it to create a LATHER.. It does clean your hair and makes it look so much healthier

New Reviewer

If I could give a negative review I would. My daughter was sent this product to her and also billed automatically after she canx her order. She was unable to use it so I started. Biggest mistake ever! My hair is falling out and didn't realize it until I looked on the web. There are pages with people whose hair have also fallen out. Beware

New Reviewer

The product it self isn't so terrible as the customer service Department. I received a welcome back flyer, 3 bottles 49.90, not to bad, right. When I went to order, they wanted 74.85 on top of that. What! What happened to welcome back! A big lie, no where on flyer, does it say I have to be a member. The product is definitely not that good and false advertising. Do they really think people are that stupid?

New Reviewer

Such a rip off. I tried canceling so many times and month after month I would still get billed and no one would refund me. I didn't even like the products! Didn't work for me. If you want to try the product I would suggest buying it from a different store/site (ebay, amazon, sephora) I totally regret buying through wen!!

New Reviewer

I have really thin hair. The wen said to use like 20 pumps I use 4! My hair wants to be curly. If I let it dry naturally it looks like crap I HAVE to blow dry and strighten. I am on one month of the sweet almond WEN and I love it! I don't hae to blow dry or straighten or anymore. I mean I still do on occastion but I don;t have to. There are so many mixed opinions on it so I tried it and love it =) Good luck

New Reviewer

I was billed for 5 cycles of wen and received only the initial shipment of one bottle and comb. They never made it right by sending me the product I paid for or by refund.

New Reviewer

This is a rip off!!!!!!!!!!!!.First my hair was so dry and it felt it was still dirty.Then I returned the product back after 2 weeks and I still have not got refund.I have called 6 times and then they charged my credit card for another order.I am calling the better business bureau on this rip off company

New Reviewer

If you dont want to be billed next month dont buy the product throught the website! Buy it on ebay or amazon or a different website that only gets you the product that you want withougt the memebership! No more getting billed! Thats what my mom did for me to try the product she got me the lavender one.. And to me the product is ok the first couple of days my hair looked healthier and my hair color looked more vibrent but after so many days my hair felt really reallyy dry!! So i stopped using it.. And went back to regular shamphoo and conditioner. So hope this help for the ones that liked the product but dot want to get billed twice or three four times!

New Reviewer

Terrible products. My hair went really dry and started breaking off. I used recommended amount even though it's $40 for a 16 oz bottel. And I have 27inch hair. I didn't mind paying if it would have done what it promised. Don't waste your time. I'm getting my $ back. I am very disappointed,:( . Even the $53 deep moisture conditioner sucked. No go. Go get something from the salons.

New Reviewer

product completely sucks
they charge your card and committ fraud by doing so for future orders you did not sign up for
total scam
I keep wasting my time, yelling at them to refund my card
wll just call my bank

New Reviewer

WEN is a complete scam. The 60-day money back guarantee is a joke. They do everything possible to keep your money. I placed 2 orders with them within 10 days apart to try and get the look and feel I was looking for. The products DO NOT work on African American hair. I returned the products in less than 30 days. I shipped all the products back in one box with both return slips. They credited me $39.95 for the smaller order but not the $83+ I spent on the second order. No explanation at all. So I called to find out they require you (even though it's not written any place) to return the orders separately. Why if they they are going to the same address...stupid! So now that they have the products (all of them), I have to wait for them to send me a form to complete (an affidavit) to send back and request my money back. I am so glad I returned this mess and will utilize every chance I get to discourage others from ordering from WEN. This is ridiculous. They have the products and see that they were returned. Why must I now certify that they were returned? Save your money and buy local, less expensive products that are much better for your hair.

New Reviewer

I ordered the deluxe kit from wen, & I haven't got it yet but I felt like I had to do a review because there were so many negative ones. First of all, they clearly state that you have been signed up for a subscription. They have sent me 3 emails and in each one it said so. So you have no one to get mad at but your self. Second, when I called the customer service they were great! They didn't try to make me keep my account like most places and they were very nice! It took me like 5 minutes. And third, I ordered my package 10 days ago and it will be here tomorrow.

