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DresSale reviews

349 reviews
3-2 Hua Qiang Road, Tianhe District, ROOM 2401
Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

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the customer service is not that bad as the reviews above lol x (in 60 reviews)


I got my wedding dress from here, and I am delighted with it! (in 42 reviews)


I got my daughter's prom dress from them and it was so lovely and stunning given that the dress is not that pricey. (in 15 reviews)

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New Reviewer

Well, let me tell my opinion, i ordered a dress from Dressale 3 days ago and i got my dress this morning. It was as nice as the pics they post on the Website! And the shipping was free! It's really cool! I love it!

New Reviewer

I think this sexy bikini was very appealing,in which i bought from dressale online shop. The bright yellow color was a nice shade to have and very appealing. I want to show my body and this was the perfect outfit in beach. Thanks very much, dressale.

New Reviewer

I ordered a custom wedding dress. The measurements I provided were spot on. By the time the dress arrived, I had actually lost some weight. I could not zip up the dress. When I measured it, the dress was made 2 1/2 inches too narrow in the hips. When I contacted the company about the problem, they refused to issue a refund or replace the dress, claiming it is standard for the finished dress to be an inch or so off. My dress was more than an inch off and they did not disclose this on their order page. Had I known I would have added that difference to my measurements. Their solution? To offer me first a discount on my next order, then a 10% refund. They also suggested I could take it to a local tailor "to have it fixed". Why should I do that at additional expense? I already ordered another dress from another company because I did not have time to go back and forth with this company. Don't order from them. They have unethical business practices and don't care about their customers. By the way, I am out over $250 for a dress I cannot wear. I will say the finished product was beautiful and well made, just the wrong size.

New Reviewer

Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT order a DRESS (other things I got were very nice though) from this company. Made the mistake of ordering a custom made wedding dress. Went to a PROFESSIONAL tailor for my measurements as well. Got the dress and it is AWFUL! Ordered "champagne", got brown (not a big deal could live w/it though). They completely screwed up sewing it. It "fit" but, i can't wear it because of how it was sewn. When I put it on, it was uneven EVERYWHERE! It does not fall correctly, it is higher on the right side than the left, the lining makes it rise too high in the front, the "train" was sewn up which screwed up the back, etc. They didn't even include the "loops" for me to button the dress up! Also, even though I can easily do this, they didn't even "finish' it correctly (ie: clip hanging threads, trim up the lace,etc).Of course you can't "talk" to them so, I emailed them my complaints, sent them 48, yes 48, pictures of the errors and this is their response to me:
" Dear Customer,
Since we are custom made, there will exist the a little deviation, and that is unavoidable.
All the dresses on our website are not ready in stock and made in batches, it is normal that they are not 100% same with the pictures. There is also some difference between the fabrics in the pictures and the fabrics from our suppliers. Light effect and computer screen display enlarge the difference too.

As we are customer-made , all the dress is made according your requirement , Actually , the dress can not be second sold if return .
Jugding from your pic , there is not big problem of the dress . the embroidery arround the dress is by handmade and in high quality , if the dress size fit you well , it is perfect .

Best Regards
Esther Lin
Dressale Group"

Now, it looks like I am out all the $$ and they are going to do nothing

New Reviewer

i just received the product from dressale. well, it is not bad. the color is really what i want. and the quality is acceptable. besides, their shipping is really fast and good. in a word, i am quite satisfied with the cloth.

New Reviewer

This is a great site with great customer service! I probably shop here too often; but the clothes last a long time. Their wedding dresses are simply the best. Never, ever had a problem with shipping and they have great promotions.

