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ATG Stores reviews

128 reviews
11410 N.E. 122nd Way, Suite 200
Kirkland, WA 98034, USA
Tel: 1.888.500.9541

128 Reviews From Our Community

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Their sales customer service is great but if something is wrong, good luck. (in 42 reviews)


I received my credit card refund less than a week later-- you have to admit that is quicker than most vendors. (in 33 reviews)


After about a week, I used their chat feature to find out the status of my order. (in 99 reviews)

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New Reviewer

ATG sells broken material and will not stand behind their product. When you call them the act like your are stupid and it takes talking to the mfg to get anyone to understand that items were missing and broken. Even after pictures to ATG and the mfg contacting ATG, ATG sti made it impossible to return the items for a refund. ATG went thru all the motions to act like they were processing the return just to return the broken items to me claiming they could not accept the return bc the parts were not in the original plastic for the packaging material. Seriously? We didn't just change our mind and want an exchange we just wanted the original product we ordered. Not their incomplete and inadequate piece of crap. OK and by the way I've been a plumber for 40 years and I think I know when a faucet is incomplete. I started plumbing in Beverly Hills with high end products paying up to 1000 bucks a faucet. The sad thing is, is ATG could have also gotten a full credit by the mfg who agreed it was their error. BUT ATG is so lazy they refused to process the return. They got their money and trust me that's the last dime they we ever get from me or any of my 40 years worth of plumbing contractor buddies money.

Ask Discouraged about ATG Stores
New Reviewer

I pretty much agree with the others. Lowe's should be ashamed of themselves. The product I received came in a million pieces and was hard to assemble, never did come together straight, had stickers all over the wood, and deep gashes. Could not return it, once it was out of the box it was not going back in. I sent pictures and they offered me a small refund to compensate for the damage. I wrote a review on their website and they DID NOT PUBLISH IT. I gave the product 3 stars, so the review was fair. I emailed as to why the review was not published and got no response. I am disgusted with merchants who only publish positive reviews.

Tip for consumers: Don't trust the reviews.

Ask Barbara about ATG Stores
New Reviewer

Beware! Don't lose your money! We ordered a light fixture, it was paid for but never received. ATG said that FedEx had delivered the light and left it on our porch(was not there). After two months of going back and forth with ATG, getting a different customer service rep. who said they would do something and of couse never did; they said it was actually tough luck that we paid for a light we never received. They said we should file a police report for an stolen item for which there is no proof! It is unbelieveable that they take no responsibility, they are very flippant in their response!

New Reviewer

This company does not deserve even one star. I purchased some rugs and a table set from them in November. Tables were delivered damaged. I called them on numerous occasions and every time they told me different things. At first they told me that they will pick up the tables. When I called them a week later they told me to donate the tables to Salvation Army and email them pictures and SA receipt. It’s been 2 months and I still did not receive a refund from ATG. I emailed them about my return, called them and I still do not have an answer. I saved all emails between me and ATG representatives and disputed my credit card charge through my credit card company. I think that ATG is a terrible and dishonest company. I am very disappointed. ATG SUCKS!!!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

Just incompetent staff from beginning to end not worth saving the little bit I did instead of using another store.

New Reviewer

This is THE worst website I have ever used. BUYER BEWARE!! I ordered two wall sconces from here. When they arrived, they looked nothing like the picture. I called and was provided with a return number and address and was advised to track the package when I send it back. I did so - via the USPS. According to the tracking number, the package arrived back at the manufacturer three weeks ago. However, the manufacturer apparently now cannot find my package because "it must have been sent to the front desk instead of the shipping/receiving area". I have called multiple times and have spoken to multiple people who have been extremely NASTY to me. I have asked to be connected to a manager and nobody will even give me the name of a manager. I have since called my credit card company and have stopped payment of that charge. When running into issues with this company, I recommend doing the same IMMEDIATELY as it appears you will NEVER get your money back otherwise.

New Reviewer

I had a merchandise credit that I wanted to use towards my new purchase of lights. I found a lower price at two different online and physical stores. They say they will price match it but they really don't want to. They tried to tell me that the free shipping that the other sites were offering was only until the end of the month. It was early in the month when I was placing my order with them. They wanted to charge me for shipping even though they offer free shipping themselves. Then they finally agreed to price match but told me I couldn't use my credit. I threatened to go to my charge card company to get a credit applied to my charge and then they called back and said they made a mistake I could get the price match and use my credit. Unfortunately they still billed my credit card for the full amount of my purchase and didn't apply the merchandise credit. I sent ATG several emails and called them but they never corrected the matter. I ended up disputed the charge with my charge card company and received the credit back from them. ATG has the worst customer service of any company I have ever done business with. They always have to check with someone before they can process an order or answer a question. Then they don't even do what they say they are going to do. Will never do business with them again! Good bye ATG stores and your terrible customer service. I will shop elsewhere.

