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I'm a buyer at fiverr and suddenlly they just block my account.

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New Reviewer

I researched fiverr on Alexa and found it to be ranked number 67 in the US. That is a fantastic ranking so I bought services from four of fiverr's sellers. I produce about 300 leads per month on my own and fiverr produced N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

New Reviewer

It's too bad there isn't a mark for no star! This company is a scam and they will try and steal your money not to mention completely wasting all your time. I have a resolution conflict into PayPal, hopefully it is refunded and PayPal closes their account. They don't respond immediately and there is no way to speak with them via good old phones. They create emails hours after the questions are generated. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Save your money and better yet save your time. Find someone else to help you.

New Reviewer

There is literally NO customer service. I had a problem where the seller did not deliver the product, so I wanted to cancel and receive a refund. There is no phone number. They redirect you in an endless circle where it is counter productive, in hopes that you will simply give up. The rating system is a joke. You're not allowed to give a bad review if you are dissatisfied, and everything is the buyer's fault. DO NOT USE this site!!!

New Reviewer

Great website! Have always enjoyed coming here for good deals on little things I need help with. One thing is, sometimes people aren't able to complete the gigs as expected, but you'll find someone to. Would recommend with confidence.

New Reviewer
3/5/14 scam me $15 after they seller did not deliver the order, and keep the money, they lie to me they will give me the money back, they just remove the balance from account website, but never got the real money into my paypal.

now they dont even reply to me and closed my account.

scam and rip off company

Apprentice Reviewer

if you have a tedious task you just don't want to spend the time one, 5$ will get it done on fiverr. a brilliant concept and a great way to crowd source simple work. i use it often and for the most part get quality work done that is really worth the money.

New Reviewer

Did not order anything from them. Four charges show up on my credit card for $5 each. My credit card fraud service catches it and calls me. Now I have to get a new card with new numbers and have the pain of having to change all my automatic payments I have attached to my credit card. They won't get a penny from me, but I will pay in the hassle. Also filed a complaint with PayPal as that is the service these charges went through. Very frustrating.

New Reviewer

Fiverr scammed me out of $20 when a seller took my money and ran. They didn't deliver and Fiverr kept the money. Yet another candyfloss company based on shoddy ethics and VC backing. The internet stinks at times.

New Reviewer

Fiverr is a scam. The website enables sellers to scam buyers. I hear the other way around to. It is a scammers paradise and the Fiverr website apparently thrives on this environment. Avoid at all costs.

New Reviewer

Extremely poor customer service, extremely ridiculous fee structure (which they try to hide through their young forward-thinking approach)...I will be developing something much better and much more transparent without having to inundate people with fees.

New Reviewer

Fiverr last week blocked my account with $ 188
Because of this imbecile ( ) ( ) ( )
I made a 3D model ( very good modeling ) ,but he had not liked the model .I sent and render ( image ) for free,and do not know he wrote those from Fiverr and blocked my account.
Our dialogue on Fiverr ( )
Mario Lurig if you read this message EAT $#*! AND DIE WHORE .

Sorry for my english.

New Reviewer

I have worked in many freelancing websites and this by far the worst out there. It is full of technical bugs,it takes more than 14 days to withdraw the funds (not to mention you don't get full 5 dollars) and their support system is slow or non-existent in case of an issue. I did get some clients but the whole website and system sucks. If you truly want to have a pleasant experience, try odesk instead.

New Reviewer

So many scam seller. Customer Support also help buyers to scam sellers. No help at all from customer support. Not recommend at all. Go for other freelancer sites. Keep away from it. (Fiverr Seller - Fedup with Fiverr the way they do now)

New Reviewer

Full of scammers. Even the customer support lies and steals your money. STAY AWAY from them !
This video tells exactly what is going on fiverr:

New Reviewer

Agonizingly frustrating for sellers and low quality services offered to buyers. And all the while Fiverr extracting a usurious 1 dollar from every five. I would suggest buyers spend a few more dollars and minutes of due diligence seeking better options. Sellers, don't be tempted by the "fast" money, learn to promote yourself or risk being held forever captive as a glorified Fiverr slave.

New Reviewer

It used to be fine, and then one day they just ... closed my acct! with 180$ in it btw. No real reason, I wanted to order a gig off someone related to another site, but it was a gig, not spam, not anything like that. I'm filing a complaint with the BBB and reaching out to the press. If anyone wants to do the same contact me.