New Reviewer

I ordered my Bridesmaids dresses from and it was the worst mistake that I ever made...I order the dresses in late April and they called to verify the order to get measurements for the dresses..which really didn't make no sense to me because when I ordered the dresses I ordered the size dresses that I needed/wanted...The dresses did not get delivered me until June 5 and my wedding was June 14...NONE of the dresses fit my Bridesmaids...I said NONE OF THE DRESSES FIT MY was like the dresses were running two sizes smaller...I was able to get two of the largest dresses altered to a smaller size and the other dresses I wasn't able to to NOTHING with...when I requested a refund for the two dresses that I wasn't able to use... they wanted me to take pictures and measurements of the dresses again...I should not have to PROVE to a company that has been PAID IN FULL about their mistake and the BIG INCONVENIENCE that they caused me the word should have been more than enough for them to REFUND my money for the two dresses...I could have asked for a refund for all the dresses since I had to find other dresses to fit my other Bridesmaids...the dresses didn't fit and could not be altered... I WILL NEVER ORDER ANYTHING FOR THIS COMPANY AGAIN...BE AWARE AND BE WARN...UNSATISFIED CUSTOMER.

New Reviewer

Horrible. Tried to get details on the return policy. Was told it depends on a promotion table. I asked how many days do I have to return an item. They said "probably about half a month" I said "so 15 days for a return?" She said " yes or less days". What? So I asked what else is included in the return policy she's said " that's it"
I found the return policy on their site it says
"If you are going to exchange/return the product please make sure that they are in the original condition: unused, undamaged and in original package. We can't accept the exchange or return after your order has been shipped."

New Reviewer

Here I bought a red dress.The dress was even more beautiful in person than in pics. The customer service is very helpful and respond all my emails in hours. The prices are unbeatable! And the quality of the dress exceeded my expectation also! I will use them again with any future occasion in my family.

New Reviewer

I am from USA and I was a bit sceptical about ordering my wedding dress from another country. But I read some reviews about dressale and took a chance. And I dont regret it at all. The service is excellent, I had many questions and dressale people answered them quickly and politely. After only one week and two days the dress came. I ordered it customed sized and it fits like a glove. The fabric feels expensive and luxourius. The dress is just amazing! I will tell all my friends about dressale! Thank you for making me the most important dress in my life!!

New Reviewer

Ordered a dress, so poorly made that I could NOT wear for my daughters wedding.
They would not return or refund the dress. I asked for the owners number at least 100 times and no response.
NEVER order from them again!!

New Reviewer

I ordered a "mother of the bride" dress off of their website. I did not order custom, just a standard size. A week later I received an e mail that stated the dress would look only 60% like the picture. No other information. I contacted them and told them I could not buy a dress without knowing what it would look like. A week later they sent a polaroid of it supposedly "in process". It was awful. The picture only showed the top. God knows what the bottom looked like. I have been requesting a refund ever since. I get these broken english e mails telling me to pick another dress instead. I tell them I cannot take a chance on this happening again. My sons wedding was in a month. Now they say they will issue a refund but charge a restock fee. How do you restock something I cancelled and never got? I will be lucky if I get even half my money back. Buyer beware. The pictures are not what you will get. My dress is still on their web site.

New Reviewer

Hi its me Mary, we really appreciated with the dress and the size is perfect we just received it today, all things are perfect as mentioned as they were shown on pics cat
talogue by next week i will order some more things, as i found they also have some casual clothes on the site, thanks again very much

New Reviewer

This place is quite possibly the worst site run company I have ever dealt with.

I was looking for an inexpensive, simple dress for our beach wedding in the beginning of May. I came across dressales's website on a google search and found this simply yet pretty dress, reasonably priced. I had to get it quick because in a few hours, it wouldn't be on sale anymore (haha.. it's still on sale for the same price, by the way..scam #1). I went and ordered one.. paid the extra $20.00 for custom sizing and another $25.00 for better than average customer service. I received a call right after I placed my order.. and struggled to understand the person on the other end.. after several back and forths to confirm everything, we parted ways and I was told I'll have my dress on March 31st.

That is the only thing that went as planned...the dress was here on March 31st... in a sad little plastic bag... wrinkled so badly it'll need dry cleaning. On further inspection.. omg.. this thing looked like it could've been sewn by a 5 year old! Uneven hems, unfinished edges along the front pleats, fabric folded into a finishing seam, fraying edges, strings everywhere, and uneven pleats.. I was like ok.. it'll take some doing, but maybe I can fix it.. then I tried it on. It's like sucked onto my hips and my shoulders are popping out of the stupid thing.. really??! Measured it... I told them to make the hips 45.5 inches, it measures on the back end @ 22 inches.. 22 + 22 does not equal 45.5! I'm sorry.. and if if was @ exactly 45.5 inches.. it would still be wrong because there's no tolerance for a person to wear it.

