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Good luck and i hope you'll find your love guys on this site!

I agree with the guy before me... same messages all the time.

Got an email from a friend about this site, said he was right up my street.

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New Reviewer

Just look up mahe internet services says it all. Thought it was a scam but for fun paid only 15.99 same old stuff send me info pay to read. bazinga the lights got brighter....did ask one of the girls if she recieved any money for being on site soon departed with words like how can i ask that question.

New Reviewer

Everything that has been said about AmoLatina being a scam is true. God I wished I had read about the website here. Could have saved some nice coin.


Apprentice Reviewer

Absolutely horrible site just like deleted letters from my inbox one time and put them in my deleted folder because the letters were getting a bit too overwhelming. I put these letters there on a temporary basis alone intending to check them out later and did NOT erase these letters-they were only just moved to this folder from my inbox

When I went back the following day and I check the deleted folder I find out that these letters are completely erased!

So I talk to the customer service and they ask me if I know the ID numbers for the letters I did not save any ID numbers???? How in the world was I supposed to know that they would get deleted in the first place??

I tell the customer service to never, ever, ever in their life touch my letters in that deleted folder ever again!

See how horrible this site is!!! They end up doing things without your expression permission and for my money they don't deserve any stars-zero stars is the best rating to give and its affiliate!

This organization is just a disgrace and totally without any shame!

New Reviewer

The easiest way to prove everything is automated, without spending a dime:
write your profile in spanish, and all of the first mails will come in english... this tells only two things:
1. are girls so stupid to write in english, even if they see a profile that is in their native language... and more they never write anything that has to do with your profile.
2. The mails are autogenerated, and there is no one interested in you, but the owners of this scam!!!

New Reviewer
7/1/11 is a joke...stay away from this scam. Please use you money elsewhere. It's way too expensive and the women are on there to get you to keep spending your money, by that I mean have you sending as many letters as possible. I am sure they are getting paid a percentage! When you think you are getting somewhere with someone they will come up with an excuse not to see you or write to you anymore. HERE IS A WAY TO SEE IF YOU ARE BEING SCAMMED...AFTER TWO OR THREE LETTERS TELL THE LADY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE IN TOWN AND YOU WANT TO MEET HER...I AM WILLING TO BET YOU SHE WILL SAY "I HAVE FOUND SOMEONE ELSE WHO I HAVE MORE IN COMMON WITH AND CAN'T COMMUNICATE WITH YOU ANY LONGER". Here is another crazy thing they do...the women scam guys for a while, go off the site (for whatever excuse they have) and reappear months later as if nothing happened. Possibly circulating the photos to other women who are new so they can use it to scam others. If you do meet someone in person suggest meeting for coffee or a drink...they may laugh in your face but if she says she wants to go somewhere nice then they are only on the date for a free meal. DON'T SAY I DIDN'T TRY TO WARN YOU! Lastly, the pop up window that comes up when you log in and the girls say "let's talk or I am online" is another way for the women to make money.

New Reviewer

This is an expensive, expensive site to be involved with.
Here is what I learned from actually meeting a girl from AmoLatina.
Amolatina is an umbrella site. They are based in Cypress.
Amolatina hooks up with a network of local agencies, who "represent" Amolatina when you finally arrive in the town of the girl you are to meet. The local agency tried to sign me away from Amolatina. I think they think they could help me cheaper and better than Amolatina, but you can decide for yourself. You have to send and receive 5 letters (pay for a total of 10 x $7 each) before you can date a girl from the site. Then you have to pay for the date (they say administration and translation services). In my experience the local agency arrange the first meeting. They did not facilitate direct contact until the actual meeting. When I met the girl the agency rep introduced us and said we were entitled to one hour of translation service, which we declined. We were both eager to get away from the Amolatina control. Once you meet the local rep and Amolatina have no way to charge any other fee, unless you request it. My lady explained that the ladies are harrassed to write letters to men once the agree to participate with Amolatina. They sign sign some form of agreement that they have to conform to. I am not sure how that part works. My lady looked like her photos and her profile was accurate. She was beautiful, intelligent, educated and unsure of what she wanted in a relationship. After it was clear that she wasn't sure what she wanted I cut her off. She continued to try to contact me for a while after. I think if she could prove she had a relationship she could get out of her agreement with Amolatina.