New Reviewer

Do NOT use this site! They scammed me for my money and I opened a dispute through paypal. As soon as I done so, they blocked my account. I bought 2 gigs from this seller: and they never responded..PLEASE do NOT use this site for ANYTHING. It's all a SCAM!!

New Reviewer

This site is a scam. I found out not as a customer but as a freelancer. This site contacts freelancers like myself through websites like ODESK and ELANCER with the pretext that they are hiring illustrators to work under them. They then get you to do a "test", project. Upon completion you won't hear from them again.
I thought it was fishy so I looked into their other videos and noticed each one was created by a different artist. Unlike most companies that have in-house illustrators this one tricks artists into doing work for free.
I was soon contacted by another "client" with another job. Things were ok at first but then his information began to get dicey, and I investigated to find it was another front company that makes videos identical to these.
These people need to be shut down.

New Reviewer

Total scam. Twice I never get what I paid for. No help from Fiverr. Open a complain with paypal, then get banned by fiverr.

New Reviewer

Too worst site, taken $800 without my permission, I am sending messages from one month but not getting reply from them.


New Reviewer

Buyer beware, is a HUGE scam. If you buy anything from them you better kiss that money goodbye. The gigs aren’t all $5, they use that to reel you in and there are almost always additional charges. I ordered a “fiverr” that ended up being a 45er instead. I paid $45 for a $5 gig, and never received it. They say you won’t be charged until you get your order but that’s a huge lie. Once your money is tied up with these scammers, you will never see it again. They do not refund money or honor their guarantees. The seller I dealt with simply stole my money and never delivered the product. Then Fiverr told me they do not give money back, but only refund “fiverr crrdits” in case you want to order anything else you will never receive. They are truly crooks.
• I paid with paypal and opened a dispute with them since Fiverr has the worst customer support in the whole world. After countless emails from Fiverr trying to bully me and harass me out of the paypal dispute I was pissed. They try to avoid the fact that they will not give your money back, but rather refund you is $#*!ty useless Fiverr credits. SO they just stole my money and lied.

• If you leave bad reviews on sellers, they simply delete them to make themselves look good. They pay people to write good reviews and get rid of bad ones online as well. SCAM!

• DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH FIVERR! They stole my money, never delivered and I just found out that they gave my computer numerous viruses and spyware. They will harass you and steal from you.BEWARE!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

Terrible experience! Seller took $ & when I had not gotten ring after 2 weeks emailed seller over 3 times & she never got back to me...(seller..Kayxo_xo) I also emailed Fiverr "HELP" department several times with No response AT ALL as well. Finally I emailed Paypal to open a claim & ONLY then did I hear back from Fiverr, which was when they banned my account with them for opening a 'claim' through Paypal. Fiverr also then removed my 'thumbs down' review about seller warning other innocent buyers of her scam. I believe Fiverr is a fraudulent website that IN NO WAY protects the buyer from these scamming alleged sellers.
*P.S. Still no response from seller (Kayxo_xo) and as of today she continues to take people's $ without mailing the ring.

New Reviewer

So far I have enjoyed ordering and selling on Fiverr. I avoid scams easily by reading all of the gig description and contact the seller before buying so we are both clear on what they can do and my expectations. Completed satisfied almost every time!

New Reviewer

It's a hell, and sellers doesn't replies after ordering unbelievable.
Hoping to go for thatifthis which seems to fkn rock the fkn way out and doesn't needs my money damn!!

New Reviewer

Horrible site its not even worth it if you make $5 or $10 becuase they hold it to 45, 90 days lmfao! i could make money fast beggin people. Also they close your account for no reason... honestly only good alternative to this piece of a site is only good one ive ever seen and now using

New Reviewer

I ordered a gig from alliemadison12, and she sent a bad video, so I asked her to fix it, and all she did was tell me it was fine "as you can see". I wrote a negative review as is my right, and Fiverr censored it twice now. There was no reason to do that. I told the truth, and used proper language, so I am posting my negative review here for Fiverr.

New Reviewer

i just discovered fiverr because they were talking about in the comedy central show they mention you can get gig for $5 i checked fiverr and i have to say the idea is AMAZING just order few books review and those delivered in 1 day fiverr is awesome!


