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AmoLatina reviews

124 reviews
551 5th Ave
New York, NY 10017
Tel: 1 (800) 844-3978
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124 Reviews for AmoLatina

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Good luck and i hope you'll find your love guys on this site!

I agree with the guy before me... same messages all the time.

Got an email from a friend about this site, said he was right up my street.

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New Reviewer

This site is run by Anastasiadate is paying girls to chat and for correspondence. You can read all about this scam in there is job advertisements... all of what you need to know, They operate the same way as it is the same company and there goal take you for thousands on pay per chat

New Reviewer

I would rate this a negative 5 but it doesn't go that low. This site Amolatina is the biggest ripoff of anything I have ever seen on ant internet site period. The girls are not real......the girls are not real........they keep you writing different authors in writing. The chat is a rip-off you will never talk to the real person if you use their call line. You never get to talk to anyone customer service routes through when you call Amolatina you get Vlad in Moscow. Attitude no help they have no regional offices.
You will never be able to verify the person you are suppose to be talking with......avoid avoid avoid avoid at all cost.....................the worst experience ever. If you want feel free to email will tell you anything you want to know stay as far away as possible....scam scam scam scam

New Reviewer

The women are paid to chat with you and it is widely known that they are also paid to read your letter and they get paid to write you. And that isn't fraud???

New Reviewer

Hi guys, don't waste your time it's a total scam, they are robber's just out to take your hard earn't cash.. Forget about it!!!!

New Reviewer

Hi guys I would like to thank u so much with that small tip I come across in your site about these date site its true its date sites. I have a lot of letters from the site of china called assian and Russian called Ukraine plus amolatina or lmo. I joint the site this year after I devoiced with my wife 7year back and now meet other woman I send her to school after school collage after that other man find her job and there start to cheat on me. I live her and I open my workshop which is fix diesel engine in my big town. so I have no longer trust black woman and joint two of these site thank I can get one white laddie out side my country I fill the form and join I put my business account gold card to pay the site. They take my money close to 13 000 00 rand in my account no I charger the bank. I didn't close the site I want to read the mind of these girls by reading the letters me I no longer have access to send the letters because I took all my money and open other account.

New Reviewer

here's the ladies contest page with the winners. they get paid to keep you chatting and sending mail.
There's a pic with one lady who has 3 monitors in front of her so she can really rack up her points

New Reviewer

I think you need to understand, which seemed to me quite clear, that this is not a dating site but a marriage site - range of ages, quality (high) of pictures. centre of people (Colombia). That is fine and they have been around for a long time here and moreso in Asia - 'Thai brides' etc

Read this article in a good UK newspaper only today....

New Reviewer

I have read all the other reviews here and would like to say that you are not alone. I too have been scammed by this site and people in there. There may be leggit Girls on there but good luck finding them and hope you have a huge budget. I will warn anyone to stay away from San ID: 1164021 and a few others that have already been mentioned and so many more that its just not worth writing about. I had been Writing to this for a while and rang up to speak with her and all good or so I thought. We managed to exchange emails and thought all was going great. Then, when we started to write outside Amolatina was when I started to get all the problems she was having. They all led to Money!!!!!

I have had my suspicions about the site for a while but really had no way of putting all together. I was chatting with Girls one day then the next day I conversed about our previous conversation and they just did not add up. Nothing they said added up. As I said this was not only with one woman it has been with various. I have had one girl that has been very good but after a while she still does not want to meet and gets pretty pissed off when I say I am ending chat.

Anyway, getting back to San, I wrote to amolatina about my concerns and asked them several questions about their process of accepting the women to the site,and after some correspondance back and forward I got "We believe that the best measure to settle this is to ring the lady and ask her" Well F..K ME. It is because I dont trust what these ladies are saying that I wanted their help.

I did some digging around myself and found out that San or Sandra as her real mane, is a profesional model, her birthday was false on amolatina, her place of residence is false on amolatina and she is MARRIED.

I am Australian of a Spanish background. I had been around South America for a while and living in Colombia for 4 years up until Christmas this year. I have seen plenty. Plenty of scams, Plenty of robberies, Plenty of broken hearts. THESE WOMEN are belivable, and when you least expect it they take the lot. Alot have boyfriends that are in the scams and you know what, if you have what they want , they are the cunning, manipulative, liers, thieves and most of all patient until the right time. Been there done that and have seen it happen to not only fellow Australians but blokes all over the world. Not saying that there are no honest ones but they have a complete different mentality to ours.

Also for anyone travelling because their lady has decided to meet you please be ware. When I got to an agengy to meet a girl I was corresponding with , I was surprised to find that they tried to get me to meet everyone but the girl I thought I was going to meet.