I contacted Dressale and told them the problem and asked what do I do to get this dress back to them and get my money back... let the marathon of the run around begin.. they want pictures and 3 days to decide IF they're going to refund me my money.. I sent them pictures in a PDF format showing them the issues in each picture and a description what they were supposed to be looking at.. evidently their customer service team is not only insanely unprofessional.. (I think the same kid making the dress is the same kid servicing their customer service desk), they are rude as well! They also can't figure out how to open a PDF file.. or say they can't.. so they ask for pictures again. I replied back that the PDF has a whole bunch of pictures in it, they then tell me to email it to this other email address. Completely fed up and needing my money refunded soon so I can replace the dress, I have now escalated the claim with Paypal. I'm awaiting the decision as I type.

If you're a bride on a budget.. don't be lured in by the prices.. it's going to cost you a lot more in the end. Go to some place reputable like David's bridal or find something at a little mall boutique store. I wish I had...This whole experience has been a total nightmare.


It's been over 2 months since my last dealing with and they are still haunting me. I'm now receiving threatening emails from them, telling me if I don't send back their dress, they'll "never stop harassing" me and they plan on "exposing' my deceitful behavior on every social media site they could think of.. ie facebook, twitter, etc.

Here's some insight on what happened:
The original decision by paypal was as follows, they would refund me the full purchase price if I mailed back the dress to the seller. I agreed. When I went to mail it back, I found out the least expensive route would cost me $90.00. My dress had cost me $136.00, which would have only given me $46.00 back. I contacted paypal and spoke to a representative. She said she would contact the seller, which she did and will let me know what they said. I checked back a couple days later and the next rep I spoke to said they never responded to the 1st representative's request. It was then decided by paypal to issue me a full refund without mailing back the dress since it was so much to do so. Paypal was the at risk party, Dresssale got to keep the full purchase price of the dress.

I've contacted paypal, who were again wonderful and suggested I file a report on . They instructed me to ignore dressale's emails and block them. They also reassured me that it was paypal, not dressale that issued the refund, therefore, dressale never lost any money.

Please, please do yourselves a favor unless you enjoy getting harassing emails from fraudulent sites, don't buy from these guys!

Thank you for your time!

New Reviewer

I ordered 2 pairs of shoes and 4 shawls. I measured my feet and ordered according to their size chart. They arrived, and the shoes we so tight i couldn't even keep them on for more than 30 seconds. The shawls were supposed to be silver, they were gray....and not even a flattering color of gray. After many back and forth emails they told me my pictures were "invalid". When I sent more, they still didn't care. Such poor customer service. Thank God I purchased using paypal, so I have a way to dispute it!

New Reviewer

I was searching for a shoes like this but i couldnt find anywhere that color, thanks to dressale now i have it, great job. You can find so many kind of fashionista clothes and shoes on dressale shopping site.

New Reviewer

The dress came and it was horrible. Nothing like the picture. I realized that I had ordered the wrong color-but I could have lived with the shade if the dress had fit. The jacket on size 12 dress barely fit my size 4 daughter. Total Scam. do not use this website. They will not make good on any of the dresses and because there are not return labels and they are in a foreign country-good luck. I threw $176.00 down the drain. Very angry.

New Reviewer

This is the worst company ever! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!! They have poor quality material plus its to expensive for what they give you. The dresses I ordered looked nothing like the pictures I mean nothing! If you have a big event plz don't order from here because it will be to late to look for another one since it takes them a long time to get you the dress. I had a event that was super important and was going crazy because I was stressing out since I did not like what I got at all. Worst company ever. When I got the dresses they were falling apart, i got a hold of them and they told me to send pictures i did then they said to e-mail them, I did and they kept me going in circles. NO GOOD!