New Reviewer

I didn't even complete an order. I order on-line all the time and luckily, I used PayPal to check out. Apparently, they are on a list of suspicious merchants so the transaction didn't go through. I have never had a problem with PayPal so I tried changing my name(maiden name on PP) and then changing to my maiden name on the purchase site. Red msg. You may wish to try another credit card....HA. The Customer Support # is 888-500-9541 which white pages says doesn't exist. Now I'm worried about identity fraud. Definitely shady and Thank Goodness for PayPal.

New Reviewer

PLEASE DO NOT TRUST THIS SITE--- 90% of things I purchase are from online so I am aware of the procedure. ATG website was something that I had used for the first time, I had checked reviews on this and some were positive and A LOT were negative. I had placed an order for a TV console that supports 60in TV. The set I ordered was over 150 pounds. I was suppose to receive the delivery on Jan15 and today is Jan 21st and I have yet to receive it. I have been back and forth with ATG and CEVA which is the shipping company they use and I was told by CEVA there was no record of my TV stand, I was told that it may be have been lost….Are you kidding me how can you lose a 150 pound item. There system is really screwed up and I had to call several times for my refund and still have not received it. I had to dispute this charge through my credit card. Please DO NOT waste your money and time on this company.

New Reviewer

I ordered this Sofa on December 9th, 2013. It was supposed to be shipped on December 15th, 2013. On December 30th, I call ATG and they tell me the item is on backorder and won't be shipped out until January 15th, 2014. No one contacted me to tell me this. I figured I would wait since it wasn't that much longer. On January 17th, 2014 I call ATG to check on the status and they tell me it is on backorder again but now it won't be shipped till February 23, 2013. The rep doesn't offer any other options except cancel or wait. I had to cancel the order because I am not going to wait for several months to get a couch. The listing here still shows the couch is supposed to get shipped out on January 23rd. RIDICULOUS! This is the worst customer service I had ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and don't shop here!

New Reviewer

Photo of light was deceiving. When I received it it had a cord and was not a fixture. When I called they said I would be charged a reshelving fee plus I had to pay postage. two weeks have gone by and I still have not received any credit. When I called the company they said they wanted proof that I shipped it. Now I have to did for a receipt from post office. This company is horrible and I can't believe Lowes would operate this way!

New Reviewer

Absolutely appalling customer service. I have filed a complaint with Lowe's and will be filing a complaint with the BBB. I would direct your attention to and the additional complaints that have conveniently not made it onto their website.
Purchased a light fixture from them and then cancelled the order. They shipped it anyways and refuse to take it back unless I cancel my credit card charge dispute and sign a legal affidavit taking full financial responsibility for the item that I do not want and have been trying to return. Verbal promises made to receive back the lighting fixture when I was on a conference call with my bank representative and the ATG customer care rep were then ignored once we were no longer on the phone with my bank. DO YOUR RESEARCH PRIOR TO USING THIS WEBSITE TO PURCHASE ANYTHING!!

New Reviewer

DO NOT SHOP HERE. If any individual acted this way, they'd be in jail for fraud. Somehow, because it's a big company, they manage to get away with it.

My story begins two and a half years ago when I bought a rug on clearance from ATG. Because it was on clearance, it was not returnable. When a rug finally showed up at my door, weeks later than expected, it was the wrong rug. The description and item number on the rug's label and the description and item number on my order were different. The order could not be corrected, however, because it turned out that they didn't actually have the rug I ordered in stock so I suppose they figured they'd just ship me any old thing they had handy instead. Though they took the rug back and sent me shipping labels to do so (I had to fight for this), they would not refund my money citing the final clearance sale conditions. So they have held on to $235 of my money for two and a half years. I finally found something I wanted at ATG recently and went to try to use my credit and could not find it in my account. So I forwarded the email I got (had to insist on them sending to me) confirming my credit several years ago. This is after I spoke with multiple agents who confidently provided me with one incorrect answer or another. One told me my card had been refunded and that it would be my responsibility to confirm it by asking my bank for records since they had no evidence of the refund but couldn’t be bothered to provide me with any. Another told me I had been given a credit on my Amazon account. Neither of these answers was correct, but they appear to be trained to just say something and hope that you shut up. I am still waiting. DO NOT SHOP HERE. I intend to file a complaint with the better business bureau once I find out what they intend to do about finding my credit. Either way, they are irresponsible and disgusting.