I would not say the site is a scam, though I am not saying that it is not. The "agency" is overly expensive and I am not aware of anyone who was "sucessful" in developing a relationship.

New Reviewer

Gentlemen; For the last 15 years I have worked for Anastasia-Amolatina leading their tours, as well as for A Foreign Affair, all over the world.
Here is the cold hard truth. DON'T TRUST PAID COMMUNICATION WITH ANY OF THESE COMPANIES. IT'S A TOTAL SCAM! Most the time it's just a pretty picture with a company employee writing the letters, and the letters are designed to keep you writing letters. They do NOT want you to meet these girls.
Be smart, don't fall for it.
You want to meet foreign women, you need to go to their country. There is no other way.

New Reviewer

Before I got on a plane and flew to Medellin, Colombia, I had more than a few suspicions about amolatina. In looking at other reviews, I would tend to side with most of them...I especially got upset when one of the girls I was writing (at great expense) suddenly stated that she didnt want to communicate anymore because she needed to focus on her child...Another girl who is usually featured in the sites advertisements wrote to me (at my expense of course) and when I said I wanted to visit to meet her...she suddenly stated that she found "the one" and wasnt taking any more letters. I stated using another Medellin based site, Colombian Sweethearts, (run by an OK American (Colombian heritage) Air Force Reserve Captain who still has a few lessons to learn about customer service...but the girls who actually run the operation are fantastic and very honest. Colombian Sweethearts encourages you to take part in one of their "package" tours in which you stay in one of their furnished apartments (to encourage you to buy property from them some day!!!) but they do set up some amaizing trips where you and , in my case, 3 other guys go out to dinner and later a couple od day tours with as many as 30 women and most of them an average American would classify as "smokin hot." I must admit that I had a great time and still correspond with two gals I met. So back to Amolatina...Yes...they have the best looking girls so I called to Medellin and spoke to a polish gal "Miss Alex" who runs the operation. She arranged for dates, plus interpreter, with two beauties, one you all have seen in a black baby doll as she is frequently used in their advertisements. I was surprised when I got there that on both occasions...the girls showed up on time...and were stunning...I had a great time with both of them and was impressed with their openness and sincerety. No we didnt go back to my hotel and if that is what you are looking for then these sites are not for you. The girls are genuine but they are very attractive which makes them very cautious. Most Colombian men cheat ...there is just too much temptation down the girls want to be sure they understand you. What shocked me was how down to earth they are. The one in the baby doll and I went out with met me the following day and she brought along her 15 year old daughter. No problem since I loved being a dad to my two college gratued daughters...We had a great time and I can see her being someone who is both your best friend, lover and someone who is willing to do something for you...unlike most American women. The problem is what happens to them when you bring them here to the US. They are so good looking and have such sweet personalities, every Lawyer and Doctor with a convertable Porsche will be hitting on them and you wonder if its only a matter of time before they decide to "upgrade." Thats the risk all men take as the divorse laws almost encourage women to divorse you after you have paid for their education, there is enough equity in the home and after they have their citizenship and have moved their entire family here. God help you if they don't work, don't develop english proficiency and you have a good salary.
So as far as the sites go...the girls are real...I went, I saw and I made a lot of friends. The girls want a better life but they won't sleep with you to get it...If you are looking for a wife, then these sites are good. You wuill pay less with Amolatina as they don't try to get you to put down $1,700-$2000 for an all inclusive tour. But you have to decisde what you want. To have fun with as many women as you can or to find a beautiful wife with more traditional values. For me, I don't think I can fully trust women after going through a nasty divorce with a foreign (Korean) bride after 22 years of marriage. But if I did...I would be heading back to Medellin to start the visa paperwork for my baby doll.

New Reviewer

I think the girls get kick backs, so the more they keep you going the more money they all make. Why do I think this, because I was in communications with one girl for a while and then I found her on face-book. She added me as a friend but would not use face-book only Amolatina, I think its because they get money from it also. So why not use face-book, its free right. Because then they don't make money.