New Reviewer

Worst experience I've ever had. I bought my daughter's senior prom dress in plenty of time. The PROMISED on the phone and in email that it would be here at least a week before the prom for any possible alterations. We spent almost 200.00 When I saw bad reviews (after ordering) I called to check on the dress they told me it was going to be ready. When the dress did not arrive on the latest day promised, I contacted them. They said the dress wouldn't be ready for another two weeks, which would be AFTER the prom. I told them to go ahead and cancel the order and I would now have to go out a few days before prom to find a dress for my daughter. I even emailed a confirmation of the cancellation. Since they said the dress was not ready and it would take awhile to ship from CHINA, I gave them plenty of time to cancel. Well, guess what? Two weeks AFTER the prom arrived while I wasn't home. My husband didn't know what it was and signed for it. We NEVER opened it. I can not tell you how bad it went for the couple of months that I was trying to get them to pick up the package. They wanted me to pay the international shipping to get it back to China. I wanted them to pick it up/pay for it, since I had cancelled in plenty of time. I eventually worked out a deal with DHL, who shipped it back for free since it was still sealed in its original bag. ONLY to have the people at dressale to lie and say to me when they got the package back, that it smelled real strong of perfume and accused my daughter of wearing it to prom and sending it back!!!!! We had to buy a new dress because this one didn't even arrive until AFTER the prom. They literally lied to me and said since it smelled of perfume that they would not give me back my money. If you value your money and your insanity, don NOT BUY from this company. There is a reason why you see so many negative comments online for them. They also had some statement on their website that they had their name used and that they are not the same company that has all of these complaints. That is NOT true. It is the same company. I highly recommend you buy somewhere else.

New Reviewer

I was a bit worried about the dresses getting here on time but they got here in 4 days. I am bowled over by how beautiful they are I can't wait to try mine on!!! The only thing I would suggest is that you tell customers in the USA that USA import duties may incur on top of the price I had to pay $30 for a 5 kilo parcel. I am so pleased, I would recommend you to anyone for a million dollar dress that won't break the bank thanks so much xoxo

New Reviewer

the website is acceptable. i just received my prom dress. the color is what i want. and the quality is accepatable.

New Reviewer

The dress I bought from Dressale was perfect for all the environments I was in. I wore the dress for location shots prior to getting married and the pictures were amazing! Highly recommend Dressale to any bride! I got married last week and received a lot of compliments about the dress! I was a bit hesitant ordering my dress online and not trying it on, but it fit beautifully.

New Reviewer

I got my dress and it suits me well. I know a lot of people are scared of ordering products from overseas, but it was a good price and good dress.

New Reviewer

horrible! This company is a scam ! Do not buy from them unless you like to throw away your money, i bought 2 dresses and they don't look anything like the pictures on the website, they do not fit at all. and the quality is horrible ! if i read the reviews before i purchased from them i would have never bought anything from them.

New Reviewer

NIGHTMARE!!!! I ordered my dress several months early. I sent my measurements in and the company called me several times. The day came and went that my dress was suppose to arrive. I called repeatedly and the dress finally came five days before my wedding. They must have just t sent the dress not was missing huge gaps of lace and the dress wasn't even finished being sewed, It was also not the measurements that I gave them. The dress did not look like the dress I ordered. I had to pay someone $151,00 to try to fix it, but the dress still didn't fit. I had no money left to buy a dress and had to wear it. I complained trying to get some kind of refund. I sent pictures as they requested and they said they saw nothing wrong...Really...the dress was shredding apart and had gaps of lace missing. I have read a few good reviews. Those people do not know how lucky they are. I am sure if they ordered again they will have a nightmare on their hands. :(((( Ordered dress first week in March 2013 and it came overnight express on May 28, 2013. I was married on June 2, 2013