Nice idea, smart design, great source of funny brainstorming for your viral campaign. But be aware of the facebook paid promotion, it's waste of your budget. You probably already know that :)

New Reviewer

They feel they can "cancel" or "restrict" your account for no such reason at all. They state it doesn't go with their terms of service, but then you ask specifically what you did and they can't clarify. I had over 600 orders completed, 50 + returned monies because people don't full read what my gig offered etc etc, and was stripped of my level one and two badges even at a 98% with $500 left to cash out owed to me. I am allowed to complete my already bought gigs, but not able to accept any new gigs. Keeping $1 off of every $5 you make and saying its for taxes? I just don't buy that. I'll be looking for something else to occupy my spare time to make extra money. Fiverr customer support isn't even there. Waste of time

Apprentice Reviewer

I've had one of the best experiences here on Fiverr. I am able to get by with drawing and, to be honest, the people here have low standards, so most people will hire anyone. (At least in my 'field'.)

I have made an decent amount of profit here, despite the fact that Fiverr takes $1 from every gig that is ordered.
Which means that you are technically earning $4 a gig, and NOT $5. So they should kind of change their site name, but four-rr would have sounded dumb so they went with Fiverr.

You also get hit with the Paypal fee when you withdraw your money, so I recommend letting your money accumulate and withdraw it when you have a lot of money. That way you aren't hit with EXTREME paypal fees. It's a better option than getting a check mailed to you for a $5 fee. RIP OFF.

I also hate that when I cancel a gig I paid for, they give the money back to you as Fiverr credit and if you try to withdraw it, you get hit with a paypal fee, so it's technically taking money away from you. Might as well spend it on some other gig.

All and all this website is Okay.
Nice design, nice concept, but it's still a bit annoying to use because of all the fees.

New Reviewer

Website is a complete scam. They allow sellers to offer followers on facebook and twitter using fake accounts but the follows disappear once money has changed hands. Reviews are also manipulated, with negative reviews not showing and fake positive reviews allowed. They also keep one dollar, so sellers only get four dollars. Doesn't seem worth it for the buyer or the seller.

New Reviewer

Don't trust their customer feedback. Only satisfied customers can even give feedback. One fiverr seller got my Twitter account suspended. I changed my password and stopped her from proceeding, but I only had one option after that and that is to cancel the order without leaving feedback. Honestly, I would rather leave feedback than get my lousy $5.00. If it's a choice, I'll choose the feedback, but I don't have a choice. Unhappy customers aren't allowed to leave feedback.

New Reviewer


i was the seller on and they blocked my account for no reason i was designing logos on this sites and completed over 29 orders, 6 delivered and 42 in queue pending!

they cancelled all the 42 + 6 delivered orders also disabled my account. I told them clearly that i haven't got paid for the work the copyrights of the work i have done is still mine and no buyer can use it untill i get paid for the work! But they didn't responded!

fiverr tells everyone about their terms but they don't follow it themselves and its piece of crap for users not for fiverr!

They are big scams they said to me i need to wait for 3 months to get paid! so if 3months are not over no buyer can use my logos as they copyrighted!

Fiverr support is even worse and don't provide any support at all.

Stay away from them they are complete scammers

New Reviewer

It all depends on what kind of fiverr gig provider you find as there are honest people and then there are useless con artists that will just waste your time. However Fiverr always refunds you if you are not happy with the gig you purchased.

New Reviewer
7/24/13 is horrible for sellers. It takes about 3 weeks to withdraw money from any revenue you make. Also, Fiverr now only allows you to make 1 withdraw every 48 hours day. So basically Fiverr does everything they can to hold on to your money. They do it to earn interest on your money.

New Reviewer

Sellers can wait 4-5 days, then just up and cancel your order. Then you can't leave feedback. People on there are insanely flakey, and anyone with less than 500 reviews is very likely to be just one more in an army of shady people. Have people make videos for you, K, that works great but in reality it's worthless! All the value that could be in this site is in people who can write, but they are shady.

New Reviewer

they has a lot of tricks for preventing release earnings to seller. such as 2 weeks of delay, spam marked withdraw verification e-mail's etc.

New Reviewer

The buyers keep expecting mountains and days of work for five bucks, that the user only gets four of. I do doodles for money, and people continuously message me with piles of art they want done in super-realistic style with all forfeited copyright for profit, for four bucks...

New Reviewer

I would like to be purely honest with you on this. I hate fiverr for:
1. Seller Protection - next to none.
2. Low quality sellers.

I have recently tried an alternative to them called SEOClerks and I have been liking them a lot. I made more money with them in 1 month as compared to what i earned from fiverr in 3 months.

