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35 reviews
Categories: Chat, Dating
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35 Reviews From Our Community

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Well, I may have become a premium member for them, and they would have made some money out of me. (in 5 reviews)

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1 review
15 helpful votes

This site was once excellent but now it looks like it's about to die. Down to sometimes 2 female cams at times and mostly around 7 whereas it used to have 120+ female cams up most times. They have totally mismanaged the members. Some of the most popular women who were the main draw-cards were inexplicably banned and then to make matters worse the admin seemed unable to provide a reliable service.
Farewell does anyone know where the members are now congregating?

Ask Sean about
1 review
3 helpful votes

this is a great site i have met a phil lady she is great i am single and a pensioner but if i was younger i would have bought her her e to uk and married her ,,she has the same interests as me .i really like this site but there are some scammers and liars on here,,but i take no notice of them

Ask mike about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Absolutely 0 star, the only reason 1 star is provided is because it is necessary to submit this posting. I was only been a member on for a short time, but I would just like to say that everything that people have wrote in their posts here is 100% true, the site is completely and totally fraudulent and illegitimate, it promotes porn and sexual behavior, broadcasts your cam on multiple other websites(adult sites), and the administrators of the site break their very own supposed rules and guidelines. The owners and/or administrators of the site should be investigated by the FBI and prosecuted under any viable applicable laws available, because they clearly belong behind bars, this site should be shut down permanently ! Needless to say I no longer use this website, and I strongly advise anyone who registers there to BEWARE !!!

Ask Sherly about
1 review
5 helpful votes

Awful. I'd give it a 1/2 star if I could. I was just informed that my account was suspended for some so-called "dating scam" when my profile simply states that I am just looking for people to chat with and I am not looking for any relationship, and nicely stating please do not contact me if you are looking for your "dream woman". How is this a "dating scam"? I'm simply telling people I am just looking for chats and not a lifelong partner. I thought you were not obligated to find a dating partner on here? flash! I'm not a scammer, and simply looking for people chat with and not seeking a serious relationship is not a scam!

Ask Karin about
1 review
2 helpful votes

this site is very fun theres a lot of friends woldwide

Ask katherine about
2 reviews
10 helpful votes

The owners and administers are either Nazi's or Gestapo, but one thing for sure they are hypocritical. They promote sex, however you can't type the word sex or they will delete it. If a premium member comes to your site and calls you the most disgusting names you have ever heard, Don't bother to report them because nothing will be done, and don't say anything obscene to them in return or they will report you and you will be suspended. My wife had received a death threat, from a premium member and was suspended for reporting him. They did nothing to the man who sent the death threat.

Ask David about
1 review
5 helpful votes

fix it please... for me it deoends how the members use the site...but for me it is a good site... so please fix the site

Ask john about
1 review
14 helpful votes
8/18/14 has turned into a steaming TURD of a website, that the owners/ management don't seem to give a sh*t about.
Not loading properly in either IE, Chrome or Firefox. ..
Everything from ad updates corrupting the login boxes, to timeouts, to once you load the pop-up 'messenger', getting continual 'script errors & database errors' and messages not going to recipients, thus needing continual 'reloads' to get it to barely half work.
I wouldn't use this website to wipe my ass on if it were to bog paper!
Pure Sh*te!

Ask Mr about
1 review
12 helpful votes

Zero stars. This site used to be reasonably ok but it looks like it has now completely gone. Nothing is working at all.

Tip for consumers: Don't bother anymore.

Ask Mark about
1 review
6 helpful votes

used to work good.. now it just gets worse and worse.. i dont pay for it, but many people do... i wonder if its really any better for them..

Ask pip about
1 review
8 helpful votes

To describe this site as dysfunctional, broken most of the time and a piece of cyber-junk would be too kind by far. The response times are so slow it has to be assumed their server is a Commodore64.

Ask Guesswho about
1 review
7 helpful votes

I just wonder if anyone else was having problems viewing their messages? I can see I have messages waiting, but it just tells me no users! I use on both laptop and iPhone I have contacted admin with no response as yet! It's very frustrating!

Ask Nat about
1 review
5 helpful votes

This site is not good have seen children from Thailand on the cams and did flag them only when I flagged it 5 times did they shut the site down which is not good they should be manning the site themselves not leave it for people to do this the lazy sods. anyway I reported this site the to the child exploitation and online protection centre and I hope they get there act together.