New Reviewer

I ordered a dress and it was a mess. I have attached youtube link to show how bad it is. The company keeps telling me that have quality assurance and 100% satisfaction, but they do not. The dress is unwearable, but they keep telling me it is fine. Please watch my video to see that it is not. Two different seamstresses looked at the dress and one would not touch because of all the work that needed to be done. The other couldn’t guaranteed anything, but said I was looking at $150 at a minimum for her to try to salvage the dress. The long blue ribbons going down the dress were uneven. One in particular was so bad, it stood out like a sore thumb in the front of the dress. The others made it look like uneven tentacles on the bottom of the dress. The seams around the waist were showing on one side, but not the other. There were “holes” in the dress that the seamstress noticed that I missed myself. The quality is so poor. This company did a very poor job. They have offered to give me 10% off my next purchase! I know I will NEVER purchase from them again. Then they told me that the dress is beautiful and wearable. It is not. Then they offered to reimburse me SOME money to have it altered. When I asked them to define SOME, they did not. I said I wanted to return the dress for full refund and asked for a prepaid shipping label, they said no and told me they would send me back 10%. After continually complaining, they offered me 20% refund. I am still waiting for 100% refund as they advertise 100% satisfaction guarantee, not 20% satisfaction.

New Reviewer

This company is really bad.
- Very important. This company is not a buy-off-the-rack company. You buy the item then you get phone calls about waist, length, etc. so getting the item within a couple days like most stores is not going to happen.
- Next, GOD forbid you give them any incorrect info. Good luck with the dress.
- Returns - Not gonna happen. You have to submit tickets, wait for responses, then they tell you to do everything over again and send to customer service and wait for a response. By that time your 7 days are up to return the item and they basically tell you tough luck.
- The dresses are nice but not worth the hassle.
- My issue was even after all the measuring, phone calls, etc. The dress was absolutely cut wrong. The right side had more material than the left. The seem down the back would not line up properly and the zipper would not close. I could understand if the dress was too short or too long, but unless you are the Hunchback of Notre Dame, the dress will not fit.
- Also, English is not their strongest suit.
- Save yourself time and trouble and go to a mall, store, or another on-line company, the dresses will cost about the same and if you have a problem with the item you can easily return it hassle-free, you won't get that at Dressale.

06/19/2014 - After uploading the pictures of the dress, which is proven by their site ticket log, plus confirmation from their customer service department of receipt of pics a couple of weeks ago, now that I want a refund for the poorly made dress I get an email:

"Dear customer,
We have no history record of receiving your pics.
Sorry for that.

Well, Gina, took a screen shot and have the e-mail replies, this company is HORRIBLE!

New Reviewer

ONE STAR IS ONE TOO MANY. The dress I received is beautifully made; however, it is way too small. The sleeves are so small that I cannot pull the dress up to my shoulders. It is 3" shorter than what I ordered. The hips, waist, and bust measurements are several inches smaller than their size chart. They refuse to fix the dress or return my money. They say the dress measurements fit their size chart so "we obviously did not make a mistake." They offered to refund me $14 ... What am I supposed to do with that? They are extremely rude and unprofessional. I am disputing this with Discover card. The dress fits my 11 year old daughter. Too bad she is too young for a $#*!tail dress. DO NOT ORDER FROM DRESSALE.COM

New Reviewer

Never, ever buy anything from this website!!!!! This people are not professionals at all. The product does not look the same as on the picture, as much as it looks elegant and modern on the picture, the dress I received very heavy and uncomfortable, looks very old fashion. I received the dress which is size smaller and does not fit. They are a big times lie to you, company do not follow the return policy rules, making you look like a full. They are refusing to return your money back. To order dress from them is wasting your time and money. I am very disappointed and mad. Do not trust to any good review about this company. This company is doing fraud to collect your money which they would never return you back. I can not believe this company is exist on the internet ripping onset people.
RY, 6/16/2014

New Reviewer

My friend and I purchased our prom dresses from this site. she had received her dress before me! Even though we purchased at the same time. I was so worried, but a week after my friend got hers I got mine. It was said to be delivered by the 10th, but I got it the 6th! So relieved. I'm rating it a four, because it didn't arrive at the same time with my friend's, it make me so worried. Any who, aside from that it was perfect.