As far as is concerned, I will be taking a kind Gentlemans advice on some reviews here and report it to the FBI as fraud. Maybe they can do something because local police in respective countries dont want to know anything. They are as corrupt as the people running the show.

Good luck people and hope this has helped. I dont talk $#*! ,I talk from experience.

For anyone that does not believe me about the lady in my story go to the site look her up and then go watch this.

She appears at about 2.53

New Reviewer

HORRIBLE !!!! I just wish to God I had reviewed the site on here before using that service. I have been on that site since Oct 12' and have spent quite a bit of "dumb idiot" money corresponding to these phantom ladies or chat operators. I estimate I spent maybe $500-$700. Well, I made up my mind today 4/27/13 to discontinue using the site after I recieved a reply letter from a hot brazilian in which I wrote her some very specific things about my life and I asked her very specific questions and her response had absolutely nothing to do with the letter I sent her. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD SITE !!!!!... I have been to south america (Colombia) a couple of times before and I think the money I spent here would have served me much better if I had just used it on taking some spanish lessons. The only one good thing I can say about the site is that it open my eyes to the beautiful women of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I had no knowledge about that city before. I will be purchasing the Rosetta Stone portuguese language lessons asap as I am now highly considering taking a trip there for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. . Good luck guys and please please please stay away from amolatina site. Nothing but lies and heartbreak there. Save your money and just go to these latin countries instead. If you have a spanish speaking buddy to be your wingman that can travel with you, even better. Good Luck guys !!!

New Reviewer

This is clearly a website whose purpose is clearly making money at the expense of clients (men) who fall prey to the beauty of Latina women. Unfortunately, the women are compensated for their 'chatting' through prizes and US$ for the ones chatting the most. There are likely some women who are authentic but many who even admit they are there to collect 'points' for each minute they chat. They'll say just about anything to string someone along...then when confronted, they deny and appear offended. But if you don't believe me, check out the 'ladies' end of the business, . There you'll see the photos and the winnings from certain ladies. And though the company is well aware, they continue this fraud using the hormones from the guys and the appetite of the women as a recipe for a huge money maker. You might be fortunate to meet someone, but I'd recommend using another site or travel to these countries yourself. Chatting is expensive, letters are expensive and by the time you add up your investment in romance, you could have traveled to the country to explore for yourself. Good luck. I'll post women who have been ID'd as 'ones to avoid'...but you'll learn for yourself. Sorry, we have to admit, our brains go dead when we have a beautiful women becking our time and attention.

New Reviewer

There are definitely girls that scam you for money. Be aware of the one called Kika ID: 1166503. I found out her real name in Facebook to be Cristiane Cherubino and once confronted she would say her ex-boyfriend hacked her account and she wouldn't notify Facebook because she fears what he may do to her. A bunch of baloney. She would then say she lost her job and her mother got sick so you would feel bad and send money. Typical scam. Pretty sure there are more like her there. Stay away from this amolatina!

New Reviewer

I lucked out..They only got me for 30.00. But it was a test !!!.
Two Beautiful women contacted me from Brazil from a city I will visit very soon. I took enough credits to read the BS e-mail. I answered telling them I will be there, and let's set up a meeting using the phone service (were info can be exchanged)
Both of them read my letter. One no longer exsists in profile and the other NO REPLY.
Join the CUPID sites. One fee, and 8 out of 10 women are serious. Of course these women do not have photoshopped pictures. But what you see is what you get !!!

New Reviewer

Please gentlemen stay away from amolatina. You will be better off..traveling by air to Latin America especially Rio de Janiero and meet your Latin lady in person.This website is very expensive and not trustworthy.

New Reviewer

Ah man this site looked pretty legit, but I guess it's a no go. Thank god I didn't waste any cash on this site... Us American guys that check out these sites and love these Latina women ought to get together and just get a bulk rate on air fare and rooms. hmmm

New Reviewer

This is a letter which I wrote to AMOLATINA :
I strongly suspect that quite a few of your ladies in Belo Horizonte Brasil are scammimg clients and committing internet fraud!!either with your connivance or not.
Specifically the following ladies:
ID 1152058 Angelica Belo Horizonte
ID 1166250 Nina Vepasiano BH
ID 1154390 Lidiane BH
ID 1164482 Liziane BH

With Angelica I exchanged 17!! letters and she was very keen on seeing me -read her
last letters!!.She was really pleading me to call her, probably afraid she would lose her commission. But after the phone call with her where we exchanged e-mails and tel. numbers total silence. The phone she gave was a store in a shopping center and false.
I have the distinct impression that the girls on the phone are not the ones one has written to. Also very strange is the operator in Moscow she's the one who gave me the e-mail adresses.
I suspect these are special dead end adresses that nobody looks at.