New Reviewer

I found out about this site after googling a girl that I had met from Columbia. She is very sweet and nuturing, foxy as hell and I wanted to know more about her. She did have a degree in real life, just as the website said and her picture there was actually a picture she had sent me (Ok, so we met on Craigs_iist first)

She was actually on the site looking for a man in the US before she left Columbia. I could not imagine how she was single and she told me that she just had not met any man there that she liked.

All I can say is, the site is real from what I have seen. I had a reverse experience in a way meaning that I met a woman in person that really impressed me only to find out she had a profile on there before leaving.

Hope this is some help to everyone. Good luck

New Reviewer

Hugely expensive and no return actually wonder if those gorgeous girls are paid to show interest and at $7 to send a letter and the same to read a letter[you cannot give your own e-mail to the girl for security reasons] EH!! why ? obviously you're gonna by pass this expensive site and have free communication with the girl !It's plain this site is purely a money making operation and nothing more.Don't touch it.Be aware that Asian Beauties and are the same outfit and charge the same prices.

New Reviewer

As others have described, this organization is very good at getting you to spend money. There are many beautiful women on this site. I don't know if the women are being paid for the use of their photos, but I found several on facebook and most of them were in relationships. I even received a letter from one who told me that she never wrote the letter. I also found identical profiles on this site as well as a sister site, Everything was the same except for the photos and physical descriptions. Whenever I reported these issues to customer service, they were of no help at all, one time even telling me I would have to meet the women personally and figure things out for myself.

New Reviewer

This website is truly just made to make the owners money. I have been signed up to this website for about six months now. Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I'm told that she no longer wants to talk to me. This is also after I have bought and paid for incoming letters, and outgoing letters. I can personally say that I have spent a small fortune on just this. I have also been dragged into chatting with the ladies on the live chat feature. This basically just quickly drains the credits that you have purchased in a very quick time period.

This website is truly just made to make the owners money. I have been signed up to this website for about six months now. Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I'm told that she no longer wants to talk to me. This is also after I have bought and paid for incoming letters, and outgoing letters. I can personally say that I have spent a small fortune on just this. I have also been dragged into chatting with the ladies on the live chat feature. This basically just quickly drains the credits that you have purchased in a very quick time period.
Please use more conventional websites to meet Latin women. Or if you want to see the ladies in person, just go to that country to visit with them. There is no reason for anyone to make the same mistakes I have made. I'm using my bad experiences to hopefully stop others from making similar mistakes. I only went to this website to find a Latin wife. This site is a scamming fake avoid it at all costs please. Those that work for this website will be quick to support it, and even make posts in an attempt to try and legitimize it. It's all a lie run away.... Please run away from this website!!!!!!!!!! Save your money, that's all the people from this website want is your money!

New Reviewer

This site is a complete rip off, and this crap have been doing will catch up to everyone of them even the girls!

New Reviewer

Yes the pictures of these women seem to be the most beautiful women of Latin America. The problem with this website is that none of the women's stories match. If you open a free account, then pay the unregulated prices to add credit to open each email, and talk on the live chats you might as well add your bank account to this webpage. If you then have enough credits to review 30 of the women's accounts, you will notice that 95% of the women have college degrees.

Now this would mean that this website was just picking the best of the best to be on their website. The problem with that is that out of the 30 women reviewed, 5% will be 18 or 19 years old but they state that they currently hold college degrees. That is a stretch in most countries.

This website is an all around SCAM! Those men that are really seeking a wife will have to jump another hurdle just to find out which one of these people are actually the women matching the pictures they clicked on. If that man were to then find the woman of his dreams, he would then have to roll out up to $3,000.00 or more, before he actually gets to know if the person (Since you don't know if it is a woman or not) is the right one for him!

This company cheats its clients, and then rapes them afterwards. This is a horrible way to run a business! These people will have to face what they have done soon!

This lying will not continue forever. Please guys run away from this website as fast as you can! If you believe anything that is told to you on this website you have believed a lie! Protect yourself and stay away there are plenty of credible websites out there to find the Latin women of your dreams.