New Reviewer

We purchased a dining room table and chairs set – the charge was posted on the credit card same day of the Internet order. We called a week later to get a status on the order because the shipping tracking number they (ATG) provided was invalid. They could never provide a clear answer as to where the merchandise was or when it would ship.
Two weeks later they said that the shipping company had the order, and gave us a direct number to contact the shipper. When we called the shipper, they advised us that they did not have our merchandise and we were not even in the system. Called ATG again and then they said that the manufacturer had the product picked up. However, another rep advised that the manufacturer did not have record of the order either.
We asked for cancellation and for ATG to credit back the purchase amount to the card. ATG's response was "Can you give us another 3 days to figure out what happened?" We demanded a cancellation of the order and I immediately contacted our credit card company and disputed the transaction.
We order products on the Internet often. This experience has been a complete joke and should be an embarrassment to ATG. But after reading all the reviews I can see that they have learned NOTHING from the feedback.

New Reviewer

Absolute worst company. They never notified me that my order was back ordered nor did they ever tell me that the shipping date was changed (3 times). Apparently they just hope you won't check. When I called to ask about how I could be sure it would ship on the next date they told me (with the most indifferent attitude) that I couldn't.

New Reviewer

I placed an order July 27th for a tv console and was told it would ship out on Aug.5th. Here it is August 22nd and they have no idea where it is. No one has has the curiosity to call or email me regarding the status of my order, even though every time I call them someone is supposed to call me back. I am going to cancel my order tomorrow, just hope I don't have a problem with getting my refund. I wish I would have read all the reviews before I place my order, I will NEVER ORDER anything from them again!!!!!!!!!!!!1

New Reviewer

I purchased 47 knobs for cabinets. The last knobs were from the 50s. Within weeks the knobs were pulling off the bracket. I contacted ATG and they said the knobs were still on warranty. I now have 4 knobs that just pulled apart. I've heard nothing from ATG.

New Reviewer

I recently bought patio furniture from ATG Stores and was told it would be delivered early July. I called mid july and was told it would be delayed by a few weeks and everything was going to be delivered by July 24th. After that date passed I called and was told it was delayed until September. This company completely misrepresented themselves. I have a large party that I need this furniture for. When I called them, they were rude and told me they would give me a $ 75.00 credit. I would not recommend doing business with this company. They were unwilling to help resolve this problem. They were not willing to be cooperative or creative in trying to get my furniture earlier or an alternative.

New Reviewer

Ordered a ceiling fan Saturday. I get an email on Monday that the product will ship the following Monday. I called and cancelled the order as soon as I received this email. I get a new email the following day stating that the product has shipped.
Now I have to return it at my expense. Never again!

New Reviewer

Originally ordered 3 lamps showing in stock, 24 hrs later I got an email stating I have to wait from 20 to 60 days for my order to be completed due items unavailable, immediately I called them to cancel order rep said on the phone everything is ok I would get a full refund within 24 hrs, called them back 4 days later due to no refund issued, no chat available, people rude on the phone they were trying to buy some time and make me responsible for some items said order was not canceled and I would have to pay shipping + restocking fees, cust rep hung up phone on my face when requested to speak with manager or supervisor, finally after a week got full refund on items that were offered without availability and the stress and humiliation of dealing with a couple of jerks over the phone, I don't recommend this sites and their affiliates READ ALL REVIEWS CAREFULLY!! before wasting your time and energy with shady practices

New Reviewer

Allow me to begin by saying this is the first review I have ever posted on the internet about anything ever. I feel COMPELLED to share my experience with this site.

I ordered a safe from a site called which was apparently a front for a site called The safe I ordered was labelled "in stock-will ship [tomorrow]". Waited for a week, it still hadn't shipped, per FedEx site. I called ATG and they said it was shipping from the manufacturer and assured me that "FedEx is wrong, this item has shipped". Called FedEx, they assured me that there is literally no way that could be true because every item gets scanned before a FedEx employee takes possession of it.

So, I decided to contact the manufacturer. After all, it was shipping directly from them. The manufacturer said "we are back ordered on these, it won't ship for ~ a month".

