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98 reviews
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98 Reviews From Our Community

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I read a lot of poor reviews sighting customer support communication as a problem. (in 10 reviews)


i use it often and for the most part get quality work done that is really worth the money. (in 35 reviews)


Have been using fiverr periodicaly both as a buyer and as a seller. (in 47 reviews)

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New Reviewer

I knew Fiverr was not right after using it for 1 year. I was selling a service, "holding a sign". The unscrupuous buyer bought my gig extra and the total gig was $25. I spent about two hours of my personal time preparing for this gig delivery and delivered the pictures before due date. Three days later, I've noticed Fiverr cancelled this order and deducted $25 out of my balance, assuming refunding back to buyer. When attempted to contact buyer myself, his account was suddenly "not valid" I did some research and looked up this buyer and noticed on his instagram, he had used my three pictures I had delivered to him (me holding a sign with his instagram hashtag). I wrote to Fiverr to specifically explained to them that this buyer used a fake account on Fiverr and scammed me and that I wasn't working for free. I even sent Fiverr the three links to the post on this guy's instagram account of the three pictures he was using from me. Fiverr wrote back and said that they were going to investigate the matter and look into this this. Three days later, Fiverr got back and told me that they don't offer any refunds without saying anything else. HOW CAN THEY NOT OFFER ME A REFUND IF THIS WAS THEIR OWN FAULT??? I WORKED FOR THIS DOUCEBAG FOR FREE AND FIVERR IS NOT TAKING THE RESPONSIBILITY THAT IT SHOULD AND PAY ME BACK MY MONEY THAT THEY TOOK FROM ME. I"m so disgusted by them, I do agree with you, FIVERR IS A BUNCH OF $#*!ING CROOKS!!!


Ask Nick about Fiverr
New Reviewer

Used fiverr for logos...AWESOME EXPERIENCE!! Returned 8 logos on time and made adjustments within a day or two. No problems with payments or the designer. The designer was nicholas_designer...I'm about to use him agan

Tip for consumers: do your homework and look at he comments posted by users before purchasing. Also, use the web to look up there work.

Ask kevin about Fiverr
New Reviewer

As a seller, it really is a useless site. I have come to realize that. I have to mail stuff, so I get buyers cancelling before it arrives. So they get their stuff for free, nothing I can do about it. Plus, I get low reviews for no reason other than people feel like it. Worst of all Fiverr takes 20% off the top, and PayPal takes a cut on deposit. So, they ought to call it, or Seriously, you would be better off watching porn than spending the time listing your gigs here.

Tip for consumers: Just don't waste your time. As an insult to injury, you may like getting a Fiverr debit card, backed by Payoneer saying that it works like a real bank account with a routing number and account number! Then see how many depositors are not on their "white list." Like your other bank for example.

Ask Kenneth about Fiverr
New Reviewer

I've bought and sold on Fiverr for the last 3 years and find it very reliable. It is so much easier to use than any other freelance site I can find, and a lot less expensive on both sides! There are a few minor bugs and of course there is always someone trying to scam someone else (EVERY website has this, people!) but I've learned to work with the flow and enjoy the extra income and the extremely cheap business and personal services!

Tip for consumers: DO YOUR RESEARCH! Don't just order from any little Joe or Jane, look at their ratings, feedback, samples, response time, grammar, and spelling to judge the seller.

DON'T OFFER SCAMS! If you are trying to make fast money online, do it with your own skills and abilities, not with some software to make some quick bucks and not actually delivering anything valuable!

Ask Katie about Fiverr
New Reviewer

Customer support is non-existent and there is no protection for sellers from scam-buyers looking to get stuff for next to no cost. I received a negative review after delivering a job that took almost 8 hours to complete for a measley $4 bucks, and no way of protecting myself from their abuse. What boggles my mind is that the folks at fiverr don't offer any security for sellers at all -how is it ethical practice when you send a finished job to a customer and ask if they need anything else, then they respond with a 1 star rating?