Ask angelh about
1 review
5 helpful votes

I have had several accounts on this site, quite fun at times though last night i was furious and upset by what happened. There are privacy settings on there, private ( premium members) contact list and public all relating to your cam and mic. I set to ignore males which they need ask me permission to talk even by a message, my cam set to contact list which means when i broadcast on the main cam will be showed as private as nobody but my contacts only are able to view. However last night when chatting to my only contact who was online, after she had gone offline i noticed i had a viewer. I clicked the dropdown and a blue ( male ) was viewing my cam in anonymous mode which means a premium member was allowed to view my cam disregarding not only my personal privacy settings but i am quite sure negligent on the site behalf if not highly illegal that a paid member gets carte blanche. another part also of concern, my friend in the past was flashed at on cam by a premium member, she blocked him which is a pointless exercise as he is able simple view anonymously which he did and taunted her, seems for cash you will be given God status. I wrote an email complaining, they quote rules regarding anonymous viewing is allowed etc yet not once after 5 emails can i get them to reply on the part of premium members given access to my cam when set to contact list of which they were definitely not in. In short ok site and if perverted pay for a premium membership you are on a site bordering on heaven!

Ask paul about
1 review
7 helpful votes

Another thing this site does is if you complain about its terrible IT admin you are blocked. They seem to like blocking members, as stated previously, sometimes for false reasons, no explanation given and worse, if a paid up member, no refund. I also noticed, today, 23/01/2015, they are down to 14 female cams, due to poor administration it is a failure.

Ask Laurie about
1 review
4 helpful votes

was so good when i was on this site i have several dates i been lucky in life but been disable over here not that much fun no more its been so hard to find the right lady to share my life with so i hope you can help me ok god bless

Ask Tony about
1 review
3 helpful votes

This is the best site for all people to have fun and friendship. i have been relating with this site since 2008. By this site we can express our passion and interests.i love this site. After my marriage also i am using it. Its good for some hide and seek play. The worst thing i wanna report is that it did not include more friends from country like England, USA and countries which are more social and open for discrete relations.The admin focused only on Philippines more than others including India.

Ask Jack about
1 review
4 helpful votes

i am still trying to stop them accessing my credit card for premium membership money.. they are at my account every day. Of course they had banned me. so clearly they are breaking the law by trying to take money from my account. I reported it as fraud to the authorities and my bank. They ban users and continue to take money from their credit cards. For a free site.. its been terribly expensive for me. Never again /Justcams/smutcams.

Ask steve about
1 review
5 helpful votes

phtos being banned by moderators for no reason cam girls asking for money reciently they closed all there chatrooms the site is a joke they are more interested in making money from there cams the site is a waste of time really

Ask barry about
1 review
5 helpful votes

Having read the above, not a lot more I can say except it's also supports child porn! For a month I complained via their 'contact us' link. Was a complete waste of time. They kept saying red flag it, a totally useless method of reporting.

Several users from the Philippines showing childrens' crutches. Sure wearing panties, but obvious to a moron it's the same children, same blemishes, bruises etc as well as the same background. Only ever blocked when the kid shows it's face many hours later. and of course after the scammer has made a huge amount of cash off child abuse.

The site has so much potential, pity the owners are only in it for the quick buck.

Ask Garry about
1 review
2 helpful votes

very good

Ask mick about
1 review
4 helpful votes

a horrible website where u keep getting guys watching u fair enough u can block them but then more will keep viewing you. also some anoumous viewer all the time watching your webcam and u cant block them im a basic member on there but i wouldent want to become a premium member cause a the staff that run that site r very rude and wouldent do anything anyway. at all costs avoid this site as i have a scamming website and people can wasy record your webcams and stream it to other sites. all in all as u can tell from my comments this is 1 site to be avoided and im deadly serious on this one folks.

Ask paul about
1 review
2 helpful votes

i like this site very much

Ask Mayuresh about
1 review
5 helpful votes

i have been on PERSON.COM since 2009. 2 days ago i recieved an email informing me that my account status has been promoted to PREMIUM as i am a VALUED custome (hahaha) When logging on to PERSON.COM i find that i have been suspended for spam or third party advertising..... what a joke. When i emailed them i got no response. Yes this site is a farce and a scam

Ask ian about
1 review
4 helpful votes

It's supposed to be a meeting site, however, its full of webcams that ask for money so to show something, which is absolute crazy.

Secondly they have banned a whole country (Philippines) from viewing the webcams of the rest World, however the foreigners can view the webcams of the country that is banned. I think they are not fair those guys there on Administration.

Thirdly, they have a sister site called which all the webcams are viewed without the need to be registered for viewing them, the webcams of and are the same.