Nina same thing ,about 4 letters exchanged and various expensive chats where a meeting in BH was planned but after the tel again no more contact although she was very eager to meet me. 3 private e-mails unanswered.

Lidiane had less letters but the same scheme- after she gave me her e-mail adress total silence. No more commissions no more letters.

I strongly suspect they are being paid by you by way of kickbacks to keep the men 'warm' so that they purchase more letter credits, then incite the men to expensive chats and finally even more expensive tel. calls. I also suspect they signed contracts with you forbidding them to contact men directly which is difficult as the women give you dummy adresses.

All the 3 ladies had funny voices and were totally without feeling or emotion on the phone and were completely cold. It is not difficult to find a beautiful girl but one that can also act that's a little more dificult. I suspect these are paid operators who have the profiles and the letters in front of them when you call so that they won't make mistakes.

I think the whole Amo Latina scheme is a big fraud!!.

I was just congratulated by you on using 1000 credits. $800 down the drain! I am not spending another dime on your very questionnable site. There must be other poor bastards out there spending thousands of $ on your virtual women. The women probably exist but you will never meet them.
Some of them are really beautiful and too good to be true to be looking for men in the internet. All the above are knock outs and beautiful women and are doing this for a little extra money but certainly not to meet men.
I think your scheme is like a ponzi scheme there are always new suckers who fall into the trap.
Anyway you guys are laughing all the way to the bank.But remember Lincoln said you can fool some of the people some of the time , you can even fool some of the people all of the time but you can't fool all the people all of the time.

New Reviewer

Hey guys! I have been a member since more than a year at AmoLatina without spending a dollar, just to see have many chicks that my sweet talk could attract and also too see how many of those stunning women that still after a year haven´t found "the right one". I am not surprised that most of them still is looking for Mr Right, check this link and get your own impression..

All these "success stories" is probably fake our compensated (my own opinion) only with the reason to catch more stupid guys without brain.
It´s only a business, don´t you get it? It is perhaps some chicks that are serious, but most of these breathtaking, wonderful women is only in this to cheat you as much as possible.
I can tell that during this year I have received love letters from at least 400 ladies, most of them so beautiful that your mind goes crazy, they blow you out of universe. You think they are interested in you? HA! If you think so you are a donkey. Get your brain out of your ass and start thinking. If you still think the women at AmoLatina is serious.. that´s your problem. I know that I have "saved" hundreds of dollars which I would use to pay my flight ticket for and visit Colombia or Costa Rica, or Panama or Brazil or..... I am sure that I can find my dream date faster and more secure by doing that.
Good luck! to you who still believe in AmoLatina.
BTW: of course I used fake identity, what d´ya think?

/Johnny Bravian

New Reviewer

I am used to expensive site to the first email exchange and then goes to your email thereafter.

I communicated with someone who spoke English, but we were barred from EVER exchanging personal information, but instead had to use their translation services.

There simply IS NO WAY to contact and actually meet someone. The system runs all communication, censors all communication like good south american dictators and when asked how to meet this person, the ONLY WAY TO COMMIUNICATE IS TO BUT A TOUR.

That is certainly NOT advertised. there is a dating site and a tour - but to meet someone you have to buy a tour costing thousands of dollars.


New Reviewer

Says right there in the Terms of Use Agreement
".... You may not include in Your correspondence with other members any URLs, email addresses or telephone and fax numbers."

New Reviewer

Most of the letters go right to a Russian call center where Boris writes you back. All photos are mostly bought and used to market the site. Have you ever notice most of the woman are on 24 hrs a day to chat. This site is part of anastasiaweb another scam site. Hold on to your credit cards and do not trust this site.

New Reviewer

I am a little bit different than most of you guys. I am Colombian myself and looking for a lady in my own country. So I was trying it through amolatina. I had a very nice chat with two ladies. They were shocked that I wasn't a gringo, but they really enjoyed that they could talk to a paisano. I dont know if I was talking to a 'translater', but I mentioned a few very specific things about my city in Colombia and also I talked Colombian slang, and it seemed this girls were real. Unfortunately they didnt want to give me their emails 'yet', they admitted this would get them "fired". But I know I could probably offer them a lot more then what they get from "amolatina". I prefer givin the money to the girls than to amolatina. So next time I talk to the girl I gonna propose exchanging numbers and I'll say I'll pay her twice what amolatina pays her, so she shouldnt be worried about losing her "job" (yeah "job"..)

