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Allivet reviews

35 reviews
Categories: Animal Health, Pet, Pet Supply
480 W 83rd St
Hialeah, FL 33014
Tel: 1 877 500 9944
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New Reviewer

Allivet has the best prices bottom line.They carry everything we need and the customer service is really good. I love my vet but Allivet has better prices on meds and better expiration dates. Plus I just buy more than one thing that covers the shipping and they send treats that make my doggy happy and the coupon makes me happy. (see my doggy pics). Love emmm! Thanks ya'll

New Reviewer

Very disappointed,

All meds, and I don't care if they are for animals or humans have at least a 1 year shelf life. The med I ordered, if fresh, can have a longer shelf life than a year. Allivet sent me old stock with a use by date of less than 6 months. They don't notify you of any problems with your order. Example;
backorders, out of stock etc. They just let you wait and have to contact them for answers. If I didn't need the meds they sent me it would have gone back. I have dealt with many online companies for pet meds before but, none that treat customers like garbage. People aren't stupid and no matter what generic excuse you come up with, you are WRONG!

New Reviewer

My vet recommended Panacur to my 10 wk puppy who had so many worms her belly was huge and her skin had bold spots all over. Within two weeks of dosage her fur is shiny and worm free I'm very pleased with the results . Great Service and a fast shipping i will buy from ALLIVET again :)

New Reviewer

i am a repeat customer to Allivet !! . I. have always been able to by my medication with an easy checkout, fast delivery , item as described. Great Company i highly recommend it !! Excellent

New Reviewer

I had to come back and leave a review considering I rely on reviews before purchasing online. I found and I was surprised how many good reviews they had. Not just in one place either. Bizrate, google trusted, and somewhere else I cant remember where at the moment. But then I came here and I was surprised to see such horrible reviews. I was so confused. Do I save money at the risk of never getting my order? I took the chance as the savings allowed me to buy two items we needed. My order went great. The only hold up was with my old vet. My new vet took care of the prescription quickly. Which brings me to believe many of these reviews are people pointing the finger at the pharmacy when they should really question their greedy vet. Allivet helped me through the entire process and recontacted my new vet quickly. I was surprised how nice they were! I had to leave a review that will allow the next pet owner to save money and understand that this is a lot like human meds. If your doctor doesn't send the prescription the pharmacy can't do anything. Legally that is!

New Reviewer

I have ordered from Allivet on many occasions and have always been very satisfied with the prices and service. I have recommended them to family and friends.

New Reviewer

Why is it that companies cannot understand simple shipping instructions? Every order I make, the first line of the shipping address says DO NOT USE FEDEX TO SHIP HERE..... I just placed an order with Allivet..... they confirmed it and even emailed me to say they will make SURE not to use FedEx..... just got a confirmation of shipment... WITH FEDEX GROUND!!!!!!! How many times do you have to POUND things into their heads???????? How hard is it to READ and FOLLOW directions?????????

New Reviewer

I fully agree with the other reviews stating Allivet is a bad company and won't take responsibility for anything. Allivet claims they shipped my package, but I never received a tracking number or the package. They will not help me with the Postal Service, and when calling the help line a woman named Claudia was very rude and accused me of being a liar. Just a horrible experience all around. Please, order your pet medicine from someone else.

New Reviewer

This company never admits it has done anything wrong. This last time was the third and last I will use them.. They always have an excuse , you can never speak to a supervisor and it goes round and round.. This last time I order a prescription that I sent from our Vet that my dog need to have reordered every week.. First they lost the prescription.. and I resent it... Was supposed to receive on Oct. 1 called them on the 15th .. and they said that I had to go and pick it up at the post office.. I had paid to have it shipped to my home... Called them on the 16th and they were going to refund the delivery fee... it is now the 21st and no refund... Everyone in this office is Hispanic they never understand what you are trying to tell them .. It is a disgrace that this kind of business with such poor customer service can still exist.. NEVER AGAIN.... will I place an order with them.

New Reviewer

This is THE WORST company I have ever dealt with. I have had to call them about 6 or 7 times with complaints where they have lost my order, lost my vet's contact information, etc. It is the 10th day, I still have not received my meds, I paid for expedited shipping, and guess what....they won't cancel the order, give me a discount, or even pay for the shipping costs. I ended up calling my bank to dispute the charges. Fortunately I have a good bank who will cancel the transaction since the charges have been pending for almost 2 weeks. I understand that every representative has had trouble with the English language, but these are medications for my dog...THEY CAN'T SHOW UP 2 WEEKS LATE!!!!!! Take my advice, don't risk your pet's health to save $5. Use someone else.

New Reviewer

Quite honestly the worst and slowest ordering experience i have ever had.
Avoid these people like the plague. Dishonest

New Reviewer

Worst experience ever. Mailed in a prescription as I was told I needed to. Never heard from them. Called and spoke with someone who was going to check on it for me and call me back. They never called. I called a week later and they told me that the prescription has expired that it was only good for 10 days upon receipt. What? They were also very rude. All I want to do is buy something from them. Absolutely NO customer service skill whatsoever. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR & STAY AWAY!