Fourth, there is a section called blogs that can't be viewed easily and there is lots of stalking going there. Administration has blocked all new accounts from starting a blog but there is still stalking going on there daily and Administration does nothing about it.

Fifth, recently they implemented the restriction of one to one private broadcast, unless you are a fully member of the site.

I think that there are much better sites to be a member of.

Ask tom about
1 review
3 helpful votes

rude staff, never listen to you, dont take any action and now they are forcing you to (upgrade to premium) to private cam someone.

its an utter rip off, you can public cam yet this further allows fraud, abuse and scammers.

Complete farce, and it is always having an "upgrade."

Cutting people off using the site makes them leave. Utter joke.

Ask pal about
1 review
4 helpful votes

Dating site? I think its porn gaming site. You don't have hope at this site if you are going to find serious lover. There are so many frauds, liars, cheaters, gays, etc... So many stupid people are sending money for those virtual lovers. But they don't know her partner has so many "money senders". Beware of those "money seekers". Never send money before you meet in person. Never visit her province before you meet in person or you will be a victim for her family. But "Not all" (but also some frauds say same).

Ask channel about
1 review
5 helpful votes

need a question answered here, is connected to plenty of fish, and adult someone has told me when you join your info gets put on the other two web sites?

Ask lisa about
1 review
5 helpful votes
4/6/11 is an utter disgrace .

The admin are unethical and in my opinion are exploiting its members.

Recently they have opened a sister site which is a porn site and have used every members details to join them to their porn site with out their knowledge. They have also stream live webcam broadcasts straight from to their sister site with out making members aware that this is happening.

When challeneged about these practices , admins response was to hide behind section 16 of their terms and agreement , but surely this is not the way to treat members .

I urge anyone that's thinking about joining this site to think again , the owners of this site will do anything they please with your information , photos, webcam broadcasts to make a dollar .

Ask J about
1 review
8 helpful votes

It has been brought to my attention that is streaming live members webcams to another site WITH OUT members knowledge .­ ­Only the recent blog of Supervisor has that fact , there is no else posted under the terms, rules or privacy.­­
­That site is a PORN site . Your email address ( login details) and passwords are being used on that same site as they have made YOU a member regardless of whether you wish to be a member or not. That is whether you have a cam or not also - every single member of is also a member of the porn site .
­I wish to make others aware that when they turn on their webcams on adult mode they are being streamed live to another site , of which screens shots even on normal mode are being saved and kept on profiles . Also anyone, members of the site or not can view you. Please make yourself aware of this and read thoroughly the terms and conditions of THIS website BEFORE turning on your webcam - ­in particular read section 16 of Terms that clearly states another thing than the one that all think. ­ It's false to believe anyone that under section 16 on Terms the site PDC can stream to legally the webcams of users that belong to PDC cam section­
­Also please be aware that anyone whom has the software can record your cam whether it's here on this site -or any other website, msn ,skype , yahoo etc etc . The software is easy to obtain and simple to use.Your webcam images and videos can be used and uploaded anywhere, So don't do anything on cam you don't want the world to see.
­Please read the BLOG from ­ Supervisor , see what they really think of their members....

Ask Nick about
10 reviews
38 helpful votes

Site is full of Filipinos asking for money for cam fun and nothing is done to remove them. Furthermore and this is the worst part live cams are streamed to a sister website which can be accessed by anybody any age !, Adding to this the sister site is marketed as a porn website not a chatsite so unsuspecting cammer's are without noticing becoming pornstars in their own home and making the site owners lots of money in the process.

Ask rob about
1 review
4 helpful votes

When I first joined 4 years ago, I used to chat with people who were genuinely just looking for chat, or friendship. NOW there seem to be nothing but married men looking for a "bit-on-the-side" with no strings attached, or Filipinos of both sexes wanting money to "perform" on cam!.
I think the site needs more monitors, as I have occasionally had a look at the webcams, and see very young people who are obviously under 18.. one of the reasons I do not bother with this site much now, only to say Hi to the few online friends I have made ,Why bother having a "report" button if it is not followed through ? If anyone who is underage appears on cam, and is quickly deleted, it will eventually almost stop it . (I say almost because there is always someone who breaks rules).