If you do decide to order from wen I hope it goes as easy and great as mine did.

New Reviewer

Product not really that good but customer service even worse. Canadian bought product has to be returned to US -at high shipping cost at customers expense. Unable to cancel further shipments successfully with Wens customer care centre, and have been unable to obtain refund. This product and service is definitely NOT recommended.

New Reviewer

I ordered the starter kit not realizing it was on auto delivery. I phoned and cancelled within two days of receipt. Service was good and I received a confirmation of the cancellation.

New Reviewer

I am not sure why the bad reviews. I have to admit when I first started the products, I had to learn which one was best for me and learn how to use it. First, I needed the formula for fine hair. At first you have to put a significant amount on your hair and let it sit. Rinse and do it again. The instructions tell you this. It's not shampoo and trying to treat it like it is, is your first mistake. They tell you this. It's your quick shampoo and go put this stuff is well worth the money. Over time, as my hair became more conditioned and healthier, I didn't have to leave it in as long or do multiple treatments. In fact, I could even go up to 3 days without washing my hair which is unheard of for me. As for customer service, I've not had to cancel so I can't speak for that, however; I have left bottles in hotel rooms only to freak out because I had to go back to regular shampoo. On 2 separate occasions they happily sent me bottles to get me through until next shipment...for free! What company does that these days! I have never had a problem getting them to stand behind their product. And I've called many times! A piece of advice. First, understand the product you are buying and how to use it. You may find out, it's exactly what they say it is.

New Reviewer

hi all, i found the federal governments Fair Credit act. Their web site clearly states they will stop charging once you ask them to stop. However, time and time again, people are complaining that the company refuse to stop. PLEASE do your self a favor and file a complaint. I have used this and it has worked.

New Reviewer

Complete Rip off, I ordered the special kit fromm the TV commercial, after doing that I realized that they will automatically recharge my credit card every month and send me a new order, I asked them to cancel they wouldn't do it, i called my bank and cancelled my Check Card, after several failed try to withdraw, they sent me a huge! Order that I didn't ask for, I returned it of course I had to pay for returns!!!, I was surprised after 2 weeks that they were able to regharge my card for about 9 $ which I never gave authorization for and having a nee card!!! Called them very upset the supervisor agreed on that 9 dollar, credit back and on cancelling and removing my name from the system, now I have to deal with the bank to see how they were able to get money from a new issued card!!!!! Don't even think of dealing with them, the product suck! Got dandruff, and smells bad!!!! Be careful and don't think of trying !!!

New Reviewer

Ordering from wen was the worst mistake I ever made. They kept sending me products I didn't reorder. When I called to speak with a sales representative, I couldn't believe how rude she was. She practically told me to I was foolish not to have read the fine print and it was my fault. I couldn't believe my ears. The product wasn't even that good. please be careful when placing an order with this company as once they have your debit card information, they will rip you blind.

New Reviewer

I agree with all the other reviews. I liked the product all right and would be happy to continue using it but the customer service is awful! They are in no way working to keep their clients or to make their clients happy. I had a package that I did not receive. I called customer service (they were rude like always, making me feel as if I were bothering them) and was told a replacement shipment was going to be sent. Instead, I got and affidavit that I needed to sign stating that I had not received my shipment (making sure I wasn't scamming them). At the time I was happy to sign the form, I wasn't lying and had not receive the package. I called customer service once again to check to see if a shipment was coming (I was a fool thinking that I still wanted to use their product) and had another battle with a rude agent. I finally got my replacement shipment and then realized I was actually charged for both. I tried to rectify the situation only to find that the company had cancelled my membership. I thought it was extremely funny. They had a sucker in me and instead of keeping me happy allowing me to spend $40 every month on their product they just cancelled my subscription. Do not do business with this company. They do not care about their clients.