Let's get one thing straight, I am in no "rush" to get this product. But I don't think it's too much to ask for a no-BS ship date or if the item is actually in stock (or for that matter, if it is shipping directly from the manufacturer). Furthermore, don't lie to me and explicitly tell me FedEx made an error and that I should expect my item the next day when that isn't at all true.

If you can, buy your item from a reputable retailer. I had been pretty lucky up until now occasionally rolling the dice on non-reputable retailers. This is the last time I will ever do that.

New Reviewer

These guys suck
I ordered three handsets (door knob) they sent two and it took three months to get here wanted to return now I have to pay shipping back customer service made it sound like it was my fault for having three door and wanting matching hardware

avoid these clowns

New Reviewer

Sent us the wrong items, slowed down our refunds, and would never call us back. Please do not use ATG for anything and allow anybody else to get duped into thinking they are a viable business.

New Reviewer

This has been the worst online shopping experience I have ever had. I have never placed an order with ATG before & I will not ever again. My order was placed on Jan. 3 - I called and spoke with a rep to make sure the product was available & was told there were four in stock and to go ahead and place my order online. When I had not received any correspondence from the company, nor my product for over a week, I called. I was told they had e-mailed me to let me know the item was backordered and it must have gone to my spam folder, but the item would be shipping at the end of the week. Checked spam - no e-mail. I have been told my product would be shipping several times since my initial f/u call - the 17th, the 22nd & the 24th. On the 24th I contacted a rep through their online chat who told me, "It is expected to ship today, The tracking should be available later this evening or tomorrow morning." Heard that before!! I decided to try another rep later that day, still couldn't get a straight answer - so I asked to have a supervisor contact me. No call - just an e-mail saying, "not expected to be in now until the middle of February due to the Chinese New Year". What a terrible company! I have pushed back the installation of my vessel sink on more than one occasion waiting for this faucet - as I was told more than once it was expected to ship this day and that. My credit card was charge for a product they STILL can't tell when will be available with any certainty. Now I'm fighting to get my money back. Stay away from this company!!!

New Reviewer

i just recently ordered patio furniture on 1/6/2012. Brand was Oxford Gardens (bench, two arm chairs and three end tables) Everything was delivered today in perfect condtion. I saved over $600.00 by ordering via ATG. Based on my experience i would definetly order again

New Reviewer


This company does not honor returns, despite the website saying No Hassle Returns.

Horrible customer service. They seem to only be a middle man to other product manufacturers - and they will either blame the manufacturer or the customer for product and return issues. There is no accountability or understanding of basic customer support.

Don't be Bait & Switched! I wish there was a lower rating than one star.

If you look at their Facebook page and Yelp page, the same apology and escalation email is posted as a reply. I've escalated several times and the response was 'there is nothing we can do for you".

Simply posting a seemingly proactive reply on these social sites doesn't mean this company honors their pre-sell advertising, like No Hassle Returns. It's just another gimmick to make themselves look good. FAIL.

New Reviewer

I ordered a workbench from this company and the service was terrible. The workbench they sent had damaged parts, bent pieces and screws that didn't fit. I was able to put it together with my own parts, but followed up to discuss the situation with their customer service. First, the "live chat" person was super rude and said there was nothing they would do other than refund me my money if I shipped back the product. I informed her that I'd found the damaged parts half way through putting it together and had figured out how to complete assembly so sending it back was not an option. She said there was nothing they could do and that if I called they would tell me the same thing.

I called, and the person I spoke to on the phone asked me to send pictures of the damaged goods. I did this, and never heard back. I followed up, and was told they would process a 20% refund to my credit card. I was fine with this and moved on. Three weeks later the credit had not been processed. I followed up and was told that my refund had actually NOT BEEN APPROVED, after they told me it was. I told them that this was ridiculous and that I would not be ordering again and they seemed indifferent.

I will not order from here again.

New Reviewer

I placed an order, since I noticed that their prices were much less expensive than anywhere else. I was excited also to see that they offered you a coupon code for your second order, to be emailed after your first order was placed. Awesome! It's been about a week since my order was placed, and I still haven't received the code. I tried doing a live chat with their representative and was told the following:

Michelle B: I dont know when those emails would go out

I was also told that Michelle B was, "Sure they will send them but [she] cant say that it will be any time soon."

I haven't even received my order yet and I'm frustrated! I guess their prices are low because they don't offer customer service on a level that is actually functional.

I'll make sure to update this review once I actually receive my order, since I have NO faith now that I'll receive the product I wanted in the condition I deserve.