New Reviewer

I think this is a great idea. There are a lot of talented people out there who are looking to promote their talents and abilities. For me, it was a great site to get people to help me build an internet presence. Very competent people are out there. You're $$is protected until the job is completed. Beware of sellers who do not communicate with you or ask for your email and instruct you to send monies to THEIR Paypal acct. My best advice is to do your homework. Don't spend $5 until you have checked the reviews and made sure the seller is legit. If you cancel an order, your $5 will still need to be spent on the site. Hey, have some fun. Have someone write you a poem, create a tag line, make you laugh, cheer you up or write your name with fruit!

New Reviewer

Very mixed bags. Lots of fake stuff you can buy. You can buy fake followers for your Facebook site (they do not interact; the numbers just show up). I bought some tweets about my new blog and then, after the fact, found out that I bought tweets to a twitter site that did NOTHING but tweet about new blogs. This person could easily have bought the fake followers and then charged everyone else $5 to tweet to essentially non-existent people. WATCH this site. Be very careful.

New Reviewer

Great way to make a quick $5 as long as you have something of value to offer and it's in demand. The worst thing about this site though, is that when you do successfully make a sale, they place your payment on hold for 2 weeks! After that you can then withdraw through paypal, but keep in mind Fiverr does keep $1 so you really only get $4

New Reviewer

I ordered two gigs from different sellers. The first was not delivered as promised and seller would not repsond to me to correct it. It is RIDICULOUSLY confusing to figure out how to even request your money back or submit a complaint. I understand that the integrity comes down to the seller but the website obviously feels no obligation to ensure people are getting what they order OR to allow for REAL reviews on each seller because if you cancel or reject your order - guess what? You arent able to review the seller anymore. Irresponsible.

New Reviewer

Fiverr is ok but I like this clone better It has gigs up to $100 and free gig posting.

New Reviewer

Fiverr is a cool site for making money online and they have some interesting gigs to buy and valuable services. It's not the greatest site in the world but it's neat and I like it. Also, their gifts section has a TON of cool, unique gifts for Christmas presents etc.

New Reviewer

it is worst ... than i ever seen in my life...there is no any seller protection at all.they are charging hell lot of money for every order from the seller..why not from buyer ? even they are taking money from seller there is no seller protection...seller can be scamed easily ....fiverr not loosing any thing, only seller loosing huge effort and money...i have already filed cyber crime police complaint against this israel based company....i want all the victims support to close this company...this site is hosting on go daddy servers...i can file case on them...i am trying for court orders to take an israel police action on them.i will slap those guys for sure...i lost huge amount on fiverr... customer support not responding at all.

New Reviewer

Fiverr Buyers Beware! If you cancel (for any´╗┐ reason) you won't have your money back! Your 5 bucks will sit in your "balance" (read: their bank account, not yours) until you spend it on another stupidity...
Right from their TOS:
"Fiverr will not refund payments made for cancelled orders back to PayPal. Funds from order refunds are returned to the buyer's balance and are available for future purchases on Fiverr.

New Reviewer

I ordered a service that the seller cancelled days later with a lame excuse. Didn't receive my money back so I contacted both seller and fiverr asking about this. No reply from either one. Two days later sent fiverr cust. svc. another email asking about status of refund and still no reply so I filed a dispute with paypal. Fiverr apparently got THAT notification because when I went to login a few hours later to see if any messages, my acct with fiverr had been restricted, I'm guessing as a result of the dispute I filed. So apparently fiverr has the time to restrict my acct but can't reply to my email? My advice is avoid using fiverr because is nothing but a headache and their cust. svc. is non-existent.

New Reviewer

Sellers beware. This service has really poor support for Sellers. First of all, they an unprecedented 20% of your sales, (including shipping costs if you sell tangible goods. So you have to charge more in shipping to recoup your costs) The customer support is non-existent. Most of the time they'll tell you it's not their problem. I actually had one customer support guy respond to the question in my help ticket with a "we'll see."

They'll screw you at of your money any way they can. Instead of letting you collect money directly through Paypal, like Etsy or Ebay, it goes through their system, and they hold on to your revenue for 3 weeks while it "clears." In this day and age of high technology, there's no real justification for this. What are they processing the transactions by hand? What this really allows them to do is keep your money for any reason they come up with.

The quality of most of the gigs are pretty low, and Fiverr seems to poor quality, blackhat SEO and backlink gigs in order to rake in more $. This is going to hurt them in the long run though.

New Reviewer

I'm a true fan of this website and purpose, but unfortunately you get what you pay for. Alot of the "gigs" really aren't that good, and the quality worst.

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