Common Scams From the World of Warcraft

By Rich Johnson on Oct 18, 2010 10 Comments

Even in the World of Warcraft, online users are not safe from scams and fraud. In fact, there are many common scams unique to this online world, which take advantage of users at a rate that results in multiple mullions of dollars being scammed per year. Check out the graphic below, to find out more about these scams, how they operate, and how to safeguard oneself from them:

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10 Responses to “Common Scams From the World of Warcraft”
  1. Dolorous says:

    Very interesting stats. A friend of mine fell for the ‘stat changer’ scam, it’s a good thing he had a WoW authenticator.

    I’m glad that is being recognized as a trusted site – I’ve always shopped from them ever since they started business on EverQuest.

  2. Mick says:

    This is a timely message to put out there what with the nearing release of Cataclysm and the high incidence of scams during expansion launches.

    It’s interesting to see there because I’ve heard some guildmates swear by the site, but I’ve always had enough Gold from my dailies so I never had the need to try them.

    Maybe if there’s a bazillion Gold mount coming out I’ll try to see if the hype is warranted.

  3. atan says:

    I haven’t tried to buy gold from any of those site coz I’m aware of lots of gold scam sites around the net and from my guildmates shared experience. But its nice to hear that there are 2 sites still trusted.

  4. Allana says:

    It’s nice to see IGE on there! They’re the only site I’ve ever bought currency from, and they haven’t disappointed me yet! :D

  5. Slansing says:

    FYI, the first graphic’s legend is off by a factor of 10. There’s 115 people, but 10k x 115 = 1.15 mil, not 11.5 mil. Should be 100,000 players, not 10,000. Kthx.

  6. trickyangel says:

    @Slansing, you’re a certified mathematician :D What’s important there is for us learn what we should do and who we should trust to protect our warcraft account. No doubt that is on the list of trusted sellers.

  7. dont be so sure... says:

    Well, all I have to say is I used to play Wow and had been inerested in buying some gold to get started.. after much research I found IGE to be the only site with no complaints and a descent track record. I contacted IGE and made my order, 1000 gold. within 18 hours my account had received mail including the ordered gold. YAY. However I used a brand new email addy for the order, and shortly after, about 30-45 days I began getting emails from bliz telling me to log into a website to confirm changes made to my wow acct. The problem here is, the email was not connected in any way to my wow acct, ever. The only ones who had the email was IGE. DRAW YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS. I never replied and still have control over the acct today, even though I no longer play.

  8. micarebear says:

    I created my email account just recently and was surprised to get an email from BLIZZARD telling me to log into a website to “CONFIRM CHANGES MADE TO MY ACCOUNT,” too! I knew right then that it was spam however I got interested about what is this email talking about. Now I found another person who received the same crappy email. LOLS!

    I never played online games but now I got to know what these online games are! :)

  9. Freddy says:

    You’re right,Many players find the spam and orders,Then fooled,Thank you to share this article,I will share this article to my facebook,let more people away from the spam.

    I have been higolds to buy wow gold,Have more than 2 years,From the LK has to CTM,of couse,I do not trust them at first.Just feel they do a very nice site,and small orders i do it:),But later I found that every order can reach,Slowly,I Trust higolds.

    This is my experience,If you find a wow gold website,First look at the history of the site,Then look to sitejabber comment of players on this site,next make small orders first try to know.

    I played Holy priests in Draka-Horde.

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