New Reviewer

Allivet is not to be trusted. They sell fake, conuterfiet, and blackmarket medications. I purchased heartworm preventative from them and at the encouragement from my vet brought the box unopended to them. They looked at the product and it looked similar on the outside. They called the drug rep for this particular meds and told me that Allivet is not an authorized pharmacy to sell it. My vet exchaneged the heartworm meds for me from their stock. They gave what I had purcahsed from Allivet to the drug rep. I later found out that the drug rep passed it to their lab which tested it and found out it was fake heartworm pills. Will not trust anymore online pharmacies for the safety and health of my pets. My pets could have gotten heartworms because of this and the drug company will not honor their products if not purcahse from your vet directly. For my pets health and safety I will only get these from my vet now.

New Reviewer

I have many animals. 4 Horses, 6 cats and 5 dogs. Not to mention the pot belly big and my reptiles. Our farm is a little zoo. Caring for these animals can be quite expensive. My husband and I started purchasing from Allivet when our vet recommended the pharmacy as one of the few online pharmacies he trusts. We are always so amazed at how quickly and safely our vaccines ship. My husband and I were most worried about purchasing the vaccines this way but Allivet always seems to impress us.

New Reviewer

Placed first order with Allivet. I am in Canada. Asked several times how they could get vaccines to me in good condition. ASSURED, ASSURED. Could take up to 10 days. ASSURED ASSURED ! They have some marvelous packaging system 3 days later called to ask why not shipped. They were out of something. No, they werent it was the other, no it was that one. No I saw that in the fridge. Will ship tomorrow. Oh it is actually here, shipped today.
Said at that point that I was having a really bad first experience with them. Apologies, Apologies!!
Received 8 days later in a box 3-4 x the size required with 3 tiny ice packs. Melted and WARM to the touch. $310 worth of vaccines gone unusable.
Was then strung along for 5 days being promised phone calls and they had to talk to supeivisors, one excuse after another. Then was going to get money refunded.
Then a couple hours later was told THEY ARE NOT LIABLE. NOT DOING ANYTHING. TOO BAD, SO SAD.
They sell vaccines to people too far away and ASSURE you that you will get them cold. Throw them in a huge box with a couple ice packs and send them off. They are not liable for the condition they are in when they get there.
Eventually I had the phone slammed down in my ear.
My friend that recommended this crappy company and says she had no previous problem before is in the same position. Only SHE HAS NOT EVEN RECEIVED HERS. 2 WEEKS LATER! They are going to do NOTHING for her either.
I have the emails to prove all this also.

New Reviewer

A friend recommended Allivet for purchasing adequan which was costing me an arm and a leg at my vets ($74 per shot). I can get 5 or 6 shots out of the two vials that I buy for $100 from allivet. I have no started buying my senior dogs pain meds from them too, halving my cost in half.
I would heavily recommend allivet. I have never had a problem with their website or
my orders.

New Reviewer

Have been ordering prescription items for many years from Allivet, shipping to Canada, WITHOUT a veterinarian's written prescription. Have now been advised that a prescription will be required to ship items to Canada ..... HOWEVER Canadian veterinarians CANNOT legally write prescriptions to be filled in the U.S. Allivet .... you will be losing most of your Canadian customers because of this. Allivet's online ordering forms have NOT changed; the box to check if shipping "Internationally" still remains, indicating that a veterinarian prescription is NOT REQUIRED to ship outside of the U.S. Customer Service representative very much needs education & managing pharmacist needs to learn law relating to Canada/U.S. prescription writing. They have lost my business, which has added up to THOUSANDS of dollars over the past many years. Pathetic.

New Reviewer

Allivet contacted my vet, and I received the medication for my dog in a timely manner. However, I was very surprised that the medicine arrived in a Ziploc baggie - no original packaging or expiration date. I had to assume that I received what I had ordered. However, I will not risk my dog's health again just to save a few dollars.

New Reviewer

In the past 20+ years, we have always had 3-4 dogs in our home. I have ordered multiple products from Allivet more times that I could possibly recall and have NEVER been anything but delighted with both the products and the service. I was truly shocked to see that anyone had had even a minor problem with them.

New Reviewer

I will never deal with them again. Do yourself a favor and find another place than this.

New Reviewer

I have had no problems with Allivet in the 4 years I've been ordering meds from them. I have 2 dogs and the costs were steadily rising at my veterinarian's office. For example, a 6-month supply of Sentinel would cost me $94.00 at my vet; the cost for the same item/quantity at Allivet is $52.99.. A SIGNIFICANT SAVINGS! And that doubles when buying for 2... almost like getting an additional 6-month supply free! I've never had any difficulty reaching them by phone or email and they ship as soon as they receive authorization from my vet. I highly recommend them.

New Reviewer

I have been using Allivet for years. My dog's medication is quite expensive, (like nearly double on some of the so called "top pet med sites." I have had little problem.....mostly in the beginning. I just call now, rather that use the site. It is easier and I know that my questions or concerns are answered immediately and revisions are put into the computer. This is the way to go if you are ordering an RX, as your vet has to approve it. Service is great and fast..the staff is very friendly and as far as that person who said they use "fake medication." were I Allivet, I would certainly consider suing her or him. That was ridiculous. Doesn't that person have a vet who can say why the bunny was not responding to the medication. Perhaps a different problem????