New Reviewer

hey guys, I was doing some digging. I was googling a young lady I was chatting with on
What pops up, her picture several times. I click on a pic of her I haven't seen before, and the website the ladies use pops up. It was the amolatina ladies news.
In the news they had pictures of the girls that won the weekly prizes for the most chat time. One girl one an Iphone and others won spa trips and etc.
So the girls have an incentive to keep you chatting and taking your money.
Now, is it a scam? I'm not sure yet. Now I have some fuel to really find out.
I'm going to confront my new friend and see what her response is. i have already told her I will be visiting her town next month. She seemed really excited. We talked in code about getting from under Amo's foot. She left me clues on where she lived. I asked her in a round about way, if she had facebook or not and she said no. I mentioned how expensive it was to chat and she said she understood and was surprised at the cost. Don't know if I believe that or not. i will be going in Sept. on R&R from Afghanistan. Now I'm not some old perv looking for some young piece of ass. i have no problem with dating attractive women, I have had many. But i am tired of american women trying to play men for their money.
I'm pretty set in the money department and i'm looking for a humble woman that knows the worth of a dollar.
Anyhoo i will let you guys know what happens in the next few days and on my trip to Colombia.


New Reviewer

I believe this site is like many other sites out there...out for your buck.

Do you have the possiblilty to meet a beautiful woman from South America? Absolutely! But...Read the fine print.

I tried to chat, the response times were so slow..i could have sent messages by pigeon. ...I asked the girl for a YM...She sent a unhappy face...WTF?

Oh..By the way...did you read the fine print.... they are not responsible for Internet connection speed, dropped messages, etc

I have used YM, and video chat with others....Amolatina must have servers from 20 years ago. They are making millions of dollars. Why don't they have the best PC systems? Did you notice they are located in Cyprus? That is not South America folks....I believe they are part of the Anastasia International Company...and worth millions.

They can pay the women to take professional photos, and I would not doubt, pay them a percentage of your spent cash. There are women on that site that have been there for years...Beautiful, sexy, single ladies. Why are they still there years later?

I am sure a guy might meet a beautiful latina through their website eventually...of course he could have probably made a down payment on a Vette or a house for what he spent with them.

I have concluded it's nice to go look at some pictures off beautiful women that are sincere in their search. Hopefully she will post a profile with another website as well and you can finde her. They do not post last names on Amolatina..

They say all this is to preserve the quality of the women and their website.. Oh really? I think A Foreign Affair is a better website and making millions legitimately, and honestly.

New Reviewer

Beautiful women, but not sure they are as listed. The fees are excessive... and one gest a lot of emails from supposed women but I think it's just a scam... IE, the letters are generated from bogus originations just to collect fees imposed to read emails and one has to buy credits.. now it's $8 per letter read. Thus, receiving dozens of "emails" from "interested ladies" every day I can only assume the emails are automatically generated. There appears to be a lot of racism also as I contacted a listed woman in Puerto Rico and she told me to get lost... "no gustaria el gringos."

Well, we "gringos" need love too and me gusta muerjes Latina. But.. based on my experience on Amolatina: "No mas"

New Reviewer

I agree with the negative reviews that are expressed before me. I read, write and speak Spanish and some of the answers I get to my questions are completely unrelated. Some questions I consider important go unanswered. And it seems to me the women are trained to get you to spend money. Or perhaps the womenare just photos and someone else answers questions for them. I just do not get a good feeling from this site. Go at it at your own risk. As for me, I have paid them my last visit. I believe I've been duped!

New Reviewer

Went on a recent tour to Columbia ,Medellin with this site (big thaks to Dave for looking after us all) and had an amazing time.
The women were out of this world, fun, friendly and sexy. Hotel was great and the nightlife was entertaining.
Using the site can be a little expensive depending upon your income I suppose. I met all the girls I set out to meet so warrants 5* in my book at least. Quite a few of the guys on tour with me seemed to hit it off with the girls too.

New Reviewer

NO doubt an absolute fraud, the gal I linkedin to stated that they make a commission on the amount of minutes they can keep a chat open. The translator will take take time in between translation just to fatten the minutes. Sure, they are gorgeous but moral character is huge and any woman who does this or knows of this sluts out in my book - of course I did pay too . . . hmmh, that makes me quite the idiot too. At least learn and you'd be surprised via google and linkedin how easy it is to find the true gals with careers.