I feel like I'm getting screwed in the worst way and i'm really disappointed.

Tip for consumers: Sellers beware of people wanting free services and have no problem screw ing you to get it.

Ask Joe about Fiverr
New Reviewer

I reviewed lots of portfolios and settled on one where every logo looked really sharp and unique. I paid for just the $5 logo thinking if I was happy I would use this designer again.

Well, I was given a 10 day wait and the order went 11 days. On the 12th day I got the logo along with an additional HD file for having to wait the extra day but it was useless.

My site is about budget family travel. I gave a very detailed explanation of what I needed and my site url for reference. I assumed the designer would visit the site and get a feel for what it needed.

Instead, I got a logo in a very patriotic color scheme that looked very much like it was supposed to resemble a mother giving birth. Basically a large "C" shape, open side down, with a circle on top (moms head). Then another of the same shape, only smaller, flipped around and placed inside the "arms" of the mom. Everyone I asked to look at it said it made them think of a woman giving birth to a baby head first.

My tag line also includes the letter "g" in it but the bottom of the G was cut off. So it looked like a really glaring mistake, or a rush job.

Supposedly, I get a revision so I wrote back and explained why I can't use this logo. That was three days ago and I've yet to get a reply. Glad it was only $5 I lost.

Tip for consumers: I'm guessing the stuff they show in the portfolios, if it's legit, is all stuff that costs way more than just $5. I should have known for $5 I wasn't going to get much better than I could do myself on PicMonkey.

So if you're trying Fiverr for the first time with the $5 deal be aware it's a shot in the dark.

Ask Tessa about Fiverr
New Reviewer

Horrible site. I lost 20 bucks and a bunch of time trying to get them to work. Complete ripoff. I would give it a negative 5 if I could. Buyer beware.

New Reviewer

I paid $55 for a logo and artwork. I was sent one draft which was terrible. The artist, through broken English, told me it was "my fault." I simply asked for a refund, which he refused. I contacted Fiverr support, and went back and forth with them a dozen times -- all they will do is "ask seller for a refund" and ask you to jump through hoops, but never actually deliver. I was never delivered anything beyond a mock-up (not the PSD files I pad for) -- yet they wouldn't refund anything. I eventually contested the charge with Paypal, who thankfully refunded it. I ended up paying a local graphic artist a higher rate, and was THRILLED to. $5 is too much for the junk on that site, let alone $55. Terrible stressful experience. Avoid like the plague.

Tip for consumers: Just don't use it. Find a graphic artist another way, and pay them what they deserve.

Ask Matt about Fiverr
New Reviewer


Fiverr wants to look impressive, and sound impressive and get THEIR money.

If Fiverr got the tips, they would set things up in a simple, straightforward way - the way absolutely every business sets up the page where you send in your money.

New Reviewer

NOTHING TO RATE. I place a Logo Order, and they suppose to get back to me in four days, what happened, the guy send me email and said, he is doing software update that's why he couldn't finish. He canceled my order when I reply him, for not reason. And now nobody is in charge of this, send many emails and just automatic transmission with a F. ticket number but nothing serious. THIS IS SCAM.

Tip for consumers: www. IS SCAM

Ask Lecy about Fiverr
New Reviewer

Good experience with the musician, bad experience with the company and PayPal for a particular payment arrangement with the site.

Hours after paying with PayPal (PP) for the initial fee, I had to add a few dollars for an extra service I wanted and clicked a new button on the musician's page. Rather than being directed to PP and having to login to confirm the payment and source of funds, the Fiverr page told me that the funds were successfully transferred. That was the first time a PP payment went through without me logging in and confirming and I didn't even know that was possible. The Fiverr page didn't say anything about it upfront.