New Reviewer

I love the website, it's very easy to find what you're looking for, I love the colour choice aswell! The email was very informative and friendly! I really feel like I know where I am with my order and I'm very excited for it to arrive :)

New Reviewer

I ordered wedding dress from dressale 1 year ago, I am satisfy with the dress. So when their people call me said I could have a special discount if I order from them again. I need a evening dress for a party, so I ordered again. I received them yesterday, the evening dress is perfect as the pictures and a very good quality again.I am very happy, thank you very much.

New Reviewer

I was positively surprised when I received my order cases a week after I ordered it.

I'm also satisfied about the producted, which correspond to what I was excpecting.

New Reviewer

I am expat living in New Zealand and ordered two t-shirts, not only did they arrive in less than a week but they also arrived 6 days ahead of the predicted delivery date, I will definitely be using them again and will be recommending them to my family and friends in both the UK and NZ... 10 out of 10 dressale.

New Reviewer

I was so nervous about ordering a evening dress on line and even more so when I found out it was coming from outside of the US. It got here prior to its promised arrival date and it is simply beautiful. Fits me very well! Very Satisfied!!

New Reviewer

DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. I ordered the dress and paid extra for custom measurements. They totally screwed up the arm sleeve and it was 5 inches smaller than specified so much so that I cannot wear the dress. Paid $200 and they are refusing to refund my money or fix the dress. Offered me only $25 because they said there was effort and no profit in the dress for them. I lodged a complaint with American Express. There was other issues with the dress as well. The zipper was so stiff, it stuck out on the back. Also the built in bra was poor quality and looked terrible. So don't order from this site unless you want to throw away money.

New Reviewer

I ordered my wedding dress from dressale and couldn't be happier!! I was very nervous about making such an important purchase online but I'm so glad I did!! I got a gorgeous dress for a fraction of the cost. The craftsmanship is very good. I really can't express how happy I am when wearing the dress. I will buy special occasion dress in dressale in the further!!

New Reviewer

My first negative review of an online vender EVER. Do NOT buy from these people. They will NOT return your money, not even when, as in our case, there was ample and varied evidence that the dress did not fit correctly. They did not honor their return agreement, even though I met the conditions. I ignored the bad reviews, so in a sense deserved what I got. Which was being out over $200 with NO recourse. Do not, not, not use these people.

New Reviewer

I have been ordered from this site and have found it reliable and it is a good place to shop shoes.There are so many styles for choice and price is acceptable. From the orders I have so far made with them, I have received my items as advertised and they reach me in time and good condition more than expected. And shoes quality is good, suit for my foot, and comfortable.

New Reviewer

I ordered dress from this site and it looked nothing like the picture on the website. Dress that turned up was more like a potato sack that a dress. When I contacted customer service that would not refund money even though they admitted that dress was different to picture only offered a discount off next purchase!! as if I would give them another cent. I am gutted that they have gotten away with $180 of my hard earned cash. Please do not use this company. I can send photo and email correspondence to prove

New Reviewer

I purchased a dress for my daughter for my wedding. It took two months to arrive, which is what I was told to expect, they even called me to let me know and confirm colour etc. I was pretty excited to receive it. As soon as we pulled it from the package, we were so disappointed. It wasn't even the same as the dress in the picture, it was not good and there was a scissor cut in the back of it. I messaged them immediately and have done several times since, no response. Tried real person chat, no response. Each time I contact, they put the status of communication as closed. $119 I won't see again and a dress I can't use! :(

New Reviewer

I absolutely love the mother of bride dress I ordered from this site! The material of the dress is exactly like the picture, very silky and soft to the touch. I tried it on and it's beautiful! Rich and the detail is amazing! Color is very gorgeous! It's just as pretty as it looks like! Fits me perfectly! Delivery was okay! And the price was nice!