New Reviewer

THe following is a letter I sent to AmoLatina this evening. I am now convinced I should have done research before getting involved to the amount of $2,000. Stupid me.
To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Glenn Nelson. I have been paying for your services for over 6 months. I probably have spent on this site alone $1000. Tonight I am said to report something that I have found that I will be reporting to the IMBRA-the organization that you are a member of and whose rules you supposedly follow.

Last evening I was contacted by a new lady from Cartagena Colombia. I read her profile and did some instant chat time with her. I learned that she was new. When we finished our conversation I looked for other new ladies from Caragena. I found several. I then began to read their profiles. Each and every one of these ladies used the following statement for the type of man that they wish to find. The statement is cut and pasted from one of the ladies.

WITH ANYONE OTHER THAN YOU(preferable age: from 25 to 55).

No doubt beautiful words. No doubt hollow words. The ladies who used this statement include the following member numbers:
(Note all numbers begin with 116)5338,5408,5397,5357,5356,5337,5395,5387,5393,8339,5388,5386. In total I found 12. I think that is pretty disgusting, don't you agree.

To add insult to injury, I find three ladies (1165230,5238,5202)all using a different statement from the above, but exactly the same in all three cases.

I am saddened by ths, I am appauled by this,and expect compensation from you.


Glenn Nelson

New Reviewer

Ok, the real deal ! YES this site is a rip off. However everything has its good points. First thing that you need to know to better understand is that this site pays the women to get men to talk, send gifts and spend money through the site. What did you expect, its a business. Yes, i got caught up in this as well, and spent probably over 1000 usd. I must admit i was entertained and had a good time doing it. I was fortunate to actually meet one of the ladies that i was interested in and she let me know exactly how they work.Another thing you should know is that sometimes if the woman is not available, an agent of the company will get on that ladies account as the lady to talk to the guys that are interested in her to get them to spend more money. So if you think your girl online has a split personality, its not her its more than likely some guy that gets part of her commissions for getting you to spend money. Yes the woman are incredible, you just have to get passed Amolatina security and then find a woman that is not just looking to make money. Amolatina looks for beautiful women it latin countries that want to make easy money talking on the internet to guys that want to spend money talking to beautiful women. It is like going to a strip club trying to take one of the dancers/strippers home. Yes it can be done, but not likely and you will usually spend some money before you fail. The question is, did you have a good time? If you decide to continue with this site, please keep in mind that the women talk to many guys, what makes you different, or separates you from the rest? Be cincere, be special, be careful, and dont act like a freak. Good luck, have fun, and do not spend your last dollar.

New Reviewer

Stay away at all costs. This is a scam the same thing that happened to other guys has happened to me through this site. Stay away..............

New Reviewer

Fortunately I googled the web site and found all kinds of negative reviews and so I did not spend a dime, thanks to everyone that wrote a review on this site. I was actually going to take the Romance Tour, at a cost of $2600 and change. Thanks to the reviews posted here, I did not get ripped off.

New Reviewer

It was more than I ever expected. I met women I had wrote to and alot more. Medellin and the tours Amolatina takes you on are excellent. Learn spanish.
I went out with 8 women and had many more wanting to get with me. I am 55 and found them delightful,fun,sexy and sexual. I will only date Latin women now as once you experience a passionate Latina, no more American women for me.
I will be returning in March and even meet a few guys that had been doing the tours for a few years, I know why now.

New Reviewer

I also tried to use a similar website, which is asking for money each time to read an email from a girl. But all of those emails seem to be made of templates and never give contact info. however there are legitimate sites exist. i have used which charges $15/month for unlimited access to real women. of course they are not as beautiful as on scam sites, but they are real.

New Reviewer

find amazingly beautiful women . Makw sure profile fits what you want . ie. kids, drink, smoke, god, etc. print photos of ones you like. then know you NUST travel to her city, with photos in hand, snd like a dog in heat, track her down. ok. got it? if not? read again. there are, unfortunately, no exceptions.
muchas suerte.
ricky newby