New Reviewer

Customer service is horrible! I called two different times about canceling and got two different stories about the shipment. Then the took the debit away from my account and the posted it again a few days later. Mind you I cancelled my account on 1/7/14 and they said the order shipped the day before which was a lie!! Then they tried to debit my account again 1/13/14 and told me the order shipped on Friday. Now how is that when I cancelled my order on 1/7/14. These people are just trying to take your money and they think I am stupid, but I'm not!! Far from it. Don't trust them. Beware when you place an order or as a matter of fact don't do it!!!!!! VERY PISSED OFF PERSON!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I liked the product but the customer service was beyond HORRIBLE.
The auto-ship policies are awful & trying to cancel anything is next to impossible.
I will never order from this company again!!!

New Reviewer

The website itself is very limited on you can do. Instead they prefer you call and deal with their sales reps. The product itself has been very nice, I quite like it. However after having a huge mix up with my order (short version I ended up with 7 bottles in 4 months) and some poor excuses with regards to refunds and such I decided it wasn't worth the stress to battle with them continuously. Come to find out there is no way to cancel on their website. (Once again discovering how limited their features are) I decided to call and supposedly their call center is down for the holidays though it's well and after any major holiday I'm aware of. I wondered if their call center had anything to do with my having specified "cancel" as the topic of my call. I called back to see if I claimed another response would I get someone? I called a few more times in fact because each time I got different automated directories and sometimes a phone ringing and then silence. It all was so fishy that I decided to take matters into my own hands and canceled the transactions through my bank. I refuse to do business with them again.

New Reviewer

I really did NOT like the way the product (several bottles) automatically showed up at my house before I re-ordered. It was $12 to ship the box back. However I did receive my refund to my bank account within 2 weeks. If you get the trial kit just cancel your account after you get your order. The price per bottle goes up anyways after the trial. THEY ARE RUDE AND TALK TOO FAST AND LIE AND LIE AND LIE TO YOU. SORRY I EVER ORDERED ANYTHING FROM THE SCAMMERS.

New Reviewer

how in the world do you not pay for product that you returned and notified them you were canceling??? They keep saying that I owe them and will not speak English. They jabber on and on things that do not make any sense.

New Reviewer

After reading about the subscription scam, and having had the same experience once with another product, I will NEVER order Wen from this site. So thank you for saving me from this experience.

New Reviewer

I actually bought my first "trial" on line. I was not made aware that this was the start of an ongoing membership. That became evident when my account was charged a second time and approximately a week later I received a package from them. Well, I called to cancel and they would not take no for an answer. Instead, they insisted on not charging me for my last shipment and sending me a bottle of Wen for fine hair, telling me that if I liked it to call them back and they would start sending me that particular product instead. I was not impressed with the Wen for fine hair. I ended up closing my bank account and opening another one because I couldn't get them to take no for an answer. Several months later, another package from them arrived, along with a bill. The package wasn't marked clearly and I opened it to see what it was. I was very surprised to find that they had sent me two bottles of the original product that I had tried to cancel in the first place! I didn't return it since I didn't order it and didn't want to pay shipping charges after opening it (I was told by my attorney that I am not responsible for paying that charge or returning it since they had taken it upon themselves to send me a package even after my bank account was closed out). I sent them a letter saying so and they sent my account info to a collection agency!! I am now filing a complaint with the BBB. I like the idea of sulfate free, lather free hair cleanser, but Loreal has a nice one which is priced decent and it can be found at WalMart and I don't have to unknowingly join a shady membership plan to get it. I shampoo about every week or two and in between I use the lather free cleanser. It works well for me.

New Reviewer

This may help some of you who were sucked into a club, And thank you all for the advice. I will not be ordering this product unless there is NO fine print saying it is a club, the tv commercial does not have this anywhere in any fine print. I taped it to be sure. Came here to check reviews then hit record on my tv Nope not there! Here are some questions and answers about dealing with unordered merchandise.
This from the site, keep your free gifts including the shipping and handling unless teh offer to pay that for you and you're feeling more generous and honest than this company appears to be.
...You respond to an advertisement offering a free "trial" pair of pantyhose. To your surprise, you receive four pairs with a bill.