New Reviewer

My daughter and I were so excited when we found the prom dress on this website that she had pictured in her head and could not beat the price of the dress. We ordered the dress, a couple of days after order, I got a phone call at morning from the company about the measurements and the color of the dress, I had accidently recorded her hip measurement wrong and they said it didn't match up, we were able to correct it which then put me a little more at peace, I would periodically get on the website to check the status of the dress, a few weeks later it showed that it had shipped and in fact was being delivered that day, when I got home from work, I will tell you I was a little scared by the package, however once we opened the packed and pulled the dress out and my daughter tried the dress on.....It was perfect, it fit her perfect, it is absolutely gorgeous! Let me tell you if I did not breathe a sigh of relief! We would definitely order from this site again. Thank you

New Reviewer

I purchased a dress from While the dress was delivered as promised, it was 3 inches too small around the bust despite custom measurements being given. After multiple emails back and forth they admitred they didn't make correctly but refused to honor thier return policy from thier website and suggested I find a tailor. While the quality of the dress is good, it is completely not wearable due to thier mistake

New Reviewer

when I was googling a nice prom dress for my girlfriend , I found the dressale website ad in the top of the search area, when my girlfriend recieved it ,guess what happened, she gave me a impressive kiss to payback, so i decided to write it down and voted for it.

New Reviewer

I am very satisfied with my shopping. The dress just fit my expectation. The customer service was great and the shipment met the promised time.
Suming up - there is nothing negative to say and I will continue purchasing with Dressale in the future .

New Reviewer

I wanted to give the company 5 stars, but I know that way, it would seem too sketchy. I made the mistake of ordering my dress before reading reviews on the website, and I immediately panicked about it. I messaged live chat asking when my order could possibly get here by. My prom is May 31, and I ordered April 24 (late for dress shopping, I know). I asked online on April 28, and they said that my order was already finished, will ship in 1 days, then they would email me a tracking number within the next 24 hours and they did. I was confused since my earliest arrival date was May 10, and latest date was May 24. It had only been 5 days and my custom made dress was already shipped. The shipping process began in Hongkong, and took no more than 3 days to get to Amercia. I ended up getting the dress May 3, less than 2 weeks after I had ordered my dress. The dress comes in a plastic bag, with the dress folded inside out to prevent any of the embellishments from falling off or being damaged. I tried on the dress, worried that they would just ship me a size 2 (I'm very short and tiny so I had to get a custom size a little smaller than 2), and it fit me according to the measurements that I gave them. I am very pleased with my order from them. I'm not sure how others could have experienced such a bad time with this site but I am super happy about mine! I know it sounds too good to be true that mine came custom sized and colored in a week since I've ordered it, considering I didn't pay for rush shipping like they asked, but I had a great experience with them!

New Reviewer

BEWARE!!! I bought $401 worth of items. I paid express shipping 6-8 days. I contacted the company to find out where my items were, 14 days later. First they said my funds were frozen. I called paypal and contacted them back. Paypal said, no they had the funds for 2 weeks now. Then they said, “They did not make them because they tried to get a hold of me to make sure that’s the items I wanted”. I told them to refund me the money please; I thought I would have my items by now. They said, “we need over 20 days to make the items then, they would make them”. I said okay, I want a refund. They are now trying to take 30% for handling. What handling???

New Reviewer

I have to say that I just received my daughter's prom dress and got it on the date I was supposed to and it looks amazing and fit on her. It looks even better than the pics. We will have to shorten it a little but that because she is not going to have heels on. I know some people will not always be happy but I feel that this site almost show negative reviews. I hope this will set some people at ease. We will use again.

New Reviewer

Today I received the A-line wedding gown that I ordered from Dressale on May 5th. After reading some of the other reviews on here, I'll admit, I was a little nervous. The dress arrived faster than expected. There were shipping and customs expenses, but that's to be expected when ordering from across the border. Anytime you order online, be prepared to pay an amount to customs, the government loves their taxes.

As for the gown... I am incredibly impressed. It is very well made, and is almost identical to the picture, the detail that has gone into it is fabulous and it fits great, despite the fact that I just measure the size by myself. The price, even after shipping and customs, was far less than I would have paid in any dress store. Altogether the originally marked $137.99 came to approximately $215 after all the charges. This wedding gown could easily be sold at a local store for $1000 or more. Good job,Dressale!

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