This site is trash with allot of pretty pictures!

New Reviewer

I sent emails to amolatina and her sister sites informing them how they are scamming successful gentlemen such as myself and hurting the hopes and dreams of these beautiful women on the site. I received hundreds of emails from these fantastic ladies and refuse to answer even one. I will not be scammed by ths mafia. Everyone reading this letter should send an email to amolatina and her sister sites refusing to be scammed! In your letter, let them know that you will be using free website instead until they become legit and lower their prices to something reasonable. If enough people complain, stop getting scammed, then these guys will see that prices need to be reduced or they will go out of business. I am sure their russian website, is run by the russion mafia.

New Reviewer

I agree with the guy before me... same messages all the time. In fact I received 2 mails from 2 different girls who constructed a 50 word sentence that was identical in every respect, including capitalization and punctuation. Hmmmm, there was not even from the same town. I complained to AmoLatina, and they asked for the girls ID's... I told them why, they already know who they are..

The real ladies are 40 ~ 50 plus... Just look at the parties they arrange and the quality of the girls that turn up.... not a gorgeous model in sight... that should explain everything!! The young ones are there to keep you interested only and to spend money... don't waste your time.

Scam site... 100%

New Reviewer

I have never paid for any services on Amolatina, but I have been to Belo Horizonte many times and am a user of, which is like the Brazilian version of Facebook. I have found many of the girls on this site on, and it's clear that many of them are well-off models who are probably being paid for their pictures. Many of the girls I found on Orkut are all members of the same online community within Orkut, which is probably where Amolatina recruits their girls. Some of them indicate they have boyfriends in their profiles and pictures. Also, it's pretty clear the majority of these girls are upper-middle class or higher, they aren't the kind of Brazilian women who usually search for foreign men to get out of their poverty situation. Besides, they are living the high-life in BH, working as models, making money, going to nice clubs, they could get any boyfriend they want and have him take her out with his car every weekend. What do they want with middle-aged foreign men?

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

this website is nothing more than a huge scam!!!!!!!!!!! They figured out over there they don't even need to let these women marry american men to make money.They just need to keep the girls there working on the site to scam american and foreign men. People like this are just trash and i hope the worst for them :).

New Reviewer

Unless you work for Amolatina or Anastasia international, Amolatina is indeed a scam. You have to pay $7 for each activity (sending or reading an email). They've made sure you never get in touch with any of the girls you are interested in communicating with. You cannot send email addresses, websites or even telephone numbers. All you can do is exchange mail addresses which for some reason the girls never receive the letter. Most of the girls claim they have found someone, have a big complicated problems in their lives as soon as they hear that I am interested in going to meet them in person in their countries and it never ends. All kinds of girls behave the same way. In the beginning I thought it was something i said until I decided to do a reputation search which was not available at the time i joined in.

They have agencies in each south american country. Those agencies have their own databases and are run under a more reasonable business model. After communicating with one of the girls initially I received an email from an agency in Peru called Christina's Peru ( I visited the agency just to get an idea of what I am dealing with and was given a 6 months free membership. I noticed that the girls on amolatina were a subset of what christina had (amolatina only had the beautiful girls) and the information was not honestly copied. They withheld important information or did not copy all the information completely. Of those were the number of children, smoking and even pictures were the girl looks a bit old.

In my recent search someone said that some of the girls are paid to reply to you. Some girls reply after months noticeably after I lose interest in the ones waiting in my inbox.

Do yourself a favor. Don't. If you want a latina girl, go on plentyoffish for free.