The problem is that the PP funds were taken from a bank account that had less than the payment amount so the bank charged me a $35 NSF fee. I brought this to the attention of both Fiverr and PP and it took a few emails and finally PP paid me $25. Yes, a multibillion dollar company couldn't bring itself to a full resolution for an 11-year client. I then told Fiverr that they could be off the hook for only $10 and they refused.

Tip for consumers: If using PayPal, double-check beforehand what your preferred payment method is and make sure it has enough funds.

Ask Robb about Fiverr
New Reviewer

As a freelancer on the site, I can't recommend it. Infact I honest suggest you avoid this site like the plague.

They have THE WORST customer service ever and as you know, if you're trying to conduct a business you need proper customer service. Fiverr have perhaps 3-4 staff working on support (and this is for a site that supposedly has hundreds of thousands of transactions every day).

As a level 2 (which you attain after completing 50 orders) you are meant to get Priority Support. You don't. This is an outright lie.

You get the same support as when you first start on the site - That is, you're lucky to get a response within 4-5 days. When they do respond, it's often canned answers.

They refund buyers without consulting with the seller or even reviewing the cases properly thus offering ZERO protection for freelancers on the site.

So all that hard work you do and then get paid for? A few days, week, month or even 6 months later...The payment you received can be returned to the buyer no questions asked leaving you out of pocket.

When making modifications to your gigs - I added a header graphic to one of my gigs (they keep telling you do to it as they claim it improves conversions). It took TEN DAYS for them to approve the graphic! TEN DAYS.

Moral of the story is this - You get peanuts for the work you do and even those peanuts can be taken from you without question. You won't get support, you're on your own and at the mercy of the buyers.

Try proper freelancing websites then support the Freelancers as priority.

Tip for consumers: Avoid it. Simple as that.

Ask Ian about Fiverr
New Reviewer
9/4/14 is loaded with scammers who claim abilities that are often far beyond their true capabilities. Once you've paid $5 -- and often more -- you cannot obtain a refund. The website simply refers you back to the seller when there's a problem.

Tip for consumers: Stay away unless you know for certain the quality of work you'll be getting.

Ask BC about Fiverr
New Reviewer

I've been burned by them 2x. Once 2 years ago and I had a credit I was never able to redeem because restricted my account. I made anew one and the service I bought never came through. you don't get a refund either, they keep your money and give you a credit. I if you DO use them absolutely use paypal to protect yourself. They will fight it for you.


- There's no way to contact them by phone
- Their customer service sucks and they never get anything resolved

New Reviewer

I have done work and never received payment. Sometimes people request work that goes beyond what you have clearly stated you would do for $5.

Ask Sara about Fiverr
New Reviewer

Never use alliemadison12. She is terrible. Seriously don't waste your money. She basically killed fiver for me and I have used it a bunch.

Tip for consumers: Never order from alliemadison12

Ask Fri about Fiverr
New Reviewer

I love

Are you looking for writing help? Editing, proofing, help? Do you need a snappy, creative, funny, personal ecard? This is what I use this site for. You can even get one of the actors on this site to call and pretend they are Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy to surprise (and freak out) your kids.

This site has song writers, artists, story writers, editing/proofing help, you name it. There are just too many categories to list. Check it out!

New Reviewer

FIVER IS VERY Worse website.

This website is earning from SELLER SELLS.. But they are treating like beggar.


Fiverr Must be banned.

New Reviewer

I have been ordering gigs on Fiverr for almost a year, it is a hit and miss on quality etc, there is NO quality control on this site, I am a developer and I see multiple illegal gigs every time I visit, I went back and forth asking for a refund off a seller in the required time frame where they were saying nothing and submitting resolved messages, the whole time thinking Fiverr would step in, no way, I had to make a formal request for someone to act as a third party and get my refund, even then it took 2 weeks - the resolution center is back to the seller - not to fiverr. - these guys may end up being the next Kim Dot Com regarding the illegal activity that is openly being allowed on the site where the FEDs step in.