New Reviewer

I've tried to give the benefit of the doubt over the past year, but I've had enough! I've ordered medication for my dog through the website before and have been shipped the wrong medication, the wrong vet's office has been contacted in the past for prescription requests, and I was actually HUNG UP ON while calling to cancel an order. They are incompetent and I will never order from them ever again

New Reviewer

Placed order, after 5 days received e-mail that they can not ship my order to Virginia because they don't have license in VA state and if I want - I can wait for it, Seriously, WHY did you take my order to Virginia Beach in the first place, my dog needs medication asap and its not available at the local store. HORRIBLE Place, if someone wants to sue them for something - count me in

New Reviewer

Good prices. Great service. I have been ordering from them for 3 years and the meds always come within 3 days, even though they are in FLA and I'm in CA. I've never had a problem.

New Reviewer

I have to give my aged cat ,who has renal disease, some very expensive medicines in combination which would bankrupt me or cause me to have to put him down if I wasn't able to get some of these meds online at MUCH cheaper prices. My last order was in December of 2010, and the service was superior, the medicine is apparently NOT fake (as one of the reviewers claims) and my cat is very healthy. What I've ordered from Allivet is both Cypriheptadine, and Benazepril hydrochloride. So far, so good! The med's arrived quickly to Canada within 4 days, which I think is outstanding. My newest order is enroute, and I am assuming all will be well with it, too. I had no trouble finding the form within the site requesting my veterinary information so they could contact them to verify my prescriptions.,

New Reviewer

I hate this site. They just told me that I couldn't refill an Rx that was written a year ago that I had filled about 6 mos ago. The CS rep I spoke to was so unhelpful. She just said there was nothing they could do (or would do) and I am out of luck. I have a dog with severe allergies and I need these meds to keep him comfortable. I wouldn't use them again. They have no idea how to help customers.

New Reviewer

WHAT'S NOT TO LIKE??????????

New Reviewer

I'm shocked to see negative reviews & accusations here. I use Allivet every few months and have had excellent customer service, prompt shipping, and medications of obvious quality. My dog's ongoing skin issues clear within days of starting on his meds, which arrive really fast even when I don't specify overnight or 2-day. My only issue is that they send constant email updates about my order- 2 confirmations, 2 shipping confirmations... 2 of everything! But that's hardly a complaint, just superior service! I would (and have) recommend Allivet to everyone.

New Reviewer

I do order my heartworm meds from Allivet because they have the best price. Their phone service is fine and they contact my vet to approve the prescription without issue. But the website is TERRIBLE! It loads horribly slow, requires you to re-log in at ever step, and msot areas of the site return "invalid login" when the correct email and password are used. I think you're better off just calling their 800 number.

New Reviewer

Almost impossible to navigate. They sent me a email saying they needed prescription info but didn't tell me how to give it to them. Turns out there's a place on their site (that's pretty hard to find) where you can add info. But even that was funky and didn't accept my password

New Reviewer

I have been using for a year to order Epizyme medication for my dog & they have been the greatest! I receive the meds within 3 days of ordering (standard shipping, which is free because of the cost of the meds) and I have never had a problem with their customer service when I have had to call. They are also the least expensive of any other site I have found including vet offices & shelters.

New Reviewer

I use them every to months - I think their site is great, customer services is great, price is great and product is complaints her.

New Reviewer


WE ORDERED REVOLUTION from to treat the bunny mites that they had. For the previous 3 months we had been buying Revolution from our LOCAL veterinarian, and the mites had been killed.

HOWEVER, when we started using the "Revolution" from, we found the mites came back in FULL FORCE!! Today, 1 of our bunnies has bleeding spots burrowed into his skin and mites have eaten off half of his fur!!! USES FAKE MEDICATION! FAKE MEDICINE SELLERS MAKE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR FROM IT AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT THEY ARE DOING!

Don't risk losing your animal to death! DO NOT ORDER FROM!


New Reviewer

Animal medical supplies/prescriptions -  This on-line pharmaceutical company has been very difficult to deal with.
I have contacted them numerous times as to the whereabouts of the meds I have ordered and have been told everytime that 'they have been sent', or are shipping out 'today' only to call again and get a different story.My dog needed his arthritis meds and I finally told them that if they could not get my entire order sent that they needed to split it and send what they had as I was down to cutting my dogs meds in half to try and stretch them to last until the on-line meds arrived.If they are out of a critical med they need to inform their customers so other arrangements can be made.  I finally got one of the meds and now have been waiting for the other since March 23, 09 and today is April 22nd!!!!!  I have called on the last part of this order at least 6 times and everytime am told that the meds just came in and are being shipped 'rush' to get to me quickly.I will have to find another supplier...reliability is everything to me when it comes to taking care of my animals medical needs.Would not recommend Allivet to anyone at this point!

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