Stay away from the websites below:

New Reviewer

i was on amolatina for about 10 months, and personally met three different women in three different places. what i did was stay away from the chat and opened as few letters as possible after some scrutiny of them all. i wrote two letters to one girl in bogota and decided i would cut through the red tape and call her through the agency translator. it's about $29 for 5 minutes, so i bumrushed her off the phone(i speak spanish) after getting her contact info. email and phone number. we communicated for two months and i went for a visit. we spent a few days together in the city and had fun. soon after i returned, she started to ask me if she could come to the states and stay with me. whoa, slow down. so i broke it off. i met another from medellin and she invited me down after talking on the phone for a few months. this one was fluent in english. so, i went and we had a great time together, but i always felt like there was something going on that i couldn't figure out. sometimes i would call her when she would ask me to, and sometimes there was no answer when i know she has caller id, and others she would answer and we'd be disconnected. subsequent calls thereafter many times would not be answered. wtf? something was up. the last before i quit the service was in the dominican. i believe most of those profiles from there are not real. but i did hit it off with one girl and off i went to visit. we met in downtown santo domingo and it was then i found she was five months pregnant. so we hung out for several days and had fun, but that wasn't what i was looking for so i never spoke to her again. what i realized when i was in all of these places is that you don't need this site. just go to one of those cities and you'll hook up with a real chica in no time. they love us. i do a lot of travelling and love latin america, and have met women everywhere in bars and discos. the girls are very receptive to gringos and they all want one. many women would come and dance with me at the discos while i was with the girl i came to see. just keep in mind that most of these women want a respectful man; they can already be with an $#*! where they are. leave the websites alone and save your money for a trip. stay in a hostel and meet friends there that already know the ropes and you can meet some of the sexiest women of your life. good luck....

New Reviewer

I've been a member of a chat / dating site for over 10 years.
I've only seen or two women there that weren't fakes that look beautiful.
I got hooked on their forums and was really only there to discuss politic or have fun.
But, I did receive a lot of emails from Russian dating scammers.
All of the listed on
We used to take them for rides.. with wind up emails, just to see what they would write and when they would drop the dime on needing some money..
All of these "women" shared a common thread... they would hint that they were not well off or Their parents had died
They would eventually write that they didn't have money to keep writing.
Usually after a few emails, those of us who were bored enough to be amused by corresponding with these women, would report them to the webmaster and have them removed.

Well, like many of you, I received an ad for
I kept seeing these women and they all looked amazing.
I read their rules and that you had to have 5 emails between you and the other person, before you could get an introduction.
That didn't bother meI found one person that interested me and wrote to her.
We've exchanged two emails and today I received the third from her.. the one with the hint about not being so well off and not having enough money:

"i don´t have the education i need to take my daughter to a better level of life and live my life much better than now. I am so sorry that today i am so short with this but i am at the internet cafe and i am running out of credit sorry my dear".

I have 10 credits left (I spent $60.00) and after reading what many of you have written, I'm going to write to her and tell her that I'm going to be in South America and offer to meet her and her translator (you have to hire an translator to go out with you on the first daytime meeting).
I'll see if this is a real person of if I get the same response as many of you, claiming that she met someone and the corresponding "cya".

New Reviewer

Well, I am on the fence on this one. I joined a few months ago after trying their Russian counterpart Anastasia. I can't say I didn't get anywhere there because I never made the trip to Russia, but decided on the Latin site since SA is much closer to home. I have also traveled to Colombia and met girls in the past. Well, the site isn't as well run as the Russian site which BTW had very good customer service and had always answered my questions in a timely manner. The Amo site isn't quite up to par on things and I have also experienced the intro letter scenario. I learned about these letters at the Russian site and was very cautious which ones I opened. What was strange was that I chatted with two different ladies both of whom asked me to send a letter to them, I did write only to be rejected by both of them, you know the "I have found another man" scenario, how strange, because I had just chatted with them, or was it really them? I have my doubts. Anyway "STAY AWAY FROM THE CHAT!" You will lose too much money and there is no guarantee who your talking to until you can see them on video. Long story short, I do not see a future at all meeting anyone from that site. I did make contact with three very nice women, but was it really them in the photos? I couldn't tell you. None of them have invited me to visit them which seems quite strange to me. I agree with the other post regarding cost per character, you have to pay $7 or more a pop for each letter some of which might only contain 3 sentences.This is a very lopsided approach to business at least on the customers part, not theirs. But you would think they would get a clue. It is a business and they need to make money, but you will not meet anyone until they have made a bundle first and even then there is no guarantee. There might be some very sincere girls there, but with the current business model they may be single for a very long time.