New Reviewer

First, most of what is said on here is true. Let me explain how and scam you. They state that they do not give out personal info to protect the girls. This is crap, how is knowing a girls email or having it delivered directly to her not private! Second, you do not need translation, other dating sites do that for you for free or you can go to Google Translater and cut and paste in the message. Why they do this is that the translater in each country they operate in is the scammer! They answer all the emails. Do you think that perfect blond in the Ukraine who is in college every day from 9am to 3pm - that's their schedule! then also probably working a job has time to answer the 50 or so emails she gets each week? Of course not. The translaters read the prior correspondence and carry on the relationship with you. If you travel there, they will insist on meeting with you and the girl - for the girls safety of course! ha! I once took my own translater and the most they could say was that "I was obviously stupid for paying two translaters and she couldn't be interested in someone so foolish! hilarious! Well, I'm part Russian and have travelled there extensively but still fell for this on a trip and a half. But, this is huge, through a friend I met who was a Med student, he intro'd me to a former translater who quit because he felt so bad about taking the money. Understand that in Russia/Ukraine, scamming is a form of intelligence, not seen as a crime, its a very different culture, though in any poor country Anastasia and subsidiaries pray on poor women telling them that the men only want to meet you and there are no expectations, it is exciting for them to meet such beautiful foreign women! Plus you get a nice dinner (a casual restaurant visit is usually reserved for their birthday if their lucky) and no one is harmed because we're all so rich!! Well, the second time I met the translater for drinks he was actually with a girl who I met through Anastasia on my first visit to Odessa! Oh, and the planned tours - avoid them! I walked into a bar where there was one, there were 6 old ugly US guys and 10 average looking women who were completely disinterested, I felt bad for them and at least spared myself that embarrassment though I am still embarrassed and realize how much money I lost. The translater told me that Anastasia makes over 1 million a month!! Please please go to a trusted site, they exist! You will know when only 1 out of 10 girls is hot, that's real! Safe hunting!

New Reviewer

Just look up mahe internet services says it all. Thought it was a scam but for fun paid only 15.99 same old stuff send me info pay to read. bazinga the lights got brighter....did ask one of the girls if she recieved any money for being on site soon departed with words like how can i ask that question.

New Reviewer

Everything that has been said about AmoLatina being a scam is true. God I wished I had read about the website here. Could have saved some nice coin.


Apprentice Reviewer

Absolutely horrible site just like deleted letters from my inbox one time and put them in my deleted folder because the letters were getting a bit too overwhelming. I put these letters there on a temporary basis alone intending to check them out later and did NOT erase these letters-they were only just moved to this folder from my inbox

When I went back the following day and I check the deleted folder I find out that these letters are completely erased!

So I talk to the customer service and they ask me if I know the ID numbers for the letters I did not save any ID numbers???? How in the world was I supposed to know that they would get deleted in the first place??

I tell the customer service to never, ever, ever in their life touch my letters in that deleted folder ever again!

See how horrible this site is!!! They end up doing things without your expression permission and for my money they don't deserve any stars-zero stars is the best rating to give and its affiliate!

This organization is just a disgrace and totally without any shame!

New Reviewer

The easiest way to prove everything is automated, without spending a dime:
write your profile in spanish, and all of the first mails will come in english... this tells only two things:
1. are girls so stupid to write in english, even if they see a profile that is in their native language... and more they never write anything that has to do with your profile.
2. The mails are autogenerated, and there is no one interested in you, but the owners of this scam!!!

New Reviewer
7/1/11 is a joke...stay away from this scam. Please use you money elsewhere. It's way too expensive and the women are on there to get you to keep spending your money, by that I mean have you sending as many letters as possible. I am sure they are getting paid a percentage! When you think you are getting somewhere with someone they will come up with an excuse not to see you or write to you anymore. HERE IS A WAY TO SEE IF YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED...AFTER TWO OR THREE LETTERS TELL THE LADY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN TOWN AND YOU WANT TO MEET HER...I AM WILLING TO BET YOU SHE WILL SAY "I HAVE FOUND SOMEONE ELSE WHO I HAVE MORE IN COMMON WITH AND CAN'T COMMUNICATE WITH YOU ANY LONGER". Here is another crazy thing they do...the women scam guys for a while, go off the site (for whatever excuse they have) and reappear months later as if nothing happened. Possibly circulating the photos to other women who are new so they can use it to scam others. If you do meet someone in person suggest meeting for coffee or a drink...they may laugh in your face but if she says she wants to go somewhere nice then they are only on the date for a free meal. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T TRY TO WARN YOU! Lastly, the pop up window that comes up when you log in and the girls say "let's talk or I am online" is another way for the women to make money.

