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Godlike Productions reviews

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17 reviews
Categories: Forum
PO Box 818
St Helier, JE4 OTP JE, UK
Tel: +44-1534-710280
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17 Reviews From Our Community

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1 review
1 helpful vote

Godllike productions is full of emotionally and substance dependent humans. Especially a member that calls herself/himself simple27. She/he uses someone else's information to post her "own" earthquake thread. He/she glorifies herself/jimself as a kind and caring human, but check out he/his latest episode on glp jukebox May 10. Would never be a member of this site. Full of black souls and spiritually lost people looking to blame government. They post scandulous videos to each other while they drink and gamble. Great site for cheap entertainment.

Ask andrew about Godlike Productions
1 review
3 helpful votes

Over a discussion concerning waterboarding. He said it wasn't torture, I said it was. I shared my SERE-C experience, I received a ban for my service to the country and point of view.

Ask Rob about Godlike Productions
1 review
0 helpful votes

What a bunch of $#*!es (and govt shills) these 1-star bandits are...
"Waaa waaa I got banned!"
You got caught up in a sweeping IP ban (meaning not just you) or you posted a banned word/name/link.

Free speech? Really? No such thing on the Internet. YouTube takes down videos, Facebook removes posts, Twitter blocks tweets. READ THE TERMS OF SERVICE PEOPLE! ANY website can take down ANYTHING they want to. EVERYONE has biases, including website owners. Get over yourselves and go shill somewhere else

Ask Emma about Godlike Productions
72 reviews
7 helpful votes

Was banned 3 times over a 5-year period. Each of the posts that banned me were about 'Saturn Worship' and the Catholic Church. Get ready for a 'Brave New World' folks; the Saturnists rule and have since the flood. go straight to people like Troy McLachlan. Good place for a concise start to 'understanding.'

At first, gave GP 1 star, but have reconsidered and give them 5 stars. Can't stand how they ban folks, but there simply isn't another site like GP. Massive database of BS and Truth and it's up to the user to figure stuff out. You'll most likely get lost in there, but there's that tiny chance it could be one's salvation.

The people that call Godlike Productions 'racist' are wrong. Just don't see that. Have seen Jewish, Black, White, Asian and Hispanic commenters - all seeking the same truth. Once in a while one will see a rogue racist, like here, "White Men are a virus that SHOULD be extinct." ( Can't blame GP for this -

For better results, do targeted searches into their database and don't just rely on the standard daily threads. Hard to learn without knowing where one wants to go. Doesn't matter who controls Godlike (eg Tavistock) as long as the user gets advancement.

Ask SandDab about Godlike Productions
1 review
8 helpful votes

The site is ran by and visited by racist bigots mostly. If you even try to post something contrary to their racist, islamophobic view, you will get immediately banned.

The biggest hypocrisy was the pinned Thread written by the Site Admin himself how he "welcomes opposing views". When I then wrote one such view, I was immediately banned.

Ask Al-Iskander about Godlike Productions
1 review
7 helpful votes

A racist so called conspiracy site that bans visitors in order to extort a membership fee.

Ask Kevin about Godlike Productions
1 review
11 helpful votes

I was banned today from this site for no reason at all. Then I came and found the reviews about them banning people for too many post unless you pay a fee. I also made a comment to one of their "post leaders" last night that may have offended him because I knew more a subject than he did. So I figured it was because I hurt his little feelings.

Anyway, I wanted to agree with you guys, maybe one day they will be able to be shut down. I think a lot of their people are from the Govt and when you hit things on the head, then they get upset because you might actually educate people rather than join in the hate bashing.

Thanks for letting me post. I will be posting this on other sites as well that have comments about Godlike Productions.

Ask Faythe about Godlike Productions
1 review
12 helpful votes

The only reason this site exists is so that ignorant conspiracy nuts have a place to hang out with each other and increase each other's paranoia level, for a fee. And they are sneaky about the fee. They offer a free account, but if you post too many times, they ban you. But, they then allow you the "opportunity" to bypass the ban, for a fee. Anyone with actual knowledge of the subjects being discussed are bullied for not putting the paranoid spin on everything and are labeled "shills" for disagreeing with the majority. The site is an asylum which is best avoided if one is trying to learn anything about anything.

