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Abine reviews

24 reviews
280 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210, USA
Tel: 1 (617) 492-0024

24 Reviews From Our Community

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Excellent hands on customer service to help me plow through the red tape and confusion surrounding account deletions. (in 3 reviews)

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9 reviews
34 helpful votes

Firefox, without much warning, stopped supporting MaskMe in favor of Blur, also an Abine product (an upgrade). I was able to contact them by phone to get my old MaskMe account deleted (one masked e-mail address was compromised and had at least 1500 spams in a short time). The tech support was fabulous and I had a Blur account up and running quickly. I am happy again not getting a ton of spam and / or malware coming my way. UPDATE: Blur by Abine just works great (in Blur is Do Not Track Me). A great upgrade from MaskMe.

Ask Paul about Abine
2 reviews
7 helpful votes

DNTM has blocked 75,000 trackers; works very well. Masking my email and phone is fantastic; enjoying the feeling of privacy. Had a few problems with credit card masking but the staff at Abine has been first class. Especial thanks to Samantha who worked with me to solve the problem, kept me informed, was unfailingly courteous, prompt, and made sure my ordered birthday gift for a child got to me in time. The error in using credit card masking was probably mine but at Abine Samantha never made me feel as though it was. Not crazy about either Google or Google Chrome. Do not intend to use either one again. Google for privacy reasons; Chrome doesn't work so well.

Ask Barbara about Abine
1 review
12 helpful votes

A Google search of my name came up with hundreds of links to offensive sites. The various domain owners were listed from New Jersey to Latvia. Google stipulates that for them to remove the links, you must first contact the spammers PERSONALLY and request the deletion! Can you imagine doing that?!? The "deletion-specialist" at Abine, who also happened to be an attorney, was absolutely great! She actually contacted these people, and before long, the links revealed "Error 404" messages, opening the door for Google's monthly "crawl" of the web to eliminate them.
We're talking hundreds of offensive links! My name was Mud and now it isn't, Thanks to Abine. Hearing the recommendation of this company by Wall Street Journal reporter, Julia Angwin, on the NPR show, "Fresh Air" was a pivotal moment in time. Thanks Abine!

Ask xxx about Abine
4 reviews
12 helpful votes

I'm taking the time to actually review them because I had a great experience with their customer service on chat. The person I spoke with was really helpful and walked me through updating an Abine add-on. That kind of patience and attitude is hard to find these days, let alone in customer service. Their software is awesome, too. Easy to use.

Ask Kyle about Abine
1 review
3 helpful votes

I have been using chrome blocker since August, 2010. I use it to block all, including the 4 trackers on the Jabber website. I assume it is working. But, I will telll you that I have never been directed to purchase anything from Abine; it just keeps working quietly in the background.

Now that I know they have something that will do the same for IE, which I have to use at work since other programs I need only tie into it, I will let you know.

Ask Mark about Abine
1 review
3 helpful votes

I use abine to keep sites from tracking me and stealing and selling my information. Works great!

Ask Justin about Abine
9 reviews
39 helpful votes

Found this site after a friend told me that they deleted her name and address from spokeo for free, which was cool. I had a live chat with someone from deleteme, their site that deletes accounts and pages and things, to see if they'd be able to remove my name from I have no idea how they had my info, but it's one of the top google results for my name. They were able to do it no problem. It's a good concept for a service and I can see a lot of people needing to use it in the future.

Ask Derek about Abine
11 reviews
39 helpful votes

My gf used deleteme, owned by Abine, to get rid of an untrue review of her shop that her competitors put up and she was really happy with their service. I have more experience with the software end of Abine because i've been using chromeblock since it came out. I like that it's hands off unless i want to see which trackers i'm blocking, but it lets me do that, too. All in all, great customer service and cool software.

Ask Josh about Abine
6 reviews
15 helpful votes

I'd hate for this to sound like overkill, but Abine really has changed the way I use the internet for the better. I haven't had a chance to explore all of the features yet, so I can't speak on the product as a whole, but I like what I've seen so far. The opt out functions and protection against tracking are more effective and easier to use than the add-ons I was using before I found Abine.

I also like being able to see all of the accounts I've signed up for (and allowed password save permission) but forgot existed. One such site had my credit card info stored on it as well. I was able to find this easily and delete the stored access info with the Abine privacy suite.

Finally, the email alias function and identity manager allows me to send inquiries and sign up for offers and accounts without having to worry about an onslaught of followups, surveys, and spam to my main email account.