...You receive a pocket knife that you never ordered. Despite your objections, the company continues to send you notices demanding payment and threatening your credit rating. If they have your credit card info and you don't join a club with your order it's an unauthorized charge making it a free gift shipping, handling and all. You may have to fight if you choose to fight with teh company but your credit card company should be on your side when you say you did not authorize these charges and the will ask the company for teh prof of your club membership. All mine do anyway I can't imagine anyone's credit card co who wouldn't protect their customers.
Q. Am I obligated to return or pay for merchandise I never ordered?
A. No. If you receive merchandise that you didn’t order, you have a legal right to keep it as a free gift.

Q. Must I notify the seller if I keep unordered merchandise without paying for it?
A. You have no legal obligation to notify the seller. However, it is a good idea to write a letter to the company stating that you didn’t order the item and, therefore, you have a legal right to keep it for free. This may discourage the seller from sending you bills or dunning notices, or it may help clear up an honest error. Send your letter by certified mail. Keep the return receipt and a copy of the letter for your records. You may need it later.

Q. What should I do if the unordered merchandise I received was the result of an honest shipping error?
A. Write the seller and offer to return the merchandise, provided the seller pays for postage and handling. Give the seller a specific and reasonable amount of time (say 30 days) to pick up the merchandise or arrange to have it returned at no expense to you. Tell the seller that you reserve the right to keep the merchandise or dispose of it after the specified time has passed.

Q. Is there any merchandise that may be sent legally without my consent?
A. Yes. You may receive samples that are clearly marked free, and merchandise from charitable organizations asking for contributions. You may keep such shipments as free gifts.

Q. Is there any way to protect myself from shippers of unordered merchandise?
A. When you participate in sweepstakes or order goods advertised as "free," "trial," or "unusually low priced," be cautious. Read all the fine print to determine if you are joining a "club," with regular purchasing or notification obligations.Keep a copy of the advertisement or catalog that led you to place the order, too. This may make it easier to contact the company if a problem arises.

Q. Where can I go for help in dealing with unordered merchandise problems?
A. Always start by trying to resolve your dispute with the company. If this doesn’t work, contact your state or local consumer protection office, local U.S. Postal Inspector, or the Better Business Bureau in your area for help. The Direct Marketing Association also may be able to help you.

New Reviewer

product does nothing, had called a little after a month of having it to cancel but got billed again the next month, called in to cancel again (2nd time) and the lady said it was too late that the package was already on its way, got the package decided to keep it since it was pumpkin and I love pumpkin but cracked the seal and it smells horrible but couldn't send it back like that, next month comes and I get billed again the lady said it was for the previous package I had received and that if I wanted a refund I had to send it back, but one of the bottles was already opened so I didn't, and today I wake up with my bank account being -$30 call in and the lady says the package I had last received was a 3 month supply( first I have heard of that) and "that would be the last payment they'd take) needless to say its a scam don't do it I was a licensed cosmetologist and can tell you its too expensive its basically a really thick conditioner.

New Reviewer

I guess ill start with the best thing about this entire scam, the product itself is average to say the most, If you switch it up with a real shampoo every once in a while it "makes your hair APPEAR healthier" (its really not) if you don't, it just sucks on your hair all around. Then when you finally realize that the product is not worth the price and try to cancel, there is no way to do so untill you pay the entire 120$$ price. i called atleast times trying to do so, believe me, it didint work. And i even read a reveiew warning me and other of the same thing, this really is a scam, idn what "fine print" is allowed to not be told to you anymore, but this is definitely on the border of legal and illegal and if i had money to hire a lawyer, as dumb as it sounds, id be doing it. Good luck to any one that attempts to deal with thid horrible scam, hope you have better luck than me or anyone else!