Sellers, what they do to stop you submitting poor reviews will either bribe you with "extras" --- "crap extras that may look appealing" or screw you over, most sellers bribe you BUT..... I have also had a couple of gigs where I gave an "Honest" review (3-4 stars) and since it was not 5 stars they changed all of their reviews (the gigs were for reviews) to 1 star and screwed us over

Don't get me wrong, there ARE some great gigs on Fiverr from some "Honest" people, but there is a large-larger presence of "SMOKE IN MIRRORS" 1 star gigs that have 5 stars.

New Reviewer

I have had some great projects delivered by Fiverr. I also helped an artist get to his next level financially by rehiring him for multiple gigs.

New Reviewer

Fiverr is a joke, a complete waste of time. I wanted to get something done there, created my own gig, and got about 15 sellers offers. These sellers were barely literate, spoke horrible English, did not understand what to do, and were unable to follow basic instructions. After reading the reviews from former sellers here, I can understand, that no reasonable seller is going to work with Fiverr on a long term basis. The website itself is very user unfriendly and customer support non existent. I would advise everyone to stay away from it. Also stay away from someone named Tom Jandula. He sells expensive online courses claiming he is an expert in outsourcing, and then he recommends using Fiverr :-)))

New Reviewer

They seem be favor their FEATURED providers as they do their best to shelter them from negative feedback. Horrible customer service by the way.

New Reviewer

I created a gig on this site. They blacklisted me without notification. After that, they sent me an e-mail about not delivering an assignment on time. How was I suppose to complete the assignment if my account was deactivated?

New Reviewer

As a freelancer myself: HORRIBLE, STAY AWAY FROM IT!.
If you are a proffesional and have been working as a freelancer in other webs or with agencies you will find this place as ridiculous as I did.

Lets get started with the only Pro:
- (Some) Friendly Buyers with nice ideas. Period.

Now the Cons:

- 20% commission, you paid dear not the buyer. Pretty high for $5 huh?.

- Fiverr works by levels:
* 0 - You can only work per 5
* 1 - $5, $10 and $20 are allowed
* 2 - $5, $10, $20 and $40 are allowed
Top rated seller - Fiverr choose you. In order to be picked you must be a good boy okay? Oh, and did I meantion you MUST overdeliver and make free revision to be choosen? Yes, and all for $4.

- Silliest rules you've ever read:
* No portfolio url, only web allowed is Flickr. If you post any other portfolio prepare to lose all of your levels and perks, oh, if you are new forget about leveling up soon.

* Skype, mail, message, contact, etcare bad words. You get a red warning for writing it.

* Vacation time for your account only for 28 days per year (Yes! As if you were actually working on a real job!)

* Any mistake, even post an innocent url means get your levels removed and the tags from your gigs, also your gigs do not appear on front page. Fiverr support does nothing about it.

* 5 star rating system for a $4 USD work. I mean, really?

* Paypal buyers can pay and ask paypal to refund. Yes! FIVERR HAS NOT GUARANTEED PAYMENT FOR FREELANCERS!. Support does nothing about it.

* If you need to 'suspend' your gig for any reason you must acknowledge that doing means for it to lose ranking on the search engine, even if it's the best out there.

* You cannot choose with who you want to work with, people purchase your product and if they ask apples for a gig that sales watermelons, guess what happens? YOU ,as a seller, lose perks, cannot level up in the near future and get bad rating. Just what you read.
I may be probably missing lots of things, but that is my experience on Fiverr, month and half, 77 sales, 100% positive review still level 0 for posting a link to my behance portfolio. As I said on the beggining of the review. STAY AWAY from it, unless you want to stress out and work extremely hard, with hard rules only for $4.