New Reviewer

This is an expensive, expensive site to be involved with.
Here is what I learned from actually meeting a girl from AmoLatina.
Amolatina is an umbrella site. They are based in Cypress.
Amolatina hooks up with a network of local agencies, who "represent" Amolatina when you finally arrive in the town of the girl you are to meet. The local agency tried to sign me away from Amolatina. I think they think they could help me cheaper and better than Amolatina, but you can decide for yourself. You have to send and receive 5 letters (pay for a total of 10 x $7 each) before you can date a girl from the site. Then you have to pay for the date (they say administration and translation services). In my experience the local agency arrange the first meeting. They did not facilitate direct contact until the actual meeting. When I met the girl the agency rep introduced us and said we were entitled to one hour of translation service, which we declined. We were both eager to get away from the Amolatina control. Once you meet the local rep and Amolatina have no way to charge any other fee, unless you request it. My lady explained that the ladies are harrassed to write letters to men once the agree to participate with Amolatina. They sign sign some form of agreement that they have to conform to. I am not sure how that part works. My lady looked like her photos and her profile was accurate. She was beautiful, intelligent, educated and unsure of what she wanted in a relationship. After it was clear that she wasn't sure what she wanted I cut her off. She continued to try to contact me for a while after. I think if she could prove she had a relationship she could get out of her agreement with Amolatina.

I would not say the site is a scam, though I am not saying that it is not. The "agency" is overly expensive and I am not aware of anyone who was "sucessful" in developing a relationship.

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Gentlemen; For the last 15 years I have worked for Anastasia-Amolatina leading their tours, as well as for A Foreign Affair, all over the world.
Here is the cold hard truth. DON'T TRUST PAID COMMUNICATION WITH ANY OF THESE COMPANIES. IT'S A TOTAL SCAM! Most the time it's just a pretty picture with a company employee writing the letters, and the letters are designed to keep you writing letters. They do NOT want you to meet these girls.
Be smart, don't fall for it.
You want to meet foreign women, you need to go to their country. There is no other way.

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Before I got on a plane and flew to Medellin, Colombia, I had more than a few suspicions about amolatina. In looking at other reviews, I would tend to side with most of them...I especially got upset when one of the girls I was writing (at great expense) suddenly stated that she didnt want to communicate anymore because she needed to focus on her child...Another girl who is usually featured in the sites advertisements wrote to me (at my expense of course) and when I said I wanted to visit to meet her...she suddenly stated that she found "the one" and wasnt taking any more letters. I stated using another Medellin based site, Colombian Sweethearts, (run by an OK American (Colombian heritage) Air Force Reserve Captain who still has a few lessons to learn about customer service...but the girls who actually run the operation are fantastic and very honest. Colombian Sweethearts encourages you to take part in one of their "package" tours in which you stay in one of their furnished apartments (to encourage you to buy property from them some day!!!) but they do set up some amaizing trips where you and , in my case, 3 other guys go out to dinner and later a couple od day tours with as many as 30 women and most of them an average American would classify as "smokin hot." I must admit that I had a great time and still correspond with two gals I met. So back to Amolatina...Yes...they have the best looking girls so I called to Medellin and spoke to a polish gal "Miss Alex" who runs the operation. She arranged for dates, plus interpreter, with two beauties, one you all have seen in a black baby doll as she is frequently used in their advertisements. I was surprised when I got there that on both occasions...the girls showed up on time...and were stunning...I had a great time with both of them and was impressed with their openness and sincerety. No we didnt go back to my hotel and if that is what you are looking for then these sites are not for you. The girls are genuine but they are very attractive which makes them very cautious. Most Colombian men cheat ...there is just too much temptation down the girls want to be sure they understand you. What shocked me was how down to earth they are. The one in the baby doll and I went out with met me the following day and she brought along her 15 year old daughter. No problem since I loved being a dad to my two college gratued daughters...We had a great time and I can see her being someone who is both your best friend, lover and someone who is willing to do something for you...unlike most American women. The problem is what happens to them when you bring them here to the US. They are so good looking and have such sweet personalities, every Lawyer and Doctor with a convertable Porsche will be hitting on them and you wonder if its only a matter of time before they decide to "upgrade." Thats the risk all men take as the divorse laws almost encourage women to divorse you after you have paid for their education, there is enough equity in the home and after they have their citizenship and have moved their entire family here. God help you if they don't work, don't develop english proficiency and you have a good salary.
So as far as the sites go...the girls are real...I went, I saw and I made a lot of friends. The girls want a better life but they won't sleep with you to get it...If you are looking for a wife, then these sites are good. You wuill pay less with Amolatina as they don't try to get you to put down $1,700-$2000 for an all inclusive tour. But you have to decisde what you want. To have fun with as many women as you can or to find a beautiful wife with more traditional values. For me, I don't think I can fully trust women after going through a nasty divorce with a foreign (Korean) bride after 22 years of marriage. But if I did...I would be heading back to Medellin to start the visa paperwork for my baby doll.

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I think the girls get kick backs, so the more they keep you going the more money they all make. Why do I think this, because I was in communications with one girl for a while and then I found her on face-book. She added me as a friend but would not use face-book only Amolatina, I think its because they get money from it also. So why not use face-book, its free right. Because then they don't make money.