Caveat emptor!

New Reviewer


New Reviewer

i have been on this website since the end of march and if i would have read this information i would have never wasted 1000.00 dollas on this type of fraud ,theft, and pure misrepresentaion . i have never been ripped off like this in my entire life and this gang of 40 thieves should be sued and put out of business. all of what i have read about this site is right on a total lie and ripoff. i built a relationship with 2 girls mailed them photos my personal info on different dates to medellin and both letters were taken and they will not tell me by whom. guys this site is a total ripoff do not spend a dime here its all bogus hot girls who are poor and paid proably a buck or two for photos just as you think you are close they disappear. all the letters sent to you by the girls are system generated they do not even know that the letters are sent add a girl favorite to your profile and bam mysteriously you are bombarded by them total total bs michael

New Reviewer

BAD NEWS HERE BABY. The emails which cost $8.00 a pop are intercepted, sanitized, and then "translated". will remove any effort for you to contact the lady directly. For you to open the lady's first email - it could say "hi stupid" or be up to 20,000 characters - a genuine email - but it is still sanitized from's end and in the end you will get nowhere after spending huge amounts of money.

I stopped at the fist $15.99 purchase and told "customer service" to put it where the sun don't shine.

The sad part is, they should charge by the character, and then it might be successful. If the lady wrote a 20,000 character first letter to you, and you saw the first - say - 200 characters and you could tell it was ACTUALLY personally written to you, you might then pay for it, but ah - laddy's it is a rip off service right now with truly hot women who really do want to get out of their country or home town, who my guess is do not know they are being pimped like hoes with their hopes and dreams hanging out and their clothes still on.

My only wonder is - are they paying them a cut like hoes to keep idiot guys on the line spending money?

New Reviewer

Well, I almost signed up for this site until I read all the complaints. It was refreshing to see the public look out for each other especially when corrupt companies are out to rip off the general public. They are smart to know that sex sells and that's the hook they use. I was attracted to the women they were posting on their add. Thank you everyone that made the effort to comment on this corrupt company. You just saved me ton's of money and a bad headache.

New Reviewer

It is a very huge ripoff. I keep getting letters from a lot of the ladies but I regret I had a membership with that crap. There is one girl I liked and her profile is very interesting. My thoughts about this company is that it's full of greed and a lover of money. I can relate to a similar story, I also spent over $800 purchasing credits for letters and pictures for this company and when I asked for a full refund of my money, I lost all $807.98 of my money which could have been spent on other things worth value than to deal with these petty crooks. So guys if I were you, don't fall victim to a worthless website like It's a waste of time and money. I say also that they should be sued big time for such a ripoff.

New Reviewer

It is a scam, scam, scam. In fact they elevated scam to a new level. I should have googed it before spending over $800 writing to panthom ladies. The first clue came when I noticed a lot of very beautiful young ladies looking for men in their 80s. They are either looking for corpse or digging for gold. Ann Nicole Smith makeover. You will never get personal information of the ladies you are communicating with because the site will not allow it. They drip you to death. It is a very hard lession to learn. Stay away

New Reviewer

Completely, 100% ripp off....don't get any ideas about this site. Scam, scam ,scam,.....I got contact with one of the girls, after a month , I told her that I was going to see her in Bogota. she imidiately told me that she had found an other guy and said '' no hard feelings'' Yeah right !!! Anyways, guess what, she's back in the system...OMG ! Unbelieveble !!! Get away from this site and do like me....give them the review that they deserve !


New Reviewer

The truth of the matter is that this web totally bogas!!!To top it off ......yes I spent money and the the truth is that I really didnt much of a buyer beware.......ouch!!! what a mess!!!