New Reviewer

This is a company to avoid at all costs. They are liars, plain and simple. I had a table and chairs delivered 08/28, and the table was damaged. It took 7 weeks to get the return authorization for the chairs (which were never opened). During those 7 weeks I was told many things about their efforts to resolve the problem, each of which was then contradicted by the next customer service rep I dealt with. Only when my credit card company got involved and reversed the charge was I given the address to which the chairs could be returned (at my expense). The table is still sitting in my kitchen, and the company tells me they are waiting for a dispute with FedEx to be resolved. But FedEx told me they paid the claim 2 weeks ago (I do not believe the damage was done in transit). I can not get an honest answer from anybody in this company. And the quality of the table was far below what I'd expected from the description and the price.

New Reviewer

Shipping is quick. However, they are making the return process so unpleasant.
I purchased a door knob a few weeks ago, when i got the item, it is slightly too big, so i return and get a smaller size one. Guess what, I need to pay 25% restocking fee and 8 dollars shipping.
I will NOT recommend this store unless you know exactly what item you wanna get.

New Reviewer

I order 3 quilted throws from this company. July 2,2012 they sent me an email stating the throws had been discontinued. Yet the same day they withdrew the funds from my account . I have called multiple times to be told at first I would be reimbursed within 72 hours then it was 24 hours, and several times they said immediately. I still have not been refunded. I can never talk to a supervisor or manager. I have been put on hold and disconnected after 18 minutes waiting on the phone. I guess this was a $300 lesson learned. Save your money and avoid this company.

New Reviewer

They do not accept returns after 30 days even if the products are in the original unopened boxes. I ordered a doorbell chime that would not work with my bell configuration. I never opened the box. They would not even discuss a return or exchange. The agent ended the online chat before I finished typing. Don't order from them.

New Reviewer

Runaway! Negative stars if I could!

Ordered $3,000 bedroom set. Showed up in terrible condition. We called and got permission to return. The manufacturer is and was on the the No restocking fee list.

After three weeks and three phone calls inquiring about our refund no answer. Week 4 we get a return call saying we would get charged a 50% restocking fee and that our return was unauthorized. After multiple phone calls to over the following week to settle this dispute in a dignified manner they said they could settle for a 20% restocking fee despite the fact the return was authorized and the manufacturer was on their no restocking fee list.

Both my credit card company and lawyers were called. They are engaged and the transaction is not being charged interest but I still have not been reimbursed and it has been 8 weeks.

Add INSULT to injury. Using their website, I have tried now seven times to unsubscribe from their auto email they send out. Despite getting unsubscribe confirmation, I continue to get emails from them.

I'll be sure to repeat this review every day I get another email from them and every day I have to wait for my refund on every electronic site I can find.

New Reviewer

I ordered a faucet by Kingston on first time due to No Hassle returns. I was confirmed they will provide me UPS shipping labels (less cost) and will be deducted from the refund, so I went ahead to order. After I realized this faucet is not right for me, I called to return. I called them every day for four days to ask for UPS shipping label and was told all the time it would take 48 hours each time I talked to them. I requested to speak to a manager and she told me it would take 5-7 days..I was frustrated and was confirmed I would be get fully refund even over 30 days period. It had been 10 days and I still didn't get the label. I called them today and they told me they don't generate label particular for this manufacturer. If I know I have to pay higher shipping costs, I would not purchase from this website..Hassle Free Return!! Wrong!! All operators working there don't know what they are doing. I hate this store...Now , I have to pay half of the price of the item to shipping, and not sure if I am going to receive fully refund. I think I am going to file complaint with

New Reviewer

Absolutely horrible experience. I will NEVER order anything from this terrible company ever again and it is my hope that this company is shut down by the government for ripping off customers like they do. I ordered a bench about a month ago and all I've gotten from their "customer service" is the runaround. It's amazing to me that this company is still in business. Do they even deliver anything they promise of is this just some scam outfit? Isn't there a consumer affairs department that protects customers from con artists like this?

Very disappointed and I was ripped off but I just want to make sure that nobody else falls for the scam. ATG stores is a theft operation. Order from them and you'll waste your money.

New Reviewer

I had quite a few problems with this company and will definitely never order from them again! The first problem was that my item was backordered for a month, not a huge deal since at least I knew when it was coming.. But then when it was supposed to be delivered, I had to continuously call (over 10 times) asking where it was while they gave me the run around. I would speak with someone who claimed they would check with the shipper or manufacturere and call me back with an update. No one ever called back. I waited approx. 2 weeks for them to figure out where the shipment was, only to be told that they LOST it and it would take another few weeks to file a claim, and then send a replacement. I was told I could not get a refund since the product had already shipped. I was finally able to speak to a supervisor, after numerous requests, who agreed to process a cancellation since the replacement item had not left the manufacturer. This part was pretty quick, I received a refund within 2 days. The only problem with that was they took out the costs (about $75) for white glove delivery and shipping on the item that I never received.. Still working on getting that back. This company is TERRIBLE. Over 2 months of hassle and I end up losing out on $75.