Ask William about Godlike Productions
1 review
15 helpful votes

"Godlike Productions Fraud. The site is full of agents. Read the terms in full before you spend time there. The wording is very disturbing. If you are seeking answers this is NOT the place to do it. There is only mis/dis-information and collections there. IF you do decide to hang there you will be led astray. IF you have real information BEWARE! Once I figured that out...pretty fast, I called them on it and was banned PRONTO. I replied to a thread not getting any action in 3 years until I replied a few days ago. Then there were several replies the same day that were mocking, misleading and confusing. I found it odd to say the least. After a few minutes to take the time to read a bit more on the site and the fact that RationalWiki made it sooooo obvious that the site was indeed a basic op to collect information about what "truthers" know/locations of said etc. BEWARE of RationalWiki as well. Just a government agency. They did not say that GLP was an OP but if you have a brain you can taste the deception, the hatred, the anger and frustration of the author towards any seeking of answers"

Ask truth about Godlike Productions
1 review
9 helpful votes

Sick of their bans and games.

go check out doomjunkie dot com they are fair over there

Ask Mona about Godlike Productions
1 review
20 helpful votes

I thought this would be a fun place to hang out/take a break from work. It's not.
I joined, paid and was banned here and there. A friend told me that GLP is related to the government and tries to influence your thinking. I told my friend they were being ridiculous, and tried to prove it by posting that GLP was a govt website. Banned! Ever since then, I have been harassed off an on by someone or persons-my email hacked, personal phone number called....etc etc. I had spyware/malware installed on my computer. I have nicely asked them to stop harassing, and they say they "will take it into consideration" but it's never stopped.

A few examples of who harasses: OpenYourEyes/Alex/Bickle/Trinity/Jason plus some other members.

Do not involve yourself with this unethical website. They will take your money.

Ask James about Godlike Productions
2 reviews
77 helpful votes

After you spend some time on there they will ban you for no reason, but they also let you know you will get unbanned if you BUY a subscription. It's a scam.

Ask Chris about Godlike Productions
1 review
15 helpful votes

Installs malware and spyware on your computer. A Pay to use web forum then after they get your money they ban you 100% of the time

Ask me about Godlike Productions
1 review
18 helpful votes

A website with very extreme prejudice against free speech. Heavy sensorship, pro government views, and frequent problems with the website moderators banning IP addresses in an attempt to elicite subscribers who are then forced to pay a fee to avoid bans.

Ask Jim about Godlike Productions
1 review
14 helpful votes

Yes you read that right. Godlike Productions(GLP) is a a fraud! While disguised as an alternative media website operating on the edge of disclosing news the mainstream media keeps quiet about, they are actually all about only one thing: To get into your wallet as fast as possible.

Let me tell you what happened when i tried to sign up there for the first time in my life: I registered an account, which went fine. After activating the account through the activation email I set out to fill out my profile there and while I was in the middle of doing to I got hit with the banned page. Apparently my IP address was banned, even though it was my very first visit to their forums.

Oh well while signing up I already read about automated software they had running on the site in order to keep spammers at bay, so I thought that it was just a software glitch. So the next step was filling out their unban request form and request my IP to be unbanned.

Here is the email that followed after my unban request:
Your unban request was denied.
We're sorry but the IP address you are using to access this website has been banned. If you wish to immediately bypass this ban, you can choose to become an upgraded member. Follow the instructions and links for this option on the "banned page" you receive when trying to view If you are already an upgraded member, you can log into your account from the ban page and you will be able to access the site immediately. If you choose not to become an upgraded member of GLP you will have to wait for the ban to be lifted before you will be able to view this website. Please check back later.
As you can see they are unwilling to lift the ban even though they provided no reason for it(How could they I haven't even made one post there), but if I shell out some cash to become an "upgraded" member it's all good and the ban will immediately be lifted! I don't know about you but I read that as an extortion email to get me to shell out money.

The money they are after is a subscription based fee at $ 10 monthly, $37 annually or $ 100 per year!!! That's a nice scam they got going there! Extort a few suckers a day in to paying up and it will add up nicely for the owner of GLP!

Of course I sent them a "nice" email back telling them to stick the account where the sun doesn't shine, but I do find it important to spread the word through the alternative media community throughout the Internet.

So people, beware when you are looking at GLP it is a scam site designed to part you with your cash as fast as possible. My next step is going to be to file an official complaint at Paypal whom they use to get the extortion money to their accounts!

Ask Kraven about Godlike Productions
1 review
17 helpful votes

Whoever runs this site is ridiculous. About six months ago, I was getting banned every other DAY for no reason at all... so I stopped going there. Today I came across some interesting information I wanted to share so I logged on (successfully), made my post, clicked "Post", then tried to click in to my thread and was ALREADY BANNED again... after only 15 minutes being gone for six months!!! WTF? The reason they ban you every other day is because they want you to pay a $10 per month fee in order to "get around the bans." If I could, I would rate this site a 0 out 10. Don't waste your time there.

Ask Zac about Godlike Productions
2 reviews
31 helpful votes

This site is interesting, HOWEVER, the owner Jason Lucas aka Trinity, is a very suspicious character. There's a lot of talk about this site being run by Tavistock also. There's a large list of words that are black-listed and will get you auto banned for months if you post them. Jason Lucas Tavistock Alex Jones are just some of them.

Ask haarp about Godlike Productions

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