New Reviewer

I've ordered from a few different vendors and was very happy with the results. However, the Fiverr website and customer service absolutely suck. The site is not user-friendly at all. To me , that's a sign of a company that doesn't give a s__t about their customers. There are little to no proper directions on basic ordering and other basic functions. Don't even think about 'customer service' - they really discourage it. After several frustrating attempts to send $$ to a vendor, I decided to check out reviews. Needless to say, Fiverr got bashed by MOST reviewers for similar reasons. So, carefully choose your vendors and you should be happy. But don't expect much from Fiverr themselves.

New Reviewer

AM taking Fiverr on to the regulatory bodies and would like help from you all. I need the following information. Business ID number and where its registered.

New Reviewer

Zero stars for this scam website (I had to put one but they shouldn't get any. I ordered a service for $5. They sent an email telling me to create an account and then login. That never worked. I couldn't log in. I sent a bunch of emails. They never replied. They don't have any customer service number. I now escalated the claim via paypal to dispute the claim.

Unbelievable. Stay far far away

New Reviewer

The support is horrible. Whatever money you earn by doing projects for others, these guys are swallowing. They have very irresponsible support, they don't respond to the queries. They cheat by holding the earnings by the freelancers. They release the earnings for sometime and after the guys accumulate good earnings, they will not release it. They keep it for themselves.

Apprentice Reviewer

I'm surprised to find all of the one star reviews for I guess the experience can vary greatly depending on who you choose to use on the site.

I've been fortunate to have very good experiences with the majority of gigs I have purchased on Fiverr. Since SiteJabber is for reviewing the SITE, I definitely have to give fiverr five stars. I think it's an awesome idea, and fiverr has gone a great job of organizing their interface and feedback system. It allows you to quickly find someone offering their services and see what kind of experiences others have had with them.

I just referred my brother to them a few days ago and he has been very happy with his first experience with them. It just so happens that he was over by my house today and brought it up in our conversation. He had an excel program he wanted created in connection with his business and he was very happy with someone he used on fiverr to create it. He is familiar with creating excel macros, etc. (as am I), but it's so much better to have someone do it who does it day in and day out and is able to do it much more efficiently than he or I could.

New Reviewer

Have been using fiverr periodicaly both as a buyer and as a seller.
I have mixed experience. I recommend to do your homework before buying any gigs.

As for support, I had to contact them only once, and it took them four days to reply.

New Reviewer

I spent $45 to get an upgraded service. The seller sent me a gorgeous picture of my new custom business cards. 1 month later the actual cards show up and the are complete junk. I could have made better cards on my home computer. It is almost impossible to get any help from customer service. In the end neither fiverr or the seller would refund my money. Complete scam!

New Reviewer

It is virtually impossible to contact support if (and when) you have a problem with a seller, and from I can tell a seller can then block you from contacting them, once you realise they are not delivering what you have paid for. May only be $5 bucks, but its a total waste of $5!!! You are left with the fiverr website that goes around in "contact us circles" and nothing else…. total waste of money.

New Reviewer

Sellers communicate a ton on the front end to assure you that they can and will complete your jobs / gigs then bail after not delivering anything and making excuses to buy more time for the job. They basically work the system, string you along to let you think your job is being done, then ask for a few days grace and hide behind the cancellation policy.

Right now getting customer service via their website is near impossible, they police their facebook (but complaints on there do seem to get their attention), their sellers are protected by the cancellation policy and that leaves us buyers where exactly?

I'm reporting my experience to the Better Business, Bureau and suggest that everyone else - buyer or seller do the same. After having this issue and searching the web for help I realized the site is known for near non existent customer support and has even had magazine articles written up about how bad the customer help features are.

New Reviewer

They say, if you top rated seller, you will have fast response from costumer service.
Its lie.
Im top rated seller with 95% good review, and last time iam report that someone hack my account. It actually 5 minutes after the hacker do their bad thing to my account. And the response was 5 day after i report it. Then after all they shout down my account and all my money gone. They say, you can withdrawl your money after 40-60 day. But, after 60 day, i contact them again to withdrawn my money, the response was nothing.
Surely, they took all of your money after your effort and hard job. beware of this site.
The costumer service and security system soo poor.