Ask Margie about
1 review
5 helpful votes

Well, after having owned my account for one month, possibly less, it was canceled or blocked by I contacted the administrators, and all I got back from them was an empty email as a response. Yep, you heard me right, an empty email. Anyhow, I think the reason why they blocked my account is because I discovered that they are a fraudulent and corrupt company located in New York, asking people to register on sites such as

My research indicates that the same people who own also own or are affiliated with They possibly have many other domains by different names that I don't know of where they might try to have you register. BEWARE GENTLEMEN, I have dealt with several Filipino women, who were paid to chat and pretend they were models, that way they would trick you into registering for They are very persistent with their lies, by the looks of it, it seems most of the people working there are fresh from the Philippines and new to the US and would do anything to keep their job at this fraudulent company.

Anyhow, I wasn't tricked (their broken English was a big giveaway), but I did tell one of the girls that worked for them that I was a detective and that I knew what they are up to and that they weren't going to fool me. After I told her that, the next day my account wasn't working. After having considered things carefully, I believe they canceled my account because they felt threatened by what I said to them. I tried creating a new account, but it won't let me. It's as if they blocked my IP address from registering to their website.

This company by all means isn't legitimate or professional and uses very deceiving tactics to get more customers to register. This company is possibly located underneath some guy's basement in New York. I bet there's many unethical and abusive things that go on in that so called company. I haven't seen any live webcam videos from, but I really bet that the women who hosts such things, are the same women who work for this company and are forced to do it as a part of their job. I'm never going back in there! Nuh uh, no way Jose. Don' t do it!

Ask T about
1 review
4 helpful votes

I have left because its now reduced to a very slezy sex site. I used to enjoy interacting with a group of people in a fab game called PLAY AND FLIRT . The site decided to do away wit the game so now , for the most part women receive messages and when they open thm , its very sexually graphic comments and/or a man masterbating on cam . The site also allows people to add you to their contact list without any permission from you , this means everytime you come online, a perv will message you . The best feaure of this siteis now the IGNORE button & the suspend account button . There is no option to completely delete you account there . Once you have fed data and pics into the site the site OWNS that info . So beware before you join .

Ask Deborah about
1 review
3 helpful votes

GREAT SITE, RUBBISH ADMINISTRATION - is a great site if you want to make friends, meet a new partner, have a bit of a laugh. You can chat live with other members, post, read and comment on daily blogs, and play all sorts of games. It is a free site, but you can pay membership to get premium privileges.

I joined this site for my own reasons just under a year ago, I was in a relationship and we were in big trouble. I won't go into the reasons for joining the site, but my relationship ended in Summer 2008, and I remained as a member of the site, as did my ex-partner. I have been very lucky and since met a wonderful, fantastic man via the site, who I love dearly. I am one of the very lucky ones.

However, I tried to log in a couple of weeks ago only to find my account had been blocked by the administration team - reason given:<strong> spam and advertisement of 3rd parties</strong>. I have submitted several tickets to them, asking for an explanation and to re-instate me. However, I have been totally ignored by the site's admin. I find this unacceptable and rude. There are people on this site who get into all sorts of fights with one another, slag each other off, have even posted death threats and notices that certain members have in fact passed away, when they are actually alive and well!! I have never, ever got into ANY of these situations, or got involved in them. I just chat to my friends, read and post blogs. That's all. I have a few pictures on my profile, they are just of me and some fun pics which do not involve any other people. I have most certainly NEVER spammed or advertised any 3rd party, so cannot understand what on earth is going on here.

To be honest, I don't really need the site any more, at least not for finding a partner - the site has done its bit in that respect!! But I AM annoyed that I can't chat with the platonic friends I have made on there all over the world, and continue posting and reading blogs. It doesn't seem to matter WHAT I say to the administration, or HOW MANY TIMES I contact them, they just ignore me.

Well, I may have become a premium member for them, and they would have made some money out of me. But they have taken that chance away, it is their loss, not mine.

It's a fun site, and until now I have been very happy being a member of it. But this is just a RIDICULOUS situation. Anybody wishing to join - for god sake, NEVER EVER mention ANY company name, shop, restaurant, ANYTHING like that, DO NOT SPAM, and DO NOT post photos of ANYBODY except yourself. I kept to all the rules, but STILL they blocked me!! I just can't understand it....

If anybody wishes to help me by making a complaint, my user name is AliG from Watford.

Thanks for reading!! Alison Grey, Hertfordshire

Ask Alison about

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Q: my account keeps been suspended for no gopod rfeasons they say I have spamed and advertised of none I HAVE NOT DONE
Have tryed to get in contact with them but it comes up account suspended
what can I do to have my say as it is a load b------s and crap and gets you a bad name on the
A: Any ex PAF players about ?
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