New Reviewer

If I could rate this company less than one star I would do...
There seems to be a common theme throughout all of the reviews, the item arrives damaged and then they just leave a trail of very unahppy customer with damaged goods over and over again. After 2 months I am still awaiting for the item to arrive in one piece, I ordered a light with glass shades, the intial order arrived 3 weeks after I placed the order( I was told it would be 5 days). It arrived damaged, one of the shades with a chip in it, I called and requested that they replace the shade only, it had taken so long for the light to arrive I didnt want to send the whole thing back. Three deliveries later I am still waiting for a shade to arrive that is not smashed in a million pieces. When you call no one cares, the staff are obviously so used to hearing the same thing day in day out that they just couldnt care less. I asked today for the CS directors name as I wanted to make a written complaint, they said they couldnt give out her full name...Nicholl was the only name they were willing to provide and said it must be done via email, they didnt really respond to letters in writing.....what !!!. I have never heard of any company refusing to give a directors name and not accepting letters of complaint.
I would advise anyone...never, ever, ever make a purchase from this company, they sell poor quality goods and when you make a complaint they just do not care....BUYER BEWARE , DO NOT BUY FROM ATG STORES !!!

New Reviewer

I too have had the same experience with ATG Stores as many of the people here. There is no other way with words to describe this experience other than feeling as if one is in the "Twilight Zone". Every phone call I have attempted has left more questions than answers for me. This company walks a fine line of fraud, IMHO. I'm urging everyone on this board to please contact the Attorney General in the State of Washington, their own state, and to also render a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. Also, if you use social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp etc.... Please, please help spread the word in which the manner that this company conducts business. BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Reviewer

I ordered some drawer pulls from them that I need to return. Can't get an return authorization to save my life. The live chat people just drop you. The agents are rude when you call and then blame it on the manufacturer. Guess I am out $140

New Reviewer

AVOID! I wish I had read reviews here before doing business with these scoundrels. Shipped me a product that was quite different in appearance than what was shown on their web site. Told me they'd send call tags for return shipping and arrange a refund. Did not do so. Did not respond to repeated emails. Phone rep then told me that they wouldn't honor the original refund offer. The web site says "No Hassle Returns" -- that's bull.

New Reviewer

Horrible. I ordered a sofa bench on Feb 22nd. They said it would ship out march 3rd. Come March 7th, I email them asking about my order. They said it would ship out in another 2 weeks. Okay I waited. 2 weeks later again same thing. I called the customer care and was very mad. They assured me that it would ship out in another 2 week. Guess what??? Time to ship and its another 2 weeks. 4 times before I cancelled my order. Stay away. is the best. I order something and it comes within 1-2 weeks!

New Reviewer

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SITE - They are scam. I bought a table for 632$ and it arrived seriously damaged. I called customer service to get a new table / refund but they refused to do so stating that I damaged the table?!?!? Unacceptable!

New Reviewer

Well, I guess I should have checked this site first before ordering. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY UNLESS YOU HAVE SEEN THE ITEM IN PERSON ELSEWHERE and are 100% SURE it is as described. Plenty of companies sell the same item and will take returns in orignal packing and condition. I ordered a bath tub that was described as 60". When it came, the back was so sloped a child could not bathe comfortably in this tub. No adult human could use this tub. Less than 30" bathing room. I cannot imagine why they make this. (Hydro systems, Deanna) It is still in original packing, never out of the box. As of now, company not returning calls. Would love to come back and post that they made a reasonable accomodation for me. Would be happy with a store credit. As of now, I cannot recommend dealing with this company or the manufacturer. The item is not as described, and at $1200, this is quite the learning experience.

New Reviewer

After I had ordered a table from this company and received it damaged, I read these reviews and was very concerned about receiving any satisfactory resolution. However, my experience was quite pleasant. I contacted the company by phone and talked to a representative. She was quite courteous and gave me the option of returning the product and receiving a replacement or a refund. I opted for a refund. She said they would contact the manufacturer for return authorization and it would take 7-10 business days. On the 12th day I had heard nothing, and was thinking "Oh no, here we go with the run around". I e-mailed the person I had spoken to on the phone and within a few hours she responded with an apology and stated that I would receive my refund credited to my charge card within 1-3 days. I received e-mail confirmations of this and within 1 day I had my refund. I don't know if this represents a change in policy, but I found no problem with their service.