New Reviewer

I researched fiverr on Alexa and found it to be ranked number 67 in the US. That is a fantastic ranking so I bought services from four of fiverr's sellers. I produce about 300 leads per month on my own and fiverr produced N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

New Reviewer

It's too bad there isn't a mark for no star! This company is a scam and they will try and steal your money not to mention completely wasting all your time. I have a resolution conflict into PayPal, hopefully it is refunded and PayPal closes their account. They don't respond immediately and there is no way to speak with them via good old phones. They create emails hours after the questions are generated. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Save your money and better yet save your time. Find someone else to help you.

New Reviewer

Very cool website, you can find anyone to do anything literally. I need something to be done for cheap, this is the place you need to look at.

New Reviewer

There is literally NO customer service. I had a problem where the seller did not deliver the product, so I wanted to cancel and receive a refund. There is no phone number. They redirect you in an endless circle where it is counter productive, in hopes that you will simply give up. The rating system is a joke. You're not allowed to give a bad review if you are dissatisfied, and everything is the buyer's fault. DO NOT USE this site!!!

New Reviewer

It became an addiction!! The most friendly marketplace, so simple, you get what you order, highest quality, simple and fun!! Ill defiantly continue buying at Fiverr!!

New Reviewer

Great website! Have always enjoyed coming here for good deals on little things I need help with. One thing is, sometimes people aren't able to complete the gigs as expected, but you'll find someone to. Would recommend with confidence.

New Reviewer

Good website. You can find anything you need. You just have to spend sometimes finding the right person for the gig. But at this price nothing comes closer.

Apprentice Reviewer

if you have a tedious task you just don't want to spend the time one, 5$ will get it done on fiverr. a brilliant concept and a great way to crowd source simple work. i use it often and for the most part get quality work done that is really worth the money.

New Reviewer

Fiverr scammed me out of $20 when a seller took my money and ran. They didn't deliver and Fiverr kept the money. Yet another candyfloss company based on shoddy ethics and VC backing. The internet stinks at times.

New Reviewer

Fiverr is a scam. The website enables sellers to scam buyers. I hear the other way around to. It is a scammers paradise and the Fiverr website apparently thrives on this environment. Avoid at all costs.

New Reviewer

Extremely poor customer service, extremely ridiculous fee structure (which they try to hide through their young forward-thinking approach)...I will be developing something much better and much more transparent without having to inundate people with fees.

New Reviewer

Fiverr last week blocked my account with $ 188
Because of this imbecile ( ) ( ) ( )
I made a 3D model ( very good modeling ) ,but he had not liked the model .I sent and render ( image ) for free,and do not know he wrote those from Fiverr and blocked my account.
Our dialogue on Fiverr ( )
Mario Lurig if you read this message EAT $#*! AND DIE WHORE .

Sorry for my english.

New Reviewer

I have worked in many freelancing websites and this by far the worst out there. It is full of technical bugs,it takes more than 14 days to withdraw the funds (not to mention you don't get full 5 dollars) and their support system is slow or non-existent in case of an issue. I did get some clients but the whole website and system sucks. If you truly want to have a pleasant experience, try odesk instead.

New Reviewer

So many scam seller. Customer Support also help buyers to scam sellers. No help at all from customer support. Not recommend at all. Go for other freelancer sites. Keep away from it. (Fiverr Seller - Fedup with Fiverr the way they do now)

New Reviewer

Full of scammers. Even the customer support lies and steals your money. STAY AWAY from them !
This video tells exactly what is going on fiverr:

New Reviewer

Agonizingly frustrating for sellers and low quality services offered to buyers. And all the while Fiverr extracting a usurious 1 dollar from every five. I would suggest buyers spend a few more dollars and minutes of due diligence seeking better options. Sellers, don't be tempted by the "fast" money, learn to promote yourself or risk being held forever captive as a glorified Fiverr slave.