I have to give a 4 out of 4. It's just too cool and too easy to use. I would definitely recommend it to all of my fellow privacy-conscious web surfers out there.

Ask Tommy about Abine
1 review
3 helpful votes

It seems to be doing as advertised however I get a security certificate warning that the websites certificate was issued for a different address? Any way to resolve?
Tom M

Ask Tom about Abine
1 review
5 helpful votes

Excellent hands on customer service to help me plow through the red tape and confusion surrounding account deletions. A very committed team. Highly recommended.

Ask jason about Abine
1 review
3 helpful votes

The Taco 3.6 with Abine is a useful add-on, yet you almost need a PhD to understand all the terminology that goes along with it. I'm not sure it's something that I'd use on a regular basis to monitor the activity on my computer while I'm on the internet, and it almost makes me more worried with all the products out now it *really* protecting me, or just another scam to get into my computer?

Ask Heather about Abine
705 reviews
3,033 helpful votes

Here's something that's going to find a home in many people's browsers, I reckon. If you are already running the Taco 3 anti-cookie add-on for Firefox you've already got this installed from the time of writing this review. If not, give it a try, I think it's a useful one.

What the add-on does is to present you with a comprehensive report of what a website is up to, behind the scenes, as soon as you arrive. For example it will tell you, if it knows, what information this site is storing about you; it will tell you what, if any, tracking services the site is using to follow you around, and it will tell you how many cookies the site has dumped on your computer already. It will also give you a rough idea of how safe the site is, if you don't want to get bogged down in the various details. The data is provided in an unusually pretty format, which will catch your eye even if the information provided doesn't.

Sitejabber just squeaks into the 'safe' portion of the chart, because it uses Google Analytics, but otherwise it seems a safe enough place to visit - so far ;-)

Another service that Abine is trying out, is called 'Delete Me' and the concept here is that for a price, depending on difficulty, they will remove details about you which you or others have unfortunately posted to various places and now wish you hadn't. The most commonly requested, unsurprisingly, is removal of a Facebook or MySpace account, but the company promises to tackle much more complicated and/or secure data for an appropriate fee. As long as they keep these fees reasonable, I can see this being a popular service once the word gets around.

The Abine services are currently in beta, which means that they should be reasonably stable for most users but may throw a bug now and again, or simply that the provided data and the overall presentation hasn't been formalized yet. The browser add-on seems rock solid to me, so I see no reason NOT to give it a try. What websites are doing with whatever data they can grab is important and you should be informed, even if you don't necessarily choose to do anything drastic with that information.

I'd like to see this combined with user-created information such as that provided by the Web Of Trust service; it's not essential, since if you want that data then you will probably have joined WOT anyway. But it would be neat to have the WOT rating there, as an encouragement to join up as well as providing another layer of security. Other than that, I find little or nothing to fault about this one and it should do well.

Ask Chris about Abine
1 review
2 helpful votes

I've been using the masked emails for about a year and was very happy with the service. Later I decided to upgrade to the premium version and test out the masked cards. The first problem is that I signed up for a 1 year subscription, got charged for 3. Then the masked email that I set up for my masked card purchase (first time through the premium set up) never worked, but the credit card charge did. I'm out $132 and until this gets resolved likely to cancel my premium account.

Ask Lindsay about Abine
1 review
14 helpful votes

The free stuff works fairly well, but BEWARE of using credit cards with this site. I'm currently trying to recover a bogus charge and their phone line (800-928-1987) puts you on hold for about 1 minute and then a recording comes on that states :I'm sorry, no one is available to take your call, goodbye." You are then promptly hung up on. I'll keep you posted on what happens

Ask Michael about Abine
1 review
3 helpful votes

i cant tell any difference from the amount of files that DNT stops compared to InPrivate browsing.Both seem to allow tracking to some extent ,based on the number of temp files and cookies that are deleted when i run my ccleaner.

Ask jack about Abine
1 review
5 helpful votes

Abine is providing a tool do not track me. i installed the tool and it looks working fine. But my concern is they are tracking us by showing number of trackers stopped by Abine tool using some sort of their own tracker that is not blocked by them. They say the data they have is safe but that's what all companies say. How about when they are getting acquired by a bigger company? Data will be sold to them. Irony - Do not Track itself tracks me.

Ask Gary about Abine
1 review
13 helpful votes

I downloaded this program on advice of a friend. It worked great, that is until I updated to a newer version. Then my IE8 browser would not work. It would open and then immediately close. Removed the program and have had no problems since. Would like to know what caused this so I can once again download this program.