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I found out about this site after googling a girl that I had met from Columbia. She is very sweet and nuturing, foxy as hell and I wanted to know more about her. She did have a degree in real life, just as the website said and her picture there was actually a picture she had sent me (Ok, so we met on Craigs_iist first)

She was actually on the site looking for a man in the US before she left Columbia. I could not imagine how she was single and she told me that she just had not met any man there that she liked.

All I can say is, the site is real from what I have seen. I had a reverse experience in a way meaning that I met a woman in person that really impressed me only to find out she had a profile on there before leaving.

Hope this is some help to everyone. Good luck

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Hugely expensive and no return actually wonder if those gorgeous girls are paid to show interest and at $7 to send a letter and the same to read a letter[you cannot give your own e-mail to the girl for security reasons] EH!! why ? obviously you're gonna by pass this expensive site and have free communication with the girl !It's plain this site is purely a money making operation and nothing more.Don't touch it.Be aware that Asian Beauties and are the same outfit and charge the same prices.

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As others have described, this organization is very good at getting you to spend money. There are many beautiful women on this site. I don't know if the women are being paid for the use of their photos, but I found several on facebook and most of them were in relationships. I even received a letter from one who told me that she never wrote the letter. I also found identical profiles on this site as well as a sister site, Everything was the same except for the photos and physical descriptions. Whenever I reported these issues to customer service, they were of no help at all, one time even telling me I would have to meet the women personally and figure things out for myself.

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This website is truly just made to make the owners money. I have been signed up to this website for about six months now. Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I'm told that she no longer wants to talk to me. This is also after I have bought and paid for incoming letters, and outgoing letters. I can personally say that I have spent a small fortune on just this. I have also been dragged into chatting with the ladies on the live chat feature. This basically just quickly drains the credits that you have purchased in a very quick time period.

This website is truly just made to make the owners money. I have been signed up to this website for about six months now. Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I'm told that she no longer wants to talk to me. This is also after I have bought and paid for incoming letters, and outgoing letters. I can personally say that I have spent a small fortune on just this. I have also been dragged into chatting with the ladies on the live chat feature. This basically just quickly drains the credits that you have purchased in a very quick time period.
Please use more conventional websites to meet Latin women. Or if you want to see the ladies in person, just go to that country to visit with them. There is no reason for anyone to make the same mistakes I have made. I'm using my bad experiences to hopefully stop others from making similar mistakes. I only went to this website to find a Latin wife. This site is a scamming fake avoid it at all costs please. Those that work for this website will be quick to support it, and even make posts in an attempt to try and legitimize it. It's all a lie run away.... Please run away from this website!!!!!!!!!! Save your money, that's all the people from this website want is your money!

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This site is a complete rip off, and this crap have been doing will catch up to everyone of them even the girls!

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Yes the pictures of these women seem to be the most beautiful women of Latin America. The problem with this website is that none of the women's stories match. If you open a free account, then pay the unregulated prices to add credit to open each email, and talk on the live chats you might as well add your bank account to this webpage. If you then have enough credits to review 30 of the women's accounts, you will notice that 95% of the women have college degrees.

Now this would mean that this website was just picking the best of the best to be on their website. The problem with that is that out of the 30 women reviewed, 5% will be 18 or 19 years old but they state that they currently hold college degrees. That is a stretch in most countries.

This website is an all around SCAM! Those men that are really seeking a wife will have to jump another hurdle just to find out which one of these people are actually the women matching the pictures they clicked on. If that man were to then find the woman of his dreams, he would then have to roll out up to $3,000.00 or more, before he actually gets to know if the person (Since you don't know if it is a woman or not) is the right one for him!

This company cheats its clients, and then rapes them afterwards. This is a horrible way to run a business! These people will have to face what they have done soon!

This lying will not continue forever. Please guys run away from this website as fast as you can! If you believe anything that is told to you on this website you have believed a lie! Protect yourself and stay away there are plenty of credible websites out there to find the Latin women of your dreams.

This site is trash with allot of pretty pictures!

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I sent emails to amolatina and her sister sites informing them how they are scamming successful gentlemen such as myself and hurting the hopes and dreams of these beautiful women on the site. I received hundreds of emails from these fantastic ladies and refuse to answer even one. I will not be scammed by ths mafia. Everyone reading this letter should send an email to amolatina and her sister sites refusing to be scammed! In your letter, let them know that you will be using free website instead until they become legit and lower their prices to something reasonable. If enough people complain, stop getting scammed, then these guys will see that prices need to be reduced or they will go out of business. I am sure their russian website, is run by the russion mafia.

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