New Reviewer

I hate to admit I liked the product but it's too expensive for me. If you decide to try the product, be aware that you may be purchasing an on-going subscription for over 3 times your original purchase. It wasn't part of the product I added to my shopping cart, but showed up in the product's description later (in very fine print). If this happens to you, consider disputing it with your credit card company and filing a complaint with Better Business Bureau. I shouldn't have to pay for original shipping and handling and return shipping, but I'm willing to return the unauthorized purchase for a full refund. Their customer service is aware of this practice because they had answers for everything I brought up. Just be aware!

New Reviewer

Called to pay off my girlfriend's outstanding balance with my own credit card. The rep tried to cross/upsell me every way to Sunday, I said "I don't know how much clearer I can be, all I want to do is pay off the balance and cancel the product entirely". Two days later they started a new subscription on my credit card. They are fraudsters, plain and simple, playing the system. Avoid at all costs and tell everyone you can to do the same.

New Reviewer

Absolute horrible site. I bought two introductory package for Christmas gifts, and was apparently signed up for two subscriptions (I always read the fine print, and I don't remember seeing anything about a subscription). When I called to cancel, I had to yell at the customer service rep because after saying I wasn't interest four times, he still kept trying to sell me.
I was a little suspicious after the call, so I called back the next day to confirm my cancellation. They had only cancelled one subscription. Oh, and the money back guarantee is minus S&H, which is $10. So I wasted $20. Not worth it.

New Reviewer

The worst customer service ever!!!!! The supervisor is totally unprofessional and hung up on me. Buyer beware! I will never use this company again. I got charged twice and the supervisor was blaming my bank for charging me again within 2 weeks! So mad! Don't ever go on autoship or buy from the company. I will make sure my bank blocks this company from withdrawing any money from my account. Wen get better supervisors. This paticular supervisor told me that is was impossible to talk to any body else and hung up on me what a jerk! Never would I ever tell anyone to buy from wen. Beware! I had to give a star but this company deserves nothing!

New Reviewer

I had received my first starter kit as a Christmas gift one year ago. I was always very curious about the product due to all of the hyped up commercials. I was excited to get it home and try it out in hopes that it would restore my hair and hopefully help it grow. My mom also purchased a kit for herself at the same time. My mom and i both have very thin fine hair. My hair, unfortunately, was far more damaged then hers. My hair was brittle, dry, broken off, and uneven. After a week of my mom using the product, i received a phone call from her telling me how disappointed she was with it. She told me that it made her hair feel really greasy and dirty. I thought maybe her hair was just reacting to it a bit differently then mine, and also reminded myself that her hair was far more healthy. After about a month of using Wen, i started noticing a change in my hair. But not a change for the better. My hair was getting progressively shorter due to tremendous amounts of breakage. It felt heavy, greasy, dirty and lifeless. My hair would no longer curl or straighten. It stopped reacting to my straightener due to the disgusting amount of grease build up. It got to the point where i absolutely couldn't go anywhere without my extensions in. My mom then informed me that they had shipped another kit without her permission. When she bought the product, it didn't say anything about monthly drafting out of her account. She thought she was just purchasing a one time package as a gift, not as a life long membership. She immediately contacted the company to cancel the membership. After the membership had been cancelled they were still trying to draft money out of her account. They eventually tried turning her over to a collection agency. I would not recommend this product to anyone. It is the worst thing i have ever put on my hair. It not only was a waste of money, but it resulted in me cutting all of my hair off to essentially "start over."

New Reviewer

This company is ripping off customer. I contacted thier customer service to cancel my order because after receiving my first order they started charging my card of $46.95 every month. I called them and canceled my order but what happened next they still keep taking money out of my account every month. Beware of this company, they will rip you off once you give them info of your bank account or charge card.