Ask Joseph about Abine
1 review
5 helpful votes

I like the look of Abine. It displays the relevant information about tracking, optout, and cookies at the lower right of the browser. However, unfortunately, it also slows down my browsing experience. I've tried a few things to deal with this, but it slows down my service, even the Fast Dial page I set up for Firefox. At the present time I cannot recommend this, but I do recommend they take some cues from the Ad Block and NoScript! add-ons for Firefox.

Ask Eli about Abine
1 review
5 helpful votes

Delete Me did absolutely nothing to remove my name and sensitive info from the Internet. Complained numerous times to Delete Me. Always attempted to assure me they would "take care" of the situation. The Internet also shows I lived in a city in Ohio in which I never lived. Complained about this with no assistance. I'm not even able to log into my account any longer. This website was recommended by USA Today. Will never trust that news outlet again for suggestions. Delete Me was a huge waste of time and money.

Ask Danielle about Abine
1 review
11 helpful votes

the mask cc is not worth it. charged my card 4 times for the same purchase even though the website replied that the masking was not established correctly. Finally had to use my cc in the clear to complete the purchase so was charged 5 times for 1 purchase. and now have to file dispute between CC company, vendor, and Abine.

Ask Bill about Abine
1 review
9 helpful votes

I added the ad tracker b/c I didn't want to be tracked, said no ads etc so I signed up. Then to day as I was working online I get this page

that auto pops up, closed it, comes up again. REALLY?....YES I SAID REALLY! So then I proceed to tell Olivia the agent to tell the CEO not to lie to people and she smarts off with "well you signed up for it and things
(I worked sales in & out for over 5 years and I can tell when a CSR is being rude, smart, and just doesn't give a crud about her job. Yes, low wages and everyone tells her off all day but that is NOT how you make a sale/commission!!!!! PERIOD.)
I then tell her to not be a "kunt and not have an attitude" and she just ends call (it's two curse words for her to do that, and she broke protocol, plus if she cared she would listen to 100. I did and had an 36% client turn over rate on great discount membership cancellations. She don't care, or give a crud AT ALL!!! Or she would have tried to make a sale/commission for me to keep your product but didn't!!!

Now I'll apologize for saying the c word and such, but the problem with companies is YOU CANT BE HONEST. The truth will set you free, be upfront & honest and you will achieve your dreams. Till then, keep getting called a C and put up with jerks like me that can sell anything and flip an irate customer upside down, buying triple of what your offering.

PS: You unsubscribe me or I will report this to the Kansas State Attorney General's Office for your "borderline" illegal practices!!!! Cold/Warm email marketing.....come one magazines did better! And fire that HR person that hired Claudia because she can't trained a wet dog!

Thank you, have a wonderful day (truly do have a good day)

Ask Salina about Abine
4 reviews
14 helpful votes

I have barely started using 2 of the Abine products, free versions. Do Not Track Me & MaskMe. I get an email request from Abine to take a survey for Abine:

Help us develop our next privacy tool

Here at Abine we're hard at work developing the next big tools in online
privacy, and could use your help to make them better. We rely on user
feedback to make sure we're developing products our users will love.

If you have 1-2 minutes, please help us out by taking a quick survey.

So, I agreed & got into the survey. First question was which of their products I use, Second question was wanting to know if I pay for an identity theft protection. Third question is about all my insurance coverage.. health, auto, etc. & I just closed the survey window.. I don't think this was cool, at all. Why do they need to know what kind of insurance I purchase & use? I agreed to take the survey to help them better their product & they want to know my insurance usage, almost at the very beginning of the survey.

It appears that they were not trying to better their product, but sell me another product. I went back and went through the survey & it just seems like a convoluted hot mess.

I have no use for companies that aren't more honest & to the point. Just try to sell me something else. Do not mask your sales attempts! Especially when you are trying to sell me privacy software.

Also, I noticed that the MaskMe program had recorded my log in info on a couple of my accounts that I have had for years, that I had not used the MaskMe service to create. I got no permissions requester, at all, to do this. Found it odd that it only did this on a couple accounts, rather than all that I had logged into, since I started using MaskMe.

MaskMe is still in beta & only offered after I installed Do Not Track Me.

Ask Robbie about Abine
1 review
8 helpful votes

After a few days it starting redirecting me to site to buy $#*!
I use above can help you uninstall that $#*!

Ask Tomb about Abine

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