New Reviewer

I ordered a teak table in October 2011. It arrived damaged. I went through the return process with the company and UPS picked up the table on November 2, 2011. I asked for a refund. I have still not received a refund, over three months later. The company keeps saying they are waiting on the shipping company to approve the claim. At first the company was very good with quick, albeit, useless responses. Now I don't hear from them. They owe me $511.20. I was interested in some of their other items, I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole now.

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We ordered furniture from ATG Stores online (at ). Cost: $1,000+. Never again.

After paying for the item, waiting several weeks, and hearing nothing, I called them and sat on hold. They told me the shipping company had dropped the ball.

Some time later, the shipping company shows up with the item. They would not take it inside and upstairs, despite the fact that we had paid for that service on the ATG website. So we refused delivery.

We called ATG, sat on hold, they blamed the shippers, and said they'd fix it.

Shippers show up a week later. The item has structural cracks in several places. I take photos, and refuse delivery.

I call up ATG, sit on hold again. I tell them I'm sick of this, and ask for a refund. They say send us photos, which I do. Still no refund.

I call a week later, sit on hold. Ask what's up with the refund. They say I don't know, put me on hold while they supposedly contact the shipper. No response.

It's more than a week later, almost two months after we paid online for the item, and still no refund.


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BEWARE! Horrible company, horrible customer customer service. PayPal should suspend doing business with them. Still waiting after 2 months for my refund...which by the way was significantly less than the money spent because of the "restocking fees" they cleverly hide when you order.

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This is the worst company I have ever done business with. Ordered $670 worth of cabinet handles from them. The company could never give me a tracking number or any idea of when I would receive it. The merchandise arrived late, two weeks after I ordered it. The handles weren't right for me so I called to arrange a return. Got the biggest run-around I have ever experienced. It's taken 8 calls so far and no closer to getting my return arranged. ATG says that they will not process the return until the manufacturer authorizes it. This is despite ATG's advertised 'no hassle' return policy which my purchase clearly falls within. When I pressed ATG on why they would hold up my return based on their problems with the manufacturer, ATG rep told me that they are only a 'middle man', and that my return might not be accepted!! By the way, each call involves very very long hold times, obviously to make the customer want to give up, and I also was hung up on twice. I was also promised call backs many times but have not received one after two weeks of struggling. Disputing this now with my credit card. YOU WILL REGRET IT IF YOU DO BUSINESS WITH ATG. THE FOLLOWING COMPANIES ARE ALL ATG: LIGHTING UNIVERSE, FIXTURE UNIVERSE, OUTDOOR LIVING SHOWROOM, HOME FURNITURE SHOWROOM

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Q: I ordered a bathroom sink online in November 2010 for $848. On December 1, 2010 it was delivered by a shipper called Mana. When I opened the flimsy box it came in, it was severely damaged. I contacted ATG Stores that day at 888-404-2744 and spoke with Larry Lacaille. He gave me a claim #1177682 and his email address (, and I emailed him 4 digital photographs of the damaged sink. I emailed Larry and telephoned ATG Stores several times after that and was told that the claim was still being processed and that it could take up to 30 days to resolve. Larry never responded to any of my emails. When I heard nothing back I challenged the charge through my credit card company Citibank. Citibank temporarily credited my account for the charge, but on February 7, 2011, I received a letter from Citibank indicating that it had contacted ATG Stores and was informed that they have no record of receiving the sink I returned, indicating that it had closed its investigation and reversed the credit. I responded to this letter that I had not yet received permission form ATG to return the sink and had it available for return. This morning, February 16, 2011, I again called ATG Stores and spoke with an agent who identified herself only as Rhonda. I gave her the claim number and told her about the letter from Citibank and asked for authorization to return the sink. She responded that is was out of ATG's hands because I had filed a dispute with Citibank and that it was now a matter between Citibank and me. I told her that was ridiculous and that ATG had made misrepresentaions to Citibank. She, like all of the prior agents I had spoken to, was extremely rude. She told me to calm down that there was nothing she could do. I asked for a supervisor and she said she was the only one there, and she ultimately hung up on me.