New Reviewer

I bought online after a friend raved about what the products do for her hair (my results are less awesome). I realized I’d chosen the wrong scent and phoned them within an hour of ordering. They said nothing could be changed at that point. I tried emailing them. Don’t waste your time. I didn’t get a single answer to any of my four emails.
I thought I was ordering one shipment of products. NOWHERE on their site did I see any statement that they would ship a second time. Only got a shipping label with my first (and I thought ONLY) order.
Also the electronic order confirmation they sent once my order was placed showed just that ‘order confirmation.’ No details. Nothing like “this is first of a minimum of four charges we are going to make to your credit card.” It didn't even specify what products I'd ordered. It could have been dog food or a bag of Cheezies.
Today I got a second shipment.
First shipment was $34.95. The second shipment was $51.18 because now they’re loading on the shipping charges! According to the paperwork with this second order, they are going to ship twice more @$34.95- plus more shipping- a pop
When the second shipment arrived today I tried phoning them again to cancel all future charges. I was told I can’t do that. I am stuck with them until they are done with me.
I’ve contacted our credit card provider and withdrawn authorization for WEN to charge anything to our account. If necessary I will close this credit card account so they can’t charge me any more for their over priced, under performing product.

New Reviewer

I bought this product because I have thick coarse hair. What I got after 5 uses of this product is greasy, weighed down hair that looks lifeless. I gave it a fair shot thinking my hair might need multiple uses to get the results they showed you would get. That never happened. I am looking forward to a good clarifying shampoo to get this awful residue out of my hair. Absolutely Awful product!!!

New Reviewer

This is awful, had the exact same experience as everyone else. I was careful about what I was ordering, and NOTHING on the website or confirmation email of my initial order says I signed up for a reoccurring monthly thing. Its best that you call your credit card company to block future bills from them. It is such a shame that they operate their business this way because the product itself does the job. Still, I totally regret my first and last infomercial purchase. Oh, and they make random charges to your card, too. BEWARE.

New Reviewer

Due to some health problems I was experiencing my hair was dry,brittle and falling out at an alarming rate so I decided to try Wen and I'm so happy that I did and have been using it for about 6 years now.My hair is back to being thick with shine that would never be accomplished without Wen.Just FYI, don't use this website to order,try QVC or Sephora,there's no contract .I love Wen but only Chaz Deen,no Guthy Renker ads can be trusted.

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New Reviewer

Love the product, I have very heavy hair, and it makes it feel lighter. BUT the informercials are decieving. They say a trial run for $30 - not so much. They sign you into a contract. When I called to cancel they said that I owed them an additional $85. That is NOT free trial. I called my bank and stopped all payments from the company when I was told that. I got the $30 free offer. I recommend going to Amazon and buy the product that you want and dont have a contract.

New Reviewer

I actually don't mind the product. It isn't special by any means and I can get the same "look" with a mix of head and shoulders and any cheap conditioner on the ends. The problem is the horrible customer service! I read the bottom that says you receive monthly shipments so after receiving the first one I went ahead and canceled. But that I guess according to wen means that they ship you the $hit anyways?! I was really upset when I received a confirmation that included an $80 bill? This is after I was charged for the original product, and a second shipment of $50 that I had canceled prior to them shipping it! If you want to try wen do yourself a favor and buy it through QVC.

New Reviewer

Its amazing how deceiving the commercial is... I would do anything to make my hair "bounce ,and shine like it never has before" but as usual...I am fooled... not only did the product suck!!! The customer service reps treat you like crap! I just use keratin oil and my hair is way better than this $h**! Rip off! And its impossible to get it through their heads that you don't like it, they keep billing you! Such a horrible way to treat your customers!

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Q: I just ordered the introductory offer online today. Then, I seen all of these horror stories of being charged even when you cancel. I called the 800 # to cancel my order and was told that they couldn't help me for 72 hours until I showed up on file. I think it will be too late by then and the product will be shipped and then I'll be screwed! My question is, has this incidence happened to anyone else? And has anyone called their credit card company to have them block the next three payments from coming out without any negative repercussions from Guthy-Renker, aka, sending you to collections. I've seen quite a few times on here today that they sent them to collections for non-payment.
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