New Reviewer

I got connected thru their sending me letters from Very attractive YOUNG ladies with a lot of boobs showing. I'm 80; sure didn't want to adopt anybody! You'll notice that about 90% of them have "College Degrees". How do ya wanna' bet?" Finally, one came thru from a 50 year old; looked pretty good. I bit; bought $30 worth of "Credits," and answered her letter, asking a few questions. I never heard from her again. After "Searching", I showed interest in a 57 year old. I got a letter pronto. A few letters went back and forth. I happened to read some of this site and things really "clicked". The first lady was working in the states; said she visited her 2 SONS in Costa Rica as much as possible. Her Profile said she had two DAUGHTERS! Strange, huh? The second lady related she had two SONS living abroad. Funny, her Profile
claimed a BOY and GIRL. Funny how fast they forget what their kids are! When I sent my last letter, I questioned her on all this. The short answer I got reminded me of Sarah Palin-i.e.-What'd she say? I had $60 into it: chalk it up to education and amusement. Anyone who thinks he's going to snare one of those cuties, well "Rotsa Ruck". Joe

New Reviewer

Another scammer website, like most of them, designed to suck in stupid clueless depserate males.

Wake up guys! Are you so dumb?

If you create an account, and add a number of women to your favourites, within 24 hours you get emails from all of them...ha ha ....automatically system generated emails that is. And if you want to read that crap, you have to pay about $4 each just to read them, another $4 to watch their video, and on and on it goes......

Pure money leeching exercise that will get you nowhere. All the women look too perfect, like models, so its crap.

And the few positive reviews on this page were probably written by plants from the agency itself.

Grow a brain, and spend your money on a hooker. At least you'll get something for your $$$.

New Reviewer

What I found about this site, is that they just want to to keep you interested in many girls and get the most $ out of your wallet. Way expensive to read and send a single email ($15) and even you email them you won't be able to send her you email or contact info because they will edit and take it apart. I tried to call the girls and left all the info need to the operators more than twice and they never call me back until I delete my profile. What a scams. If you are willing to spend your money it's your call, maybe you will contact your girl after spending tons of dollars . Good luck

New Reviewer

This site is a ripoff. Read Mike J 's evualuation. It is spot on. It is damn shame and these people should be sued or something.

New Reviewer

They promise you the world and give you an island. Womens profile's are fabricated and misleading . I am fluent in Spanish and when i reviewed the women's videos not one matched with their age , line of work they do , and at times their D.O.B Check it yourselves but have someone translate for you if spanish is not your language, this company is the same company that runs Anastasia a scam site that have call girls posing for you in baby dolls to intesify your interest, these low-lifes use people to make millions by selling you photos of beautiful women. Their services is sorrounded over money you got to pay top dollar before they let you off the leash , they are professional con artists who never release your information to the girls unless they take you to the cleaners first, so i hope you have enough money to waste because their services are a waste. Wake up and smell the coffee ellos son LADRONES, CLEPTOS THIEVES DONT SPEND ANOTHER DOLLAR ON THIS SITE ENJOY YOUR MONEY INSTEAD NO crees en ellos

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This web site sends email thats not even to you after you pay allot money for it.They look though your personal email to some one you like and take out anyway to contact the person other then useing the Amolatina web site so they can continue to charge large amounts of money for there credits.The site is a rip off!!!! it to bad for the girls they just want to meet some nice guys and the site is useing them to make big bucks and rip people off!!!!!

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it's great dating site. i've found there my present wife. I like this site because girls there are real and there's no difference there between girls' photos and videos . Good luck and i hope you'll find your love guys on this site!

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Girls (at least their pictures) are gorgeous, probably models. You have to pay for each "letter" you write, and for each letter from them that you read ($7 bucks a pop). They don't have a monthly rate. Each contact is "ala carte." Website deletes telephone #s and email addresses, so maintains distance claiming that is consistent with international dating protocol (BS!!). They encourage a call through them (at a cost), but allows women to provide you with their address. I got an address from one in Peru. I wrote her a letter, giving her my email address and telephone #s in Los Angeles. In the mail, I got back a letter from the dating site (!) inviting me to call her through their site. Probably some boilerroom telephone system where you talk to the alleged girl, but never make contact with her. When you do get a contact from a girl on the wesite, she usually invites you to get to know her through the website (at about $7 per letter). In other words, keep your credit card handy to keep talking to these illusory girls. Complete ripoff. Sorry to say. Avoid this scam site. Ciau.

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