I have filed a complaint with both the Better Business Bureau ( and the State of Washington Attorney General's offfice (, and I encourage others who have been defrauded to do the samme. The following is the information for ATG Stores, aka lighting Universe:Business Name:

Allied Trade Group Inc.
11410 NE 122nd Way Ste 200
Kirkland, WA 98034-6927

Bus Phone: 425-814-2515
Bus Fax: 425-814-3875

Name of Owner / Manager: Gary Rubens and Jennifer Rubens (She is the contact person and is either Mr. Rubens' wife or daughter)

The day after I filed my complaint with the Better Business Bureau, Jennifer Rubens responded as follows>

Cusotmer has filed a chargeback, in order to proceed further the customer must either reverse or resolve the chargeback.

Attached is a copy of the chargeback process from the return policy.
Please do not request a charge back from your credit card company during the return process. Due to the time it takes to resolve charge back disputes, it is usually better to be patient and wait for the return process to run its course. If a charge back has been submitted, we will not be able to credit you for your return until the charge back mediation process has been completed. This process can take up to 180 days

I responded to this today, 2/22/11, as follows:

ATG, which is owned by a businessman out of Kirkland, Washington, Gary Rubens, has apparently instructed his employees to engage in sharp and unscrupulous business practices with respect to returns. One of his employees, apparently on his instructions, lied to Citibank and he has apparently now instructed another employee to lie to you in the above response.

As indicated in my complaint, an employee of Mr. Rubens, Larry LaCalle, on December 1, 2010, told me that it would take up to 30 days to process my claim. That alone surprised me, as in all my previous experiences with retailers - both internet and over the counter - returns or exchanges were handled immediately. When it was not promptly processed, I challenged the charge with my credit card holder, Citibank. When Citibank contacted ATG Stores, another of Gary Rubens’ employees, apparently also on his instructions, lied to Citibank, advising Citibank that it had no record of receiving the merchandise that was returned, knowing full well that it was (allegedly) still processing the claim and had never authorized a return. As a result, on February 7, 2011, S. Larson from Customer Service at Citibank notified me by mail that Citibank had closed its investigation and reversed the credit. Why did the employee of ATG not simply tell Citibank the truth – if it was the truth – that it was still processing the claim?

Another employee of ATG has now responded, likely also on the instructions of Gary Rubens, that ATG ceased processing the claim when I filed the challenge, and will not proceed further until I “either reverse or resolve the chargeback,” exactly what Rhonda from ATG had told me our telephone conversation last Wednesday. I told Rhonda that Citibank had reversed it - which was the reason for my call – and she stated that ATG had not yet received notice of that. How can any resolution with Citibank logically occur unless ATG agrees to credit my card for the damaged sink? Citibank should not be on the hook for this. Also, suddenly the period for processing the claim has increased from 30 days to six months. I need to be patient, the response alleges.
As to returns, my family was in the retail business for 30 years, and I worked in their store in my youth. If someone returned damaged merchandise, we processed the return immediately, refunding the amount paid. In nearly every case we recovered our cost from the manufacturer. We, of course, did not recover our profit from the sale, but we retained a customer. We never in a million years would have thought of telling a customer that we needed to investigate the return and to come back in 30 days or 6 months while we thought about it. What kind of a responsible business does that? What kind of a responsible business takes 6 months to process a claim for refund?

ATG, if it were a responsible business, and Gary Rubens, if he were a responsible businessman, would not be instructing his employees to stonewall and lie to customers with legitimate returns - apparently in the hope that they will give up in frustration. He should be ashamed. Each of his employees should be ashamed they are working for such a man and instructed to lie and cheat. As I told Rhonda in our conversation before she told me to calm down and hang up on me, “I hope you can sleep at night.”

Thank you for responding so promplty to my complaint. Please excuse the length of this reply. I am a cranky 62 year old retired person with nothing better to do that wear out my word processor. I will not be cheated.

Incidentally, the item I ordered from ATG was a handicapped sink for my newly remodeled bathroom, which is has been designed as a wet room for easy access by the elderly and infirm.

The sink, had it arrived in one piece, would have been perfect. I was forced to replace it with one not nearly so nice.

A: I'm really starting to wonder if this website is a SCAM? Everyone's complaints are about how they receive damaged goods but can't return it once they sign for it or get their money back like me. They ship out crap/damaged products on purpose and you sign for it not knowing it's damaged and their policy is you can't return it once you sign for it. ... See MoreMakes perfect sense! Plus they only have 5 people working on the phones b.c. when you call it's always the same people, no wonder there is no manager b.c